The line between personal space and professional life continues to blur by the day and therefore, the concept of work-from-home jobs is gaining unprecedented prominence. 

Whether it is about health concerns, the desire for flexibility or just the allure of getting a more comfortable and balanced lifestyle, more and more people are looking for remote jobs. And since you are here, my best guess is that you are also actively seeking a work-from-home that requires zero experience.

In this article, I delve into this topic and unveil a treasure trove of the best 20 Work From Home Jobs No Experience. Whether you just graduated, are a stay-at-home parent, or are just someone looking to get a side hustle that pays well, the remote job opportunities I will discuss here have a huge potential of reshaping your career path. 

Let’s get started:

List Of 20 Work From Home Jobs No Experience

Here is my list of the best Work From Home Jobs With No Experience:

1. Blogging

If you have a way with words, blogging can be one of the best work-from-home jobs for you. And the catch is you require zero experience to get started. That’s not all; you can write about anything you like or are passionate about.

For instance, if you love cooking, you can start a blog about food. If you like traveling and the outdoors, you can be a good travel blogger. You can also do a lifestyle blog, a book review blog, etc. The point is, you have endless options when it comes to starting a blog.

Here are a few things you need to get started:

  • A computer
  • Reliable internet connection
  • A platform like WordPress
  • A niche ( the market/ audience you want to target)
  • Research skills
  • SEO tools (there are many free tools to get started)

Once you get started your blog becomes successful, you can make upwards of $45000 in salary. However, in the earlier stages, you really need to put in the work. 

There are many online resources you can use to learn how to best manage your blog and start making money. I know bloggers who make up to $100000 per month. So this is definitely a lucrative remote job when done right.

2. SEO Consultancy

This is another well-paying job you can do from home. Search Engine Optimization consultants plan and manage an organization’s or business’ SEO strategy. However, their most important job is to help the business owner to manage various digital marketing services by using SEO best practices to boost web traffic.

Some of their duties include:

  • Website analytics
  • Keyword research and strategy
  • Web marketing
  • Website or blog content planning

Before being a full-time blogger, I did SEO consultancy for a few clients and from my experience, here are some of the skills you will need to get started:

  • Research and planning skills
  • A deep understanding of SEO as well as SEM
  • In-depth knowledge of web analytic tools such as Web Trends and Google Analytics
  • Performance marketing skills
  • Customer acquisition and retention skills
  • Knowledge of PPC campaigns

These may sound like a lot but you can learn all of the skills online. I taught myself most of these skills through YouTube and gained some of them through experience.

The average salary is anywhere between $30,000 and $60, 000.

3. Data Entry

A data entry clerk’s job is to take information from, say, a printed document, a spreadsheet, an order form, etc., and enter it somewhere else, for example, a database, an Excel sheet, another spreadsheet, or a computer program. You can also be required to verify information, check for errors, and correct them.

I must say, this is one of the easiest remote jobs you can do. The only skills you require include:

  • Attention to detail
  • Typing skills
  • Ability to write and read in the required language.

You need zero work experience and there is a plethora of data entry jobs online today. The best part is a data entry specialist has a very flexible work schedule.

You can make anything between $23,000 and $42,000 once you have established yourself. There are many resources online that teach how to perfect data entry.

4. Virtual Assistant

You can also become a virtual assistant or VA. The tasks of VAs vary depending on the role. You may be required to do administrative duties such as scheduling meetings, making appointments, and planning events. You may also do data entry jobs and ensure that spreadsheets are up-to-date. Your employer may also need you to do lead generation but this is not very common for a VA.

Most companies or businesses that hire VAs do not require work experience. Some will even offer to teach you the key skills that you will on the job. This is a big plus as you will use the skills elsewhere.

However, I must mention that you need a few skills to get you started:

  • Multi-tasking skills
  • Organization skills
  • Attention to detail

The average salary for this remote job is $21,000 to $60,000.

5. Customer Service Representative

Do you consider yourself a social butterfly? If yes, then you can make a very good customer service representative. Your work will be offering chat, email, or phone support to clients who have problems with a service.

