Before I jump into a real transparent and honest review on ClickFunnels and how it works. Let me first prove to you that I am a real practitioner and member of the Clickfunnels software. 

Here is a screenshot of my dashboard and monthly receipt to Clickfunnels. You will also see me login live to my dashboard in the review video and over the shoulder tutorial I made for anyone interested in Clickfunnels.

I run a few different types of online businesses from an ecom store, my digital agency and coaching and training programs that I have created to really give other online entrepreneurs an incredible advantage with specific skills, mindset and to learn from my past mistakes.

I use click funnels to build all of my funnels out and I also promote this funnel software to any of my students. I found that this funnel builder is incredibly easy to use with drag and drop features.

Russell Brunson has incredible support and training inside Clickfunnels as well so you never have to feel overwhelmed or stuck. 

Clickfunnels allows you to build incredibly fast proven funnels from the variety of templates that were designed for specific reasons and for different funnels types of funnels.

From webinar funnels, product sales funnels to basic landing page email optin funnels they cover them all.

 Every business needs a sales funnel builder that can be easily duplicated and streamlined.

I use to have my web designer build each page by code and I would have to wait days before I can even review the funnel page design and functionality.

This is when I went on the search and found ClickFunnels Reviews just like you are doing now and this is the solution.

Once my video review of ClickFunnels is live you will be able to click here to watch it here.

If you are active online then I am sure you know exactly who Russell Brunson is? If not I will cover more about him later in this blog post. I am sure most of you do know this young man and all of his achievements.

Russell was a main reason that I made the decision to stop using LeadPages which is another funnel builder and jump all in on Clickfunnels free trial to test out what they offered.

I was blown away by the support and how easy it is to use and really connect anything you need as a functionality within your funnel.

If your operating an online business I can tell you that you need to start strategizing and building a sales funnel to help monetize your audience and increase revenue.

Now, you may know this as well but maybe you are hesitant to spend the monthly money on Clickfunnels or other funnel building software.

If you cut out your daily Starbucks you can afford Clickfunnels monthly payment. It comes down to what is really more important and prioritize for the long term investment.

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(Let Me Break Everything Down For You )

What Are ClickFunnels And What Do They Do?

You are reading this for a reason and if you are looking for the best automated sales funnel builder then Clickfunnels by far is my number one choice.

Clickfunnels is worth it and I have used a few funnel building softwares and the overall experience and best bang for your buck goes to Click funnels.

You maybe thinking that it might be too hard or time consuming to create a funnel especially if you are just starting out, a beginner or never coded a website.

Well, if you are trying to create funnels the way I use to coding them from scratch then yes it takes too long and requires a specific skill. 

Russell Brunson and his team solved this huge problem because they faced this issue in the past as well and that is why ClickFunnels was born.

Even a 12 year old can use this software and build a simple sales funnel fast because that was the whole goal behind this sales funnel creator.

Cut down time and make it stupid easy to just drag and drop quickly.

Russell Brunson and his team also developed the One Funnel Away Challenge which is an amazing step by step 30 day training that guides you in depth with 3 coaches including Stephen Larsen that really holds your hands to get your funnel launched and its designed to get you results with an accountability coach.

Click Here To Learn More About The One Funnel Away Challenge

There are amazing over the shoulder tutorials provided by the clickfunnels team including Russel Brunson explaining funnel breakdowns and some very useful insights as you start creating your funnels.

The funnel dashboard is very organized and in a simplistic layout to keep it very easy to navigate and understand the flow of things.

Why Use A Sales Funnel?:

ClickFunnels Is Creating Millionaires

Creating An Automated Selling Machine Is Crucial 

Sales funnels continue to prove that this is the best way to automate and add revenue to your business. 

Take a second and just think of all the Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Youtube Ads just to name a few platforms that are in your face and sending you down automated funnels.

There are countless entrepreneurs and businesses leveraging the power of a funnel in many different ways and it is only getting more popular and there is a reason why.

Here is a quick screenshot of one of my sales funnel optin forms from a Click funnels landing page.

Imagine all the business and opportunities you are missing out on without a specific sales funnel for your business.

It is no coincidence that you are here knowing all the success others are having with sales funnels and using Clickfunnels specifically.

I highly suggest you take my 14 Day FREE trial pass that is a limited time offer from any link on this page and really experience how great this sales funnel builder really is and the support provided.

What would your business be like if you can build a targeted list and make money and usells while you sleep? What would life be like with more time and additional revenue that you are currently missing out on?

Why not commit and learn from Russell and his team who are proven experts?

Read Below for more details of exactly why you need ClickFunnels Software.

Why Use Clickfunnels And Who Is Russell Brunson

Meet Russel Brunson

Meet Russell Brunson
  • Self Made Millionaire
  • Networth Of Over 37 Million Dollars As Of 2019
  • A Genuine Mentor And Down To Earth Individual
  • Created Multiple 7 Figure Businesses Including ClickFunnels with Todd Dickerson
  • Sold Over 250,000 copies of his marketing books 
  • Author: Expert Secrets
  • Author: DotCom Secrets 
  •  Author: Network Marketing Secrets
  • Helped Make Over 200 Millionaires
  • Philanthropist and community building
  • Involved In NonProfits & Community Activities

Russell brunson is an elite online entrepreneur with an incredible background in this internet marketing world. He has an incredible story that highlights the ups and downs, trial and errors and of course major success moments and momentum that he endured on his journey.

