Are you driving yourself nuts trying to understand how to make a square video in iMovie? Well, don’t worry I have the answer.

You may be scrolling the news feed of Facebook and Instagram and these square videos you see constantly are probably driving you crazy on how they are making them? Do not worry I am hear to answer the big question how to make a square video in iMovie for your Instagram and Facebook.

Here Is My Video Of Me Creating Square Videos In iMovie

iMovie Square Video Tutorial

Unfortunately, iMovie does not have a Square video effect or adjustment that you can use to create these videos but you will see in the step by step video tutorial above that we found a hack.

These Videos are perfect for Instagram and Facebook because of the native format and space it takes up as you scroll down the news feed. That is when I went searching for how to make square videos with iMovie.

In my step by step square video in iMovie tutorial you will notice I also show you how to add some background color along with some cool text, Logos or images into the square videos.

I have to Give credit where credit is due. I came across a few videos that helped me figure out you can use iMovie and Keynote to create square videos for Instagram and Facebook. The one that stood out the most to me was Jessica Stansberry’s video. She also has some other great tutorials.

I decided to make my own over the shoulder video tutorial to show you exactly how I like to use it which is different than any other iMovie square video tutorials that I have came across. I like to add more graphics and text so I figured it all out and here is an example below.

3 Important things when creating square videos for social

  • Make sure you are filming in high quality!
  • Do not add text in iMovie to the left or right if you plan on expanding the video to a full square (it will get cut off)
  • Do not film to close because you will be zooming in and do not want your face out of the frame.

Want To Make A Square Video In iMovie Like The Ones Below

You can create cool colors, text overlays and graphics like this video below left or just a video that takes up the whole square like this one to the below right.

These square videos look great on Facebook and Instagram.

Keep in mind iMovie and Keynote are for Mac users but if you are on a PC you just need to figure out which softwares are similar to these two and test it out.

How To Make A Square Video With iMovie Step By Step

Here are the exact steps you need to take to create your square video inside iMovie

  1. On your Mac go to Launchpad and open up iMovie
  2. Once iMovie open import the video you would like to make square
  3. Make any edits or audio adjustments you would like
  4. Once the video is ready export it to your desktop
  5. Once it is on your desktop go to Launchpad and open up Keynote
  6. Select the white presentation document to open in Keynote
  7. Click on the text areas in Keynote and delete
  8. You should now have a blank white presentation
  9. Drag your video in from your desktop
  10. Click Document in the upper right side
  11. Then click on slide size —-> click custom slide size
  12. Make the size 1800 x 1800
  13. You can now click on you video and use your mouse to drag out the corners to fill in the 1800 x 1800 square
    Or you can leave the video rectangular and center it
  14. Change the background color by clicking the white area above or below the video
  15. Then click Formatting in the upper right —–> click background color and choose a color
  16. If you have text, logo or images in a .png format on your desktop you can also drag them in and adjust the size and placement with your mouse.
  17. Once your video is how you want it click File in the upper left and then export and make sure the quality is 1080p or high quality.
  18. Save it to your desktop and you are ready to share it to Instagram or Facebook

You can always rewind and pause the video with me showing you these exact steps so you do not miss a beat. Please share if you find this video helpful.

If You Are Searching For How To Make A Square Video In Imovie On Iphone

I use an iphone app and I will create an additional tutorial soon and link it below on how I use this app right on the phone to create square videos.