So most likely you heard of Facebook Advertising and may be a little confused on what this hype is all about when it comes to Facebook ADs.

Do not worry I have you covered and I am going to break down what a Facebook AD exactly is, the difference between this and boosting a post, why you should be running these advertisements, things to look out for and even a over the shoulder video of how to set up a Facebook AD Step By Step along with the exact AD my team used to get 32 new potential customers in less than three weeks for a beauty salon in a test we ran.

So many personal brands and businesses get very mixed up with “Boosting” Facebook posts and running targeted Facebook ADs. There is a major difference and you need to understand this immediately so here we go!

When you post on Facebook a blue icon pops up in the bottom right corner asking you to Boost This Post.

If you click on that Boost Post button a new window opens up where you can choose an audience to target, how much you want to spend and for how long.

Your post will then go under a quick review process to make sure your post meets Facebook advertising terms and once approved its boosting and getting in front of your audience. (Check out the images below)

Facebook advertising tips
How to boost a facebook post

Your boosted post will be populated in the news feed of your targeted audience so when they scroll Facebook they will come across your post.

Now that you understand what a boosted post is let me dive into what a targeted Facebook AD is and why it is one of my favorite and most powerful form of advertising and branding.

Unlike a post that you share on your Facebook page a Facebook AD is designed and monitored in Facebook AD Manager. This is where you will pretty much live once you get used to running targeted Facebook ADs.

If you have never been to Facebook ADs Manager do not panic you can get to your ads manager by visiting this link and I will go over a few specific things and remember I shared a video below where I show you step by step everything you need to know to get started.

First you must understand and put yourself in the mindset of people who are on Facebook and who your targeted audience is.

People on Facebook are scrolling watching funny videos, Looking at pictures of what they did over the weekend, seeing family and friends and reading news and gossip.

When we place ads in front of these people even if they fit our targeted demographic we are doing something called “Interruptive Marketing.”

We are basically forcing ourselves to interrupt them similar to a tv commercial during your favorite show so we have to make it count.

Unlike Posts that you place on your Facebook page then just boost we want to have a creative strategy.

For example in the step by step video tutorial below at the bottom of this post you will see my team created a specific ad to place in front of a specific audience.

First we write down and answer these five questions about who fits our targeted demographic.

  1. Gender? FEMALE
  2. Age? 18-60
  3. Location? Salon usually caters to people within 10 mile radius
  4. Income Level? 40k+
  5. Interests? Nothing Specific to start but maybe beauty products

We always ask and answer these five questions before creating an ad. These are the exact answers for the campaign I am about to share with you.

This is what your targeting audience section in ads manager looks like. The step by step video shows this is great detail.

The next thing is the ad we created was an almost irresistible offer.

The reason we created this irresistible offer is because we know we only have a few seconds to grab the attention of the person we just “interrupted” so we have to give them something irresistible in order to catch their attention and get them to click our call to action.

You actually might be guilty of clicking on some of these irresistible offers on Facebook and never really understood how this was happening in your news feed.

Look at one of our projects offer below.

Targeted Facebook ADs

In the image above you will notice the word Sponsored under the business profile name.

Next time you are scrolling on Facebook look for these types of posts in your news feed and this is how you know this is a targeted paid ad placed in front of you.

You will also notice the copy we used here. We start off by saying Attention! We’re Giving Away 10 Coupons Today To Save 50% OFF…..

This is our irresistible and great offer along with a scarcity tactic that we like to use by giving the impression that we are only giving away 10 coupons so they have to claim it right away in order to be one of the lucky ten people.

This exact AD above performed very well but it did take us some split testing with different images and copy.

I suggest running about two or three different images along with two or three different pieces of copy and offers so you can see which AD performs the best.

You can monitor and manage the ad performance in the ad manager to see how many people your ad is reaching, how many clicks the ad received and if anyone filled out your landing page form or called the phone number.

You should be tracking all of this. Also in the ad image above the Learn More in the bottom right corner of the ad is a call to action which will take them to a specific, optimized landing page for this campaign and offer.

Here is a screenshot of our landing page.

FB Landing Page

If you have ever been browsing around on Amazon and then left and then jumped onto Facebook you may notice some of the exact products that you were looking at on Amazon are now following you around and popping up on your Facebook feed and other websites.

This is called retargeting and it is another favorite tactic of mine but we will discuss that in another video so you are not confused or distracted.

Once you’re ready, then we teach how to create the same type of ads for the people who show interest in your offer but never fully fill out the form and just leave the landing page.

We will continue to remind them about this great offer by following them around.

One of the things I see done completely wrong over and over again when using Facebook ADs and other marketing campaigns is businesses are sending traffic to a “busy” and “confusing” website.

A website that has too many things going on and does not align right with the copy and offer that the potential lead was interested in from the offer.

You should always make it simple, easy and straight to the offer so they do not have to click around looking for answers.

This also allows you to track how each landing page is performing and you can set up a retargeting and tracking pixel to do some other amazing things but I will get into that in a whole other video.

But the big take away here is do not just send leads to your website home page.

If you’re a Facebook AD beginner then this information should be very useful and hopefully understanding everything so far.

I know my preferred way of learning was always watching videos that is why I always create step by step videos over the shoulder to help guide you along the way.

After you read this post I highly recommend you watch the youtube video below and feel free to check out my other tutorials that my team and I will be adding each month.

I only touched on the basics so far this way you understand some of the main important elements to start implementing.

Facebook ADs can be insanely powerful especially if you get creative with offers and do not mind giving something in order to get the attention of your targeted audience.

We also like to build what we call “communication funnels” and retargeting ads. You can find a separate video tutorial on funnels and those retargeting ADs on my YouTube Channel.

A funnel that we used for this specific campaign looked a little something like this. Someone would land on the landing page and fill out the form to redeem their coupon.

Once they complete the form they would get an automatic email follow up thanking them and giving an attached coupon that they can display when they come in for their 50% OFF.

We then trained the receptionist to reach out via phone call to the lead thanking them again and asking what day is best to book their appointment.

This is just the beginning of the funnel you can communicate very deep for example reach out to them on holidays, send them additional coupons and ask for their feedback.

I know that I through a lot of information at you in this post but I really wanted to deliver value and show you a real example of a Facebook ad that had a positive outcome and exactly what we did.

If you like this information you should definitely check out my Youtube channel.

Here is the step by step video tutorial on how to set up Facebook ADs for your business