The biggest downside, however, is that your work environment will need to have minimal to zero noise levels. You also need to be available during the set hours, but this shouldn’t be a problem because you will have a work schedule. The best thing about this job is that you have growth opportunities if you put in the work.

The traits and skills required for this remote job include:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication skills
  • Patience and empathy

You can make $26,000 – $55,000.

6. Writing

Do you have a knack for words? If you are confident with your writing skills, then go ahead and look for remote writing jobs. I still do some writing for clients and I can promise you the money is good if you master the skills required.

Also, there are different types of online writing jobs and most of them require zero experience. Here are some of the types of writing jobs you do at home:

  • Copywriting: Companies often use copywriters to write content geared toward selling a service or product. You will, for instance, be hired to write copy for landing pages, social media, or a website. You can also do product fact sheets, marketing content, and product brochures.

This job requires minimal to no work experience but some companies or writing platforms may require a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, English, etc. You can make up to $50000 as a copywriter.

  • Content Writing: A content writer creates various types of content such as blog posts and articles for blogs and websites. The main goal is to educate the employer’s target market or audience and bring awareness so that there is more traffic to the blog or website.

You can either be a full-time or part-time content writer depending on your skills and the amount of work available for you. The job can get you up to $50000 in salary.

  • Technical Writer: As the name suggests, a technical writer writes about technical topics in a way that the target audience understands. As a technical writer, you will often need to include instruction manuals and brochures to help educate your audience.

You can earn up to $63000 as a tech writer.

7. Social Media Manager

Many businesses have noticed the importance of having a social media presence. Therefore, today, many companies are looking to hire social media managers. To help them run their social media accounts.

Depending on the role or company, you will be required to do tasks such as scheduling and planning social media posts on various platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also be required to write social media copy, create captivating graphics, respond to comments, create social media campaigns, and monitor social media performance, among other tasks.

You don’t need to have work experience but you may need the following skills:

  • Writing skills
  • Data Analysis skills
  • Communication skills
  • Patience

You can make up to $54000 as a social media manager.

8. Search Engine Evaluator

This is a not-so-common remote job, which means it pays very well if you know what you are doing. As a search engine evaluator, your main job will be analyzing results on various search engines such as Bing and Google and making sure the results you are getting are relevant and accurate.

While the work doesn’t require any prior experience, you may require the following skills:

  • You need to be tech-savvy
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Basic SEO knowledge

Expect to earn anything between $36000 and $60000.

9. Online Tutor

If you are a teacher or have a skill that you believe you can teach others, then becoming an online tutor is a good way to make money remotely. There are many companies that hire online tutors and the pay is very good.

Most online tutoring companies will require at least a B.A in the subject you want to teach. The more complex the subject or skill, the more money you are looking at.

You can make up to $84000 tutoring online.

10. Transcription

Are you good at typing and consider yourself fast at it? If yes, you can reap big transcribing. Your main role will be turning audio messages into written text. You may be required to transcribe various media such as interviews, movies, speeches, podcasts, and presentations, among others.

This job is often offered on a freelance or part-time basis. You require no work experience but you may need the following skills:

  • Listening skills
  • Typing skills
  • Attention to detail

Established transcribers earn anything from $20-$80 per hour.

11. Proofreading

A proofreader’s main job is to review given content before it is published either offline or online. In simple terms, your main job is to check for any grammar errors and highlight and correct them.

You will be required to read through the given content meticulously, identify the spelling and grammar errors, if any, and correct them.  Whore hires proofreaders? Your potential employers will be large blogs and companies that often publish a huge amount of content such as media houses.

The skills you need here include attention to detail and good research and writing skills. Employers may also require a B.A or M.A in English. You are going to make up to $71000 as a proofreader.

12. Graphic Designer

If you have the right skills and tools needed for graphic design, then you are a good candidate for this remote job. The good thing about this job is that it pays very well and there are not so many good graphic designers out there.

