If you’re reading this post most likely you are interested in understanding how to get free traffic over to your website, affiliate blog, YouTube Channel, Social platforms or any online piece of digital real estate that you own.

This is the ten specific websites that my team uses on a daily basis along with myself to not only drive completely free traffic but to build authority within a space while also building natural links which in return is very beneficial for your long-term search engine optimization.


The first thing before you go and start getting active on all of these websites is to really understand that this is going to take some work.

You will need to set some time aside for these tasks in order to really get it to work.

The free website traffic sources I will be sharing are not going to work very well if you are spamming them with clickbait or just a blank link. In fact, many of them will actually remove your links if you do this.

If you watch my in-depth video below you will also get to see over the shoulder these websites and a little more on hands of how to use them to generate traffic and position your brand as an authority website.

When leaving your website link on the traffic sources make sure if you’re answering a question or making a specific well-written statement it makes absolute sense and with details.

Here Are My Ten Free Website Traffic Sources for 2018

Quora This is an incredible answering website where you can search for specific niche related questions and use your knowledge to answer with an in-depth and helpful answer and leave a link back to your website.

The first thing you will have to do is the signup and create a free profile.

Make sure you fully fill out the profile information. For an example, if you have a personal training business you can go up to the search bar on Quora and type in something such as “How To Lose Belly Fat Before My Wedding?” and give your answer and show your expertise.

The better your answer the more votes your answer will get.

Whatever answer gets the most votes will show higher up in the answer results for that question and this is where others that like your answer will also see your link and can click on it.

It is important that you add images, and break up your answers in a paragraph and as detailed as possible.

Quora the free website traffic source

Reddit This is another great website that has a lot of traffic and activity. You need to also sign up with an email and I suggest you use your real name as the profile name.

After you sign up you can start by looking through specific topics called ‘subreddits” so again if you are a personal trainer search the subreddit search bar for fitness.

You will see a whole bunch of threads that are on these topics going on.

You can choose one like “fitness motivation” With this website images work really well so I would do something creative such as ask a question “ What do you think of Becky’s 60 Day Transformation?”

And show her before and after photo. This is also a perfect place to link to Instagram and Youtube videos.

Make sure you are leaving something that gets people’s attention, is real and they can support.

This website also has a voting system where people can click on the upper arrow to give you a vote which in return will only help with more exposure.

Ways to get free traffic from Reddit

YouTube This is such an amazing but underused platform especially by businesses.

My traffic tactic for YouTube is pretty simple.

First you login to your YouTube Channel, then go over to the YouTube search bar and type in something related to your niche.

Let’s stick with the personal trainer example.

Go over and type in “Does cutting out carbs help lose weight?” I would click on any videos that have a decent amount of views and watch it.

I would then make a comment addressing what they talk about in the video and also calling the person in the video by their first name.

Towards the end of the comment, you can either put your call to action or a statement that leads people to believe you know something about this subject and maybe they should check out your channel.

Always make sure your channel is branded and has links to your website, landing pages, social or anywhere else you really want the traffic to land on.

I also suggest you have a few good videos yourself otherwise when they land on your channel your “brand weight” is low and you will not come off as an authority figure.

This is a great tactic but yes it involves manual work but can be worth it in the long run.

Watch this video above and learn Why Start A Youtube Channel in 2021

Instagram DM So many people either do not use this or just get it wrong when attempting to drive traffic through Instagram DM a.k.a “Direct Messaging”.

I get messages on Instagram all the time and 90% of them are pure spam. You need to grow relationships and be likable with this method.

Do not send messages like “ Looking to make an extra $10,000 per month click on my link” I would use something called the three-step approach.

For example:

  • The first step is to acknowledge the person who either followed you, liked or commented on your photo. You can say something like thanks for the support. My team and I put a lot of work into giving a lot of value through our platforms. How long have you been into fitness?
  • The second step is if they answer, you answer back. This all depends on their answer so you would need something creative but let’s just say they said Yes, I just started a working out. You can say That’s very exciting, I know exactly how you are feeling and you will do great. Just stay committed! About 5 years ago I started and lost 45 lbs and now created a system that keeps myself, family and clients healthy, lean and feeling great. Keep plugging away and the hard work is so worth it in the end.
  • The third step is if they respond you answer and if they do not respond I would follow up a few weeks later and simply just say. Hey, I hope your fitness goals are going well, I wanted to reach back out because I think this video I just made about what I went through when I first started and needed to lose 45 lbs will really give you some inspiration. Please give your feedback. Also, there is an event I will be having real soon and it’s going to be packed with all people looking to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle and will have some incredible guest speakers if you are interested just let me know and I can get you two free tickets to the event.