Russel was born and raised in Utah where he was also an incredible wrestler and was oddly interested in media ads that ran on the radio and television.

He would listen to these commercials after school, get excited, sign up on board for them and this is where his entrepreneurial journey took a start.

Dan Kennedy was amongst the top influencers in Russel’s business journey. This mentor and business coach helped Russell learn and create real opportunities.

Go here and lock in your spot to ClickFunnels 14 Day FREE Trial Today! 

Russell brunson’s first taste of online success was selling potato gun building instructions online and leveraging the search engine. This was a complete eye opener for him. This absolutely proved there was money to be made on the internet.

Russel is one of the well known faces like Dean Graziosi and Tai Lopez you see distributed through out social media advertisement across the internet

Russell is now worth over 37 million dollars and is still pushing the pedal. He gets inspired by his five children and wife Collette Brunson which fuels his drive also towards creating and helping the youth and young entrepreneurs grow.

Clickfunnels Tutorial For Beginners and Review

Inside Clickfunnels you will have access to the cookbook builder process which you get to explore different types of funnels and pre-done Funnels in this “Cookbook” style process and find the

right Funnel for your business or you can go with the classic Funnel builder which is the original step by step builder that’s super simple and giving a basic funnel buildout fast. 

You can select from Lead, Sales, or Event Funnels!

I personally use the classic funnel builder and look through the variety of funnel templates that are free inside your membership.

These are the 15 main features that makes Clickfunnels Incredible 

  1. Landing Page Builder With Drag And Drop Editor, Fast Load Speed And Automatic Optimized Pages For Mobile and Desktop.
  2. A/B Split Testing On Your Funnels
  3. Integrate Emails and SMS messages.
  4. Access To Proven Converting ClickFunnels Templates Along With FREE Ongoing Updates
  5. Click Through And Conversion tracking
  6. 24 Hour Customer Support
  7. Video Trainings On How To Create and Learn What Type Of Funnel You Need
  8. Specific Funnel Templates Designed ( To Generate Leads, Generate Sales, Or Run An Event)
  9. An Incredible Community of Elite Marketers And Like Minded Individuals (This alone can have an overall positive impact)
  10. FunnelFlix Training (Depending On What Membership You Have You Get Incredible training In this Section)
  11. Easily Connect Your Payment Gateway Like Paypal or Stripe And Receive Payments Instantly.
  12. Easily Connect ClickFunnles Pages To Your Website Domain For A Custom URL
  13. Analytics and Tracking (See The Performance Of Your Landing Pages)
  14. Pop Up Features To Squeeze In Leads
  15. Great For Even Beginners

You Have Absolutely Nothing To Lose With The 14 Day FREE Trial 

This Is How The Easy Drag Drop Dashboard Is Laid Out

At the top of your navigation menu in the drop down under the Clickfunnels tab you will see a funnels tab. This is where you can access your existing funnels or if you are looking to create a new funnel.

Once you get to funnels page if you click on the big yellow button that says add new it will open up a new window where you can choose either the cookbook builder process or the classic funnel builder.

These simple choices will open up your choice to choose a GOAL under the classic funnel builder or choose an industry under the cookbook so you can be guided to create the correct type of funnel for your business. Check out my video review to see a live demonstration.

Watch the amazing over the shoulder training videos to see how easily it is to drag and drop and customize your funnel pages once you choose the type of funnel you need.

ClickFunnels 14 Day FREE Trial

Russell and his team gives you a no brainer offer to have access to Clickfunnels for 14 full days absolutely FREE so you can experience the incredible sales funnel builder and the training.

You will also get a 30 Day Money back guarantee which makes this really a no brainer. I suggest you jump on this offer today so you can experience your first 14 days inside the dashboard and start building your first funnel. This is exactly what I did and then I became absolutely hooked and could see the unlimited potential this software gives to my brand and business.

This is not just your regular landing page builder software. Once you become a Clickfunnels member you join a movement and a culture. 

Get your free Funnel Hacker T-shirt. Once you join the 14 Day free trial today you will be greeted with introduction guide videos and going over the basics training and also an opportunity to grab you #FunnelHacker T-shirt.

Once you are in the video training and introduction material are really made to set you up for ultimate success and hold your hand throughout your start so do not skip them. Take your time and go through the basic set up and training. Feel free to also click around, explore and navigate through the different elements inside the dashboard.

  • MY BONUS IF YOU HAVE AN AGENCY : If you purchase Clickfunnels after your 14 day trial through any of the links on this page I will share a funnel that is being used by many agency owners to position themselves as an expert to help close more clients. I will also share with you my Prospecting Kings course which is full training teaching how to find and close more clients for your agency.