I have done some graphic design myself and most of my skills were acquired through YouTube tutorials. You can, therefore, teach yourself the nitty-gritty of graphic design online before getting started. It helps to have a rock-solid portfolio before going for bigger clients.

Note that you can easily get a full-time graphic design job if you have a good portfolio, so again, be sure to learn as much as possible. You can earn up to $66000 in salary doing graphic design.

13. Software Engineer

As complex as it sounds, this a good remote job that can you lots of money working at home. And like all the other remote jobs listed here, you do not need to have any prior working experience.

Search “Software Engineer Remote Jobs” on Google and you will get thousands of feedback. There are many companies and businesses looking for software engineers to hire and they pay very well. However, you are going to need two things:

  • Desire to learn
  • A deep understanding of one or more programming languages.

But I have more good news for you; there are so many resources and courses you can use to learn programming languages. For instance, MIT offers free programming courses on their website. You only need to have time and desire to learn and you are good to go.

Once you get started, you can make up to $131000.

14. Email Outreach Specialist

This may not be one of the highly-paid remote jobs but it can make a good side hustle. Also, it is not going to take too much of your time, especially if you already have a 9-5 job. 

Your main job will send copies of anything to various email addresses. See? It is one of the simplest remote jobs that only take minutes to a few hours to complete. Plus, you need zero work experience and skills. You just need to know how to use email services.

You can make up to $20 an hour.

15. Travel Consultant

If you like travelling or have a passion for exploration, you can be a good travel consultant. Your main job will be assisting clients to make appropriate travel schedules based on their financial limits and travel preferences.

You may also be required to advise them on the best destinations depending on what experiences they are looking to get. You will also make hotel reservations and arrange transportation for them.

This job doesn’t require any prior work experience but you will need to be very attentive to detail, have good listening and communication skills as well as organization skills.

You can make up to $25 per hour.

16. Community Manager

You have probably used one of those online community platforms such as Facebook groups, Forums, and Discord channels, right? Now this remote has everything to do with such communities. Your main work will be moderating discussions, responding to comments and questions, and ensuring the members do not break the laid down rules.

Some of the skills you will need for this job include:

  • You have to be tech-savvy
  • Patience
  • Communication and listening skills
  • Typing skills

The hourly rate for this job is anywhere between $30 and $50.

17. English (or Any Other) Teacher

Say you are a native English speaker, you can make money online teaching English to, say, foreign students across the globe. You can also teach any other language like Swahili, Chinese, Spanish, etc. Native English-speaking teachers are actually in high demand in many parts of the world, so this can be a good way to make money.

The only skills you need for this job are a good grasp of English and tutoring skills. There are many companies that hire English tutors but some require such certificates as TEFL or TESOL. 

The salary ranges from $33000 to $67000.

18. Health and Wellness Coach

If you have a passion for health and wellness, you can make a good health and wellness coach. There are two ways to get started. You can either start your own health and wellness blog or get hired by companies looking for health and wellness coaches.

I explained earlier what you need to start your blog. As for being hired, some employers may need certification showing you are a qualified health and wellness coach.

Your responsibilities may range from advising clients and feeding habits to recommending exercise and sleep routines.

The hourly rate starts from $20.

19. Social Media Influencer

If you have a massive following on your social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, you can earn good money with social media influencing. I have friends who make up to $70000 doing social media influencing.

As a social media influencer, your job will be promoting products or services on your social media accounts. A company may, for instance, give you a product to promote. You may decide to write a sales copy about the product and post it on your page plus images of the product. You can as well make a short video of you using the service or product.

The only thing you need here is a good following on your social media account and know how to make a captivating sales copy. Sometimes you don’t even need to write anything. You just post a video or image of the product or service and get paid.

You can earn up to $80000 with social media influencing.

20. Translator

Last but not least online translation. If you speak, write, or read more than one language, doing online translation is an excellent way to make money.

There are many fields you can work in, including marketing, healthcare, education PR, and law, among others. Some companies may require certifications but, often, you don’t need any certificates. 

The hourly rate is anything between $30 and $50.