When it comes to social media marketing it can get very overwhelming and tricky. I know this from experience.

My team and I run different social media campaigns managing updates, split testing ads, landing pages, adjusting and monitoring multiple different ad platforms and social media outlets.

Many business owners and personal brands always look for an easy way out and even though most of the time they think they are doing something productive and affordable by having a friend, staff member or even themselves post a quick stock image or share a third party blog across all their social platforms.

Unfortunately this is not the correct way to use social media for marketing. You need to create social engagement and grow a tribe of supporters. Focus on quality, not quantity.

Too many businesses and personal brands are posting these crappy stock photos, quotes or boring useless content on all their social platforms at once and then wondering why they have low engagement.

Over the last seven years, I helped run a digital marketing agency on Long Island and helped develop a three part system and process that we go through on each and every one of our social media marketing projects. This has been a proven success but also entails a lot of upfront work and creative thinking.

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Here Are The 3 Main Stages To Our Social Media Marketing And Management Process

CREATIVE STRATEGY: The first step is to create a strategy along with the creative. Most social media management companies do things differently but this is what works consistently for us and is the first step in our process. You need native content for each platform.

This simply means Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Medium and so on will be utilized differently and custom content needs to be developed for each platform that makes sense.

You cannot just post the same thing over and over again. Every business is different and that is why the first thing is to have a creative strategy session.

Once you understand the social media marketing platforms better you will understand how to be creative with what you do or you simply leave this up to a professional marketing agency.

Remember people connect with people.

Your strategy should include creating content that adds value and engagement with personality and personal expertise.

For Example: If you are a plumber, I would document with your Iphone or video camera some of the work and repairs that get done weekly. I would turn that content into daily VLogs for Youtube. I would also create short snippets of tips such as “How to install a toilet bowl DIY Series” and release those one or two per week along with a detailed blog post. On Instagram, I would go Live in the office and maybe have a local contest.

This all gets thought out in a Creative Strategy Session! Keep in mind in this example I only named a few of the important platforms and tactics within them, remember this process takes time and you cannot rush it.

The second thing is developing a Social Media Blueprint. We do this for every project.

Once you have all your creatives developed including graphics, outreach, videos, live video ideas, blog topics, reviews and etc…

You need to lay this all out in an organized and scheduled blueprint so each week and month you know when, where and how to post and be active. This social media blueprint is vital and keeps you on schedule.

Instead of trying to think when and what to post you will have that already all figured out.

As Bob would say “Easy Peasy” only Stranger Things fans will get that ;). Do not get me wrong the strategy session takes energy and time but is all well worth it.

I also want to mention even though we are focused on social media marketing for your business if you are servicing Long Island or a local area you can also optimize your content for better-targeted search engine optimization and outreach campaigns. In case you are new to all of this, I will explain what I mean by outreach real quick.

Outreach would be me giving away or connecting with someone by messaging them and reaching out.

I’m always thinking long-term, building brand weight and I believe in giving value and building real relationships is going to be the most powerful approach for any brand.

IMPLEMENTATION! The third and last thing to do is start taking ACTION and implementing the strategy.

I have CO Founded My Media Pal a Long Island digital marketing company that not only specializes in building brands online but also building these strategies, solutions and even having my trained and experienced team implement everything I have been discussing.

If you follow me on Facebook you might have saw my Facebook Live video where I shared that we received 250 Leads in 30 days for one of our clients.

This was all done from the formula above and then of course testing and adjusting at the implementation stage.

Why Do You Need Social Media Management?

Everyone and their mother are not only on their cell phone but are addicted.

I believe this is the new radio and tv advertisement but with an even more targeted demographic and bigger reach.

It is insane to me how many businesses are not using these platform to build incredible brand awareness. Look at these stats below.

Facebook Monthly Users: 2 Billion Active Monthly users
Instagram Monthly Users: 800 million monthly active users
YouTube Monthly Users: The total number of people who use YouTube – 1,300,000,000
LinkedIn Monthly Users: Close to 500 million active users
Twitter Monthly Users: 330 million monthly active users
Pinterest Monthly Users: 200 million monthly active users
Snapchat Monthly Users: 173 million daily active users worldwide

Most of the statistics above came from https://www.statista.com

If you do not recognize that you need to start now you are going to miss out. Right now social media ad platforms are ridiculously affordable when it comes to pay per click campaigns compared to Google Adwords and do not even get me started with billboards, tv commercials, and radio.

Now do not get me wrong I am all about building brands and getting a message in front of people but 10 thousand, 15 thousand or 20 thousand dollars per month gets me a lot more targeted brand exposure and personal engagement through social media marketing than a billboard on the side of a highway.

Of course, some may argue about this but I would simply respond with a few questions.

  1. Have you used Facebook, Instagram or Youtube advertisement?
  2. Did you know that you can place your specific piece of content in front of a targeted demographic?
  3. Did you know that if you have an email list you can specifically target those leads or past customers?
  4. Did you know you can take your email list and create a lookalike audience where Facebook will go and find people that match up with similar interests and metrics as your paying customers?
  5. Did you know when someone from social media shows interest in your product or service you can continue to follow them around with new specific advertisement?

Let me know what billboard can control what demographic not only drives by them but can tell if they are interested or a good prospect and also continue to follow them around town? ‘

The answer is none. Again do not get me wrong if a specific billboard placement offered me a great, incredible deal and location I might just but it up there for branding purposes.

I truly believe social media and search engine marketing are the most powerful form of advertising, brand building and lead generation on the planet and is only growing in importance.

I was recently asked by a potential client if I believe my company will be one of the best Long Island social media agencies to consult with and my answer for these type of questions are always short and simple.

My team and I are practitioners, we practice what we preach, we not only love what we do but we think long term.

We look at building and leveraging authority in a space by using strategies, systems, and process that have proven to work and continue to work.

You need to be willing to not only invest money into your vision and business but also dedication, certainty, and pure energy into your business.