Learn How to Rank A Video In Google in 2016

Why is ranking videos and understand video SEO so powerful? We all know Google is the number one search engine and right behind it is YouTube.

Youtube is growing each and every day with addicted video watchers. Have you ever been browsing for information in Google search and saw a nice catchy thumbnail pop up of a video?

Im sure you have and this thumbnail picture stands out compared to the regular search results.

This catches the eye and if you are optimized and ranking for specific terms this can generate traffic and leads for any type of business while building a digital brand presence in your field.

It does not matter if you’re a local business, a corporation, affiliate marketer, MLM or network marketing, artist or any type of business owner.

You can learn how to leverage your market build your name, brand and also start funneling in targeted prospects.

In this FREE video course I take you over the shoulder to show you how I properly do my on-page video SEO, small tips and tricks to help give your video some ranking power right from the start especially in a local market.

I also show you the type of links that I build over a period of time, along with how I build them efficiently and what is working for me.

There is also a ton of B.S. out on the web so that is what really motivated me to show you over the shoulder an actual client ranking I have on page 1 of Google for great local keyword terms.

Video is not only powerful at generating leads but if you can rank in Youtube and Google for terms that brand you as an expert in your field people with listen to you.

Several years ago I started testing a bunch of Google video SEO tactics and really came up with my own approach.

I was able to launch about 7 videos over the course of a month and started generating 1-2 leads per day once these videos started getting search rankings.

Just like anything you need to take ACTION and start implementing.

Now of-course just like website SEO this takes time and if you are in a very competitive market your not going to rank for keywords with out really juicing up the backlinks and even silo structuring your YouTube channel but I will talk about more of that advanced strategy further down the road.

So if your looking to build brand authority and start ranking Youtube videos inside of Google check out my Free over the shoulder video course and start taking action now.

Learn How to Rank A Video In Google