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An entrepreneur with strong knowledge in SEO & Digital Marketing. Achieved 1st page rankings for over 1,000+ High Traffic Keywords. A Business Consultant with 7+ years of experience in Sales, Management and Operations.

Long Island Social Media Marketing Agency My Media Pal Breaks Down The 3 Most Important Stages

When it comes to social media marketing it can get very overwhelming and tricky. I know this from experience. My team and I run different social media campaigns managing updates, split testing ads, landing pages, adjusting and monitoring multiple different ad platforms and social media outlets. Many business owners and personal brands always look for [...]

My Teams Top 10 Free Website Traffic Sources

If you’re reading this post most likely you are interested in understanding how to get free traffic over to your website, affiliate blog, YouTube Channel, Social platforms or any online piece of digital real estate that you own. This is the ten specific websites that my team uses on a daily basis along with myself [...]

Why You Should Focus On Building Your Digital Brand And Not Just SEO in 2017

If you’re new to the SEO or the online marketing world you should bookmark this page and read it when you get a better understanding of what search engine marketing exactly is and how you’re going to start implementing it in your business. Over the last 7 years of being in the business consulting game, [...]

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