The bonus I mention here today is only for the people who purchase Clickfunnels startup or any of the other membership after the 14 day trial. I put a lot of work not only into my funnels but into my course Prospecting Kings and the value in that alone is worth it.

The Cost Of Clickfunnels Pricing

Clickfunnels pricing

So, you are now wondering How much are click funnels? Let me break down the membership plans for you.

I am a member of the $97 per month Clickfunnels software. They have a few different plans and options with additional perks that come within each monthly plan.

ClickFunnels Pricing breakdown

  • Startup – $97 per month (Most Popular)
  • Full Suite – $297 per month
  • Funnel Hacks – $997 for 6 months
  • Funnel Hacks 1 Year – $1997 a year

The two well known and popular pricing plans are the startup and full suite options. These are monthly recurring payments and the big main difference is how many funnels you are allowed to create, pages and visitors.

Here are these pricing options compared side by side.

PRICING:$97 per month $297 per month
Number Of Funnels20Unlimited
Number Of Pages100Unlimited
Number Of LeadsUnlimitedUnlimited
Number Of Visitors20,000Unlimited
Custom Domains Allowed3Unlimited
Backpack And ActioneticsNOYES
Number of Billing Option Integrations13
Affiliate Program IntegrationNO


Find me on Instagram @JamesKuck and let me know what you think of Clickfunnels and if you did join and have an agency ask about my Prospecting Kings course which is only for those who joined Clickfunnels through me.

Just a reminder that Clickfunnels is only a tool to help you make leaps and bounds towards your success. You still need to be completely devoted to learning, creating and building for your business and brand to see the growth. Join this community and take massive action today!

Go here to view the Clickfunnels And Funnel Hacking Live

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 Real Testimonials and Reviews For ClickFunnels

Just read a few of these Reviews and testimonials from the success this genius but simple funnel builder has created. You’re only one funnel away!

Clickfunnels Reviews and Testimonials

It all comes down to determination and commitment. There is no difference between the success stories and you except that they started and did not stop until they saw it all through.

“Be like a postage stamp. Stick to it until you get there”― Bob Proctor

Clickfunnels VS Leadpages

You may be asking what is the difference between LeadPages and ClickFunnels?I used Leadpages when I first started building Sales Funnels until I discovered Clickfunnels. 

In my honest opinion and from hands on experience I feel Clickfunnels overall is a little easier to use but the all in ones automated sales, upsells, webinars and specific features is what made this a better choice for me and my business.

In addition the Clickfunnels training, proven templates and customer support is 5 stars.

Now, do not get me wrong Leadpages is also another easy drag and drop funnel builder and it is also a cheaper monthly membership but its solely focused on landing page building to squeeze and captcha leads where Clickfunnels is more robust and has an all in ones sales funnel templates to take your business to the next level.

The overall user experience and what your business specifically needs to generate leads, build relationships through the funnel, sales page and being able to close and upsell and GROW your business significantly all in one place in hands down brilliant.

3 Critical Takeaways When Building Your Funnel 

  1. Find your competitors and go through their landing page, email sequences and sales funnel. Purchase their products or services and reverse engineer what they are doing. You can learn so much from your competitors in your space who are leveraging funnels. Also I revealed a trick on my youtube channel showing you how to see and spy on your competitors Facebook ads. This is another great way to find and reverse engineer funnels and paid advertising campaigns that can give you ideas and an understanding.
  2. Start with a simple landing page funnel and get use to the Clickfunnels dashboard. Make sure you watch the training videos provided in the dashboard and do not hesitate to ask any question to their support team. Ask as many questions as you can to assure you are getting things set up correctly. The training videos cover an in depth tutorial of how to drag and drop the simple elements in the editor and also make sure you go through the FunnelFlix Training.
  3. Use Lead Magnets to capture new leads and drive them into your funnel. A Lead magnet is a Free informative giveaway that you create which is a great opportunity for you to gain a new targeted lead and email subscriber. Lead magnet examples are Free Ebook, Free Video Training or Downloadable Guides. When you create your lead magnet make sure that they are valuable to your audience.

 If you are growing your brand or business online organically with social media you have to give absolute value with optimized content to capture your audience and build rapport through value based content.

Setting up your email autoresponder in Clickfunnels is also a vital part of your rapport building. This allows you to create and develop your email sequence in advance before even launching your funnel.

You can use Aweber, ActiveCampaign or even a Mailchimp account with Clickfunnels for your email autoresponder. There are also other 3rd party email integrations and you can view them under account settings and then clicking integrations on the left side column then clicking add integration button.

That Is My Honest Review On Clickfunnels Sales Funnel Software

This is by far from my experience with sales funnel software the best option on the market.

I have had funnels built manually and I have also use similar software such as Leadpages which I had mentioned earlier and If you are seriously ready to take your business and sales funnel knowledge to the next level join Russel brunson and the Clickfunnels team today!

Check out the FREE 14 Day trial so you can get two full weeks of this incredible drag and drop landing page and sales funnel builder software. Surround yourself with elite marketers in a great community to learn, share and grow.