Social Media Marketing has become a very well known thing amongst local businesses and website owners.

I consult with many local businesses around the U.S. and they all ask pretty much the same thing, and have the same exact questions. One of the most common questions I receive is do I really need online marketing for my business?

My answer is always the same and I am one hundred percent sure it will never change. It is an absolute “YES, you do need online marketing if you own any type of business.” I do not care if your a small local pizza shop or a large law firm you should be building your online brand awareness and generating new traffic to your website and active social media platforms.

If you are new to the whole online marketing and social media world this can all be very overwhelming. I understand that not everyone is internet savvy and that is why I am here to guide you. If you are trying to tackle your own digital marketing campaigns I can assure you this is going to be a lot of work. But I am a firm believer in taking action and the first thing I tell people is to start with social media marketing.

Make sure all your social platforms are created with your logo, graphics, location and with detailed, optimized business description. All these platforms should look uniform and symmetrical because you are building a solid brand.

Once you have all the main platforms created, you are ready to start posting and growing your audience. (I will list the main platforms below). There are many social media platforms that all need specific types of native content placed on them. There is an in depth explanation for this but I will cover that in a more detailed video. In simple basic terms you want to make sure that the platforms you post on supports the type of content you are using. Such as Instagram for example, it is great for sharing photos and 15 second videos, Tumblr is great for images and animated GIF’s that are funny or make people react and share. Facebook is a great platform for promoting posts, contests, surveys and etc. I like to run Facebook ads because of the powerful demographics and retargeting features. Facebook is great to gain likes, followers and to build brand awareness.

Utilizing other important business related content can help gain attention towards your page while helping your with your search engine optimization. Online marketing has many key elements and when they are used together in a strategy. It can be extremely powerful for your business if it is analyzed and monetized properly.

My company My Media Pal – A Long Island Social Media Management Company and SEO & Digital Agency has helped many businesses all over the U.S. achieve amazing results online!

List of Social Media Platforms