Utilizing whiteboard video animation for your business is a great way to promote your brand and get your message across. We use this strategy to help increase conversion and improve bounce rates for our clients. Whiteboard animation is great for explaining services and products. It is a fun and exciting way to engage with website visitors and potential clients.

The 5 Benefits of Whiteboard Video Animation

  1. Affordable – It is inexpensive and a great investment, contact our good friend David Tesser at TheWhiteboardGuy.com to learn more!
  2. Fun and Exciting – Animation is always fun to watch, it is an exciting way to engage with your target audience and convey your message.
  3. Improves Conversion – If you use the right copy in the video, it will improve your conversion.
  4. Improves Bounce Rates   It is easier to capture someones attention with an animated video. If your message is appealing, you can spark someones interest to browse and learn about your business.
  5. Improves Organic Rankings – A video thumbnail in the search results is more likely to get better CTR (Click Through Rate) than text results, don’t you agree? Longer visitor duration on a website helps improve organic rankings.

Why Video SEO is an important strategy?

whiteboard video animation

Video SEO is a great strategy to use for driving targeted traffic to your website and/or landing page. As NYC SEO Experts, we strongly recommend using videos to rank in the search results. This is a very powerful strategy and the video thumbnail stands out in the results. As you can see in the image above, it took only 13 MINUTES to rank the video on the 1st Page for a targeted traffic generating keyword.

Do you want to use the same SEO Strategy for your business?

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