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What Is SEO? – Search Engine Optimization Explained

Whether you're a blogger, an online business enthusiast, a multi-level marketer, or any other type of  business owner, there is no getting around the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) in today's online world. Anyone who has a website and wants it to be found needs to know what their SEO options are, and how [...]

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8 Step Video SEO Checklist to Rank YouTube Videos in Google

In this post I wanted to really bring value and give you my 8 Step Checklist To Rank A Video In Google. These are the steps I always take when uploading and optimizing my YouTube videos. If you're looking for search engine optimization tips for videos and want to learn how to get them to rank in [...]

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Learn How to Rank A Video In Google in 2016

Why is ranking videos and understand video SEO so powerful? We all know Google is the number one search engine and right behind it is YouTube. Youtube is growing each and every day with addicted video watchers. Have you ever been browsing for information in Google search and saw a nice catchy thumbnail pop up [...]

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