As a writer, I always want to make sure my writing is perfect and free from any grammatical errors. Unfortunately, this is not always the case even after editing and proofreading multiple times. This often happens when I have a lot of work to do and I am pressed for time, so content editing tools come in handy. 

While doing research for content editing and proofreading tools online, I stumbled upon Quillbot Free Grammar Checker. I tried it and I thought I should share my experience here. 

In this Quillbot Free Grammar Checker Review, I will tell you how it works, the key features, who it is for, and its pricing options. Let’s dive in:

What Is Quillbot’s Free Grammar Checker?

As the name suggests, Quillbot’s free grammar checker is an online tool for checking and correcting grammar errors in written text. This could be anything from a YouTube video script, website or blog content to emails. 

The grammar checker does not only fix your grammar mistakes but also gives you suggestions for improving your sentence structure and ultimately the overall readability of your written text. 

I was impressed with the many features the tool has given that it is free (there are, however, paid packages). One of the features that stood out for me was Statistics. 

Once you enter your content into the editor, the tool gives you the total number of errors in the text, the error percentage and the readability score based on the Flesch Readability Formula. The more you correct the errors, the better stats you get.

In general, Quillbot’s Free Grammar Checker is an excellent tool for writers who are on a budget but are looking for a good-quality text editor. It continues to do an amazing job for me and I haven’t experienced any issues with it.

Who Is This Quillbot Grammar Checker Review For?

Quillbot’s Free Grammar Checker is versatile. It caters to a range of users across different fields. Whether you are a professional writer, a student, an office manager, or a freelancer, this tool will help you out with your content editing needs.

I found several reviews online from students who use the tool and it is apparent many are benefiting from it. For professional writers, this tool can help tremendously. It serves as a great editing and proofreading assistant, helping you to create error-free and polished content.

How Does The Quillbot Grammar Checker Work?

Quillbot Grammar Checker uses an advanced AI algorithm that detects even the smallest errors in grammar and sentence structure. When you open the tool, you will be required to either write, copy and paste or upload the content you want to check for grammar errors to an editor.

I liked the fact that you can upload files in two formats; pdf and doc. Once the content is in, the AI springs into action immediately. 

It analyzes your content for punctuation, spelling, and grammar mistakes and gives you the total number of errors found on the right side of the editor. You will also see the number of sentence structure errors your content has.

The tool also displays all errors and suggested corrections so you can begin editing your content. When you click on the suggested fixes, the tool gives you contextual explanations telling why that particular part or sentence is incorrect. 

This is helpful, especially for students or beginner writers who don’t speak English as their first language.

Once you finish editing your content, you can again copy and paste the content to your editor or download it as a pdf or doc document. 

Quillbot Grammar Checker Key Features

The Quillbot Free Grammar Checker comes with a raft of features that make it stand out among many similar free tools available online. Here are a few of the features I have found useful when using the tool:

Multilingual Support

Not so many grammar checker tools support more than one language, but Quillbot’s Free Grammar Checker does. The tool supports up to four languages including English, Spanish, French, and German.

This feature will be especially useful if you are a language enthusiast who likes writing. You can switch between languages and edit your content without hustle.

A User-Friendly Editor

I find the Quillbot Grammar Checker’s editor incredibly intuitive and straightforward. All I need to do is upload or copy and paste the content I want to edit directly to the editor and start working. Once done, I can choose to copy and paste the content or download it.

Contextual Explanations

This is another feature I liked about Quillbot Grammar Checker. It doesn’t just highlight the grammar errors. It explains why each error or sentence is incorrect. This approach is incredibly enlightening, helping you learn things about writing and grammar that you may not have known.

Sentence Suggestions

This is the feature I enjoy most when using Quillbot Grammar Checker. Sometimes when you write, you get carried away and forget to structure your sentences properly. 

The sentence suggestion feature helps you identify errors in your sentences such as sentence structure, subject-verb agreement, and noun string issues among others. The feature also explains why your sentences are incorrect so you can understand why the changes suggested are necessary.

Content Statistics

Quillbot Grammar Checker provides in-depth statistics about your content once you enter it into the editor. The information you get here includes readability. The tool uses the Flesch Reading Ease Formula to determine the readability of your content. I find this extremely important as you get to know whether or not your content is suitable for your target audience.

Another piece of information you get in the statistics is the total amount of errors and the error percentage in your content. This gives you a clear picture of how much editing you need to do. The more you correct the errors, the better figures you get.

