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An entrepreneur with strong knowledge in SEO & Digital Marketing. Achieved 1st page rankings for over 1,000+ High Traffic Keywords. A Business Consultant with 7+ years of experience in Sales, Management and Operations.

Clickfunnels Review 2020

Before I jump into a real transparent and honest review on ClickFunnels and how it works. Let me first prove to you that I am a real practitioner and member of the Clickfunnels software.  Here is a screenshot of my dashboard and monthly receipt to Clickfunnels. You will also see me login live to my [...]

How To Make A Square Video In iMovie

Are you driving yourself nuts trying to understand how to make a square video in iMovie? Well, don’t worry I have the answer. You may be scrolling the news feed of Facebook and Instagram and these square videos you see constantly are probably driving you crazy on how they are making them? Do not worry [...]

Kallzu ADs Review Pay Per Call Training Program

Congratulations! You are at the right place at the right time. Let me jump right to it. You are here looking for a real, honest and transparent review on the Pay Per Call training course Kallzu ADs. First thing is first let me prove to you that my good friend and business partner Arvin and [...]