In this post I wanted to really bring value and give you my 8 Step Checklist To Rank A Video In Google.

These are the steps I always take when uploading and optimizing my YouTube videos. If you’re looking for search engine optimization tips for videos and want to learn how to get them to rank in Google and Youtube, keep reading because I have some great info for you.

I have been utilizing video SEO for quite some time now. All I can tell you is I absolutely love video and I use videos on all of my projects especially for all of my clients projects. It doesn’t matter what type of business you are.

If you’re a multi level marketer, affiliate marketer, local SEO agency, small business owner, amazon or a .com store optimizing your videos.

These steps will help build your brand and create positive signals towards your online business presence, it can also help you generate targeted traffic.

If you are reading this, you might know exactly what I am talking about. If you are new to this concept don’t worry, I am going to explain in more detail with a brief example.

If we think about the Google Search Engine for a second and the way we use it to find services, products and reviews, we will be able to piece some ideas together.

Let’s look at it this way, if you lived in Long Island NY and you are looking a service that specializes in Video Animation. How will you use the Google search engine?

If you ask me, I would personally go to Google and type in something like “Video Animation Long Island” or something similar to that term. Right?

Now imagine if you found a Video Animation Company that had a beautiful compelling and professional video on page 1 of Google.

Don’t you think that video will have a better chance of getting clicked on in the search results compared to the other competitors that only have website text link?

Do you know why?

Its simple, because videos stand out! Check out the screenshot below. You can see that the video creates a very noticeable thumbnail image in the search results. 

The video stands out a lot and it really catches your eye. If you didn’t know, most people would rather watch a video rather than read a page or a post, especially if they are looking for someone that specializes in video animation, I know I would.

It’s like having a targeted commercial running. What’s even more exciting about this is you can do this for a lot local terms, for affiliate marketing campaigns and for product terms as well.

It is very powerful whichever way you use it!


Just look at how much that video stands out from the rest of the search results. Now that you have some type understanding with this type of strategy. I am sure you can clearly see how powerful this can be for any type business.

I created the checklist below and this step by step guide that I follow when I upload my YoTube videos. If your completely new make sure you follow this guide so you can get great results. If you are experienced, hopefully I can bring some value to you and add to your existing strategy.

Here is your Video SEO Checklist:

1) Video File: SAVE it as Main Keyword before YouTube upload


2) Video Title: I would make exact match keyword if its a local video add the phone number at the end

3) Video Description: Add about 300 words about your video include the keyword exactly one time along with additional similar and variations of your keyword term.

For example if your main term to rank for is “Kitchen Remodeling San Francisco” you can also add terms such as San Francisco Kitchen  companies.

Make sure at the top of the description you are linking out to the website you are promoting and remember you need to use http:// in order for this link to be clickable.

4) Video Tags: Don’t abuse this section like many people do. Just add the main top keywords. 3-5


5) In Advanced Settings: If your looking to rank local terms add specific location under Advanced Settings.


6) Add Video Annotations: Annotations are the text pops up and appears during the video. This is a great way to add additional optimization and you can link out to your website or landing page.


7) Add Video Cards: Use the cards to link out to your website and create a call to action.


8) Add Video Subtitles and Closed Captions: Subtitles and Closed Captions add a text transcript of what is being said in the video.

If you do not have any words its okay just right a transcript that makes sense with the video and add your main keyword in there.


I hope this checklist helps you and gets you to take ACTION to get your video up, optimized and start ranking.

Quick Tip: If you are interested in going after a local term like I do, I suggest you go after keyword terms with at least 5 or 6 words.

If you already know this but you are not getting the results you are looking for. You might want to asses the keywords that you are trying to ranks for. 

Most marketers try to rank for  terms that are way too broad and competitive. I

‘m not saying that you cannot rank for some competitive terms, but I can tell you from experience, it is going to take a lot more than just proper on-page SEO to achieve great results.

You will need to add some powerful backlinks to your strategy, natural backlinks and also some organic views.

If you know anything about building backlinks you know how important they really are. If your completely new to backlinks I suggest you go dive into my.

My course explains everything with no B.S. and nothing held back.

I go into full detail and you can watch me go through the checklist, upload the video, optimize it and I also go into creating backlinks.