This approach is adding value and growing your brand! Stop Spamming!

Now keep in mind everything I wrote I completely made up and obviously this specific copy will not work for you but the idea is to give value, be relatable and give more value.

If you really have good products and services and you have a brand filled with great content you will WIN!

Instagram DM Examples

Facebook Niche Groups- Be very careful with this tactic and only use it to first build a relationship before you share any web links.

First thing is first, make sure you are logged into your personal Facebook account and your profile pic, banner and profile information is completely filled out.

Next, go over to Facebook search and type in fitness groups.

You should be able to find a few fitness groups just by doing this simple search. Next thing you want to do is click on join the group.

Watch my video at the bottom of this page if you get confused.

Usually, an admin will look at your profile before allowing you to be a member.

Once you are in you want to start by adding other members as friends and jumping into the conversations that are going on in these groups.

Do not just jump in here and start spamming it with links because you will be removed from the group.

Once you have been showing your face in some answers and questions then look for an opportunity to share your info.

Maybe you say I just added this new video tutorial on my channel and would love some honest feedback from the group.

Be creative.

Yahoo Answers- This is a simple answering site. You need to create a Yahoo email if you do not already have one.

Once you have that created you can now go leave answers on Yahoo Answers.

I would type in a related fitness question in the Yahoo Answer search bar and look for questions to answer.

Be very detailed and I would sneak a link at the end of your answer.

My team noticed not every answer is allowing links and this can be a few different reasons but the main one being your account is too new.

What I suggest you do is still spell out the website for them to visit for example if you are looking for how I did this exactly watch me here www.MyMediaPal.com and I show you step by step.

This can still drive some traffic believe it or not.

Forums- In the video below I show the forum tactic step by step but I will do my best to give you a visual now.

Getting niche related forum links are great for your website in more ways than just one with one of them being driving free website traffic.

We start off by going over to the Google search engine and using this code to find some forums.

Here is the code to use in Google search bar just copy and paste and make sure you swap out the words in quotations at the end with your keyword.

inurl:”/forum/” “keyword related to your niche”

so, if you’re a personal trainer it should look something like this inurl:”/forum/” “fitness”

Once you type this in the search bar and hit enter you will start to see fitness forums in the results.

Click on a few of them and see if you see interesting threads and topics.

Once you click on a thread see if people are asking questions or leaving fitness information and a key thing to also look for is see if you see outbound links to other websites where they are commenting.

If you see outbound links to other fitness or personal training websites this is a good sign that you can get your links in here too.

I would go sign up and create a profile and leave a relevant comment with a link back to your website or videos.

This is a good source of traffic especially if these topics are being discovered by people looking for fitness advice and information.

Twitter- We use twitter as a free website traffic source by using what we call the search bar technique.

It’s very simple but effective. If you go up to the twitter search bar and type in “how to lose belly fat” you will actually get results of people who actually may have asked this question right in one of their tweets.

You want to connect with them, like the tweet and leave some feedback.

You can leave links to your information where it makes sense.

You can rinse and repeat this with differently related tweets and drive some free traffic.

Relevant Blog Comments- Start by using the Google search engine and type in fitness blogs. You will see a whole bunch of blogs pop up.

Click on some of them and look for the latest blog posts. I always look at the social profiles of the blog that I am on to see if they are active and have a following.

The bigger the activity and following the better especially if they are sharing their blogs via social because that just means a lot more traffic to their posts.

Next thing is to go see if there are comments under the blog posts with a section to leave your own comment, name, and website.

If yes, then leave a comment on one of the blog posts but make sure it is relevant to what the blog posts are talking about otherwise it will not get posted or can be taken down.

You can also see what others are saying to get a good idea of what the blog writer likes and allows.


OutReach – Using the same technique to find blogs to comment on I would do the same to find blogs to try and get featured on.

This is something called guest blog posting. It works like this.

You write a well written, unique and niche relevant blog article for the website or blog to use as good content and in return, they give you a link back at the end of the article as credit.

I know it sounds simple but this outreach process takes a lot of manual time.

You have to locate the email on every blog or website you would like to get a guest post on and reach out to them asking if they are open to this idea.

You are going to get a lot of unanswered emails and even NO’s but do not get discouraged all you are looking for is a few to say YES and this is definitely a great way to get some relevant traffic once that blog post goes live.

Everything I went over in this blog is in the over the shoulder video below but I also want you to understand that these 10 free website traffic sources are not just to generate traffic.

There is a much bigger picture here. My team thinks “long term” so we look to position our brand with great content then use these sources to help build brand awareness while also building natural links on relevant websites that do get clicks which is organic search engine optimization at its finest.