You also get the sentiment. It is either negative or positive. While this is not the first thing most writers would consider when putting together content, I still think it is useful information that gives you a general idea of how readers are going to feel when reading through the paragraphs.

There is also reading time and tone. Sometimes you want to give your content a particular tone to suit your target audience. So again, this is useful information you can use to adjust your text to meet your desired needs.

There are many other features, especially on the editor itself that make Quillbot’s Free Grammar Checker a great tool. However, these five stood out for me and I think you are going to love using them. So go ahead and try the tool today and see how it works.

Quillbot Pricing Plans: Which One Is Right For You?

Quillbot’s Free Grammar Checker is, well, free! You don’t have to pay a dime to use this tool. However, it has fewer features than the paid plan. The free plan is suitable for new users who want to try the service out. 

Also, if you are on a budget, the free plan has a variety of features and editing options that will help you polish your content. You will get all of the features discussed above with the free plan except a few.

There are also paid plans. There is a starter plan for which you pay $4.17 per month. This is a great plan for writers looking for a good-quality grammar checker with features that make the process easier. You get features such as “Export Content”, and sentence re-ordering among others.

The pro plan goes for $6.66 per month. In this plan, you get all the features that come with the starter plan plus access to more advanced grammar and spelling checks. You also get access to the Quillbot API.

Overall, the paid plans offer you faster processing speeds, advanced grammar rewrites, tone detection feature, and compare mode among other great features.

Best Alternatives Quillbot’s Grammar Checker to Fix Grammar Errors

As a writer, it is always a good idea to try out different content editing and proofreading tools. While Quillbot Free Grammar Checker is obviously a great tool, I have used a few other tools, and here are some of the best alternatives:


Grammarly is perhaps the most widely used content grammar checker among writers, students, businesses, and organizations. The service has Free, Premium, and Business plans.

The Premium plan will cost you $30 per month if you want to be billed monthly, $20 per month billed quarterly, and $12 per month billed annually. 

The Business Plan has the most advanced features and it targets businesses and organizations. The price you pay per month will depend on the number of users you are going to have. 

If, for instance, you have 2 members, the price per month will be $30 per month. If you have 100 members in your organization, the price goes up to $1250 per month. There is a price calculator on the website.

ProWriting Aid

This is another proofreading and editing service that offers users great features for a wide range of content types including fiction, academic and web content. They also have a free version which mainly focuses on styling, spelling, and grammar issues.

Their paid plans go for $70 per year for the Premium package and $120 per year for the Premium Plus package. One of the most outstanding things about ProWriting Aid is that they offer over 20 integrations with a variety of popular platforms including Scrivener, Open Office, and Google Docs.

Language Tool

This tool is an open-source punctuation and grammar checker you can integrate into your word processor, browser or use online. I was surprised to learn that the tool can support up to 20 languages. 

It provides the users with suggestions for punctuation, spelling and grammar errors and also gives in-depth explanations of grammar rules.


If you are looking for a free and straightforward proofreading and editing tool, then try Hemmingway. While the Hemmingway App goes for $19.99, you can use the online version of this amazing tool for free.

The grammar checker analyzes your content and checks it for complex sentences, overused words, passive voice, and punctuation errors, among other grammar errors. The website has a very simple user interface and it gives you feedback on the readability of your content.


Ginger helps you fix grammar and spelling errors in your content. It offers suggestions on phrases, translations, and vocabulary. They have a free plan and paid plans. The Basic paid plan costs $7.49 per month while the Premium plan goes for $20.99 per month.

The Premium plan comes with browser extensions, in-app suggestions and explanations, among other features. The tool also supports up to 50 languages, so if you are a language enthusiast, this may be the right grammar checker for you.


Last, on my list of the best alternatives to QuillBot’s grammar checker to fix grammar errors is a tool called WhiteSmoke. This tool will also help you fix any punctuation, spelling, and grammar errors in your written text. It also offers translations in over 40 languages. 

While there is a free plan, you begin getting really helpful features with the paid packages. Their paid plans will cost you anything between $9.99 per month and $299.95 per year. You can also integrate the tool with your browser or word processor.

My Final Thoughts on Quillbot Grammar Checker (2023)

The Quillbot Grammar Checker is an AI-powered tool that will instantly check your content and help you fix all typos, spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, and sentence structure issues, among other grammar mistakes. The good news is that the tool is 100% free and you have unlimited grammar checks.

However, if you want to access more advanced features, you might want to consider getting Quillbot Premium. Check out the tool today.