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An entrepreneur with strong knowledge in SEO & Digital Marketing. Achieved 1st page rankings for over 1,000+ High Traffic Keywords. A Business Consultant with 7+ years of experience in Sales, Management and Operations.

What Is Digital Real Estate And How Do I Invest In It?

Digital Real Estate is the ownership and contributor to any online platform that can be monetized and turned into a digital asset. A few examples of digital real estate would include Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, a website or blog. I personally invest in multiple online platforms including this blog that you are reading right now [...]

Top 6 Best Amazon FBA Courses 2021

Fulfillment by Amazon is the latest e-commerce venture to take the world by storm. As the fortunes of Amazon soar and the number of users continues to rise, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) continues to revolutionize the market for third-party sellers.  There are many Amazon FBA courses and training programs at your fingertips but you [...]

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Does CTR Manipulation Really Work For Better SEO

When I first heard of CTR manipulation a few years ago also known as “Click Through Rate Manipulation” the first thing I thought was that there is no way that search engines would use something like CTR as a major ranking factor. I had always ranked with good on page optimization and building powerful [...]

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