Congratulations! You are at the right place at the right time. Let me jump right to it. You are here looking for a real, honest and transparent review on the Pay Per Call training course Kallzu ADs.

First thing is first let me prove to you that my good friend and business partner Arvin and I are both true practitioners of this program and course by showing you our receipt and date we joined along with a video below with us logging in LIVE into the Kallzu ADs Course backend to show you in detail what is included and our earnings since we started.

This helps you know we are the real deal.

Kallzu Ads Course Pay Per Call Review


I am HUGE believer in investing in yourself whether it be audible books for mindset and business lessons or courses like Kallzu ADs to develop true skill sets that can benefit your business by taking action and implementing what you learn. I have spent tens of thousands on investing in myself and true skill sets that I learn from true mentors.

If you follow me on YouTube you may have heard me speak about the importance of finding mentors or coaches who have already succeeded in the place you are trying to get to within your life or business. I share honest and transparent information to help inspire and hopefully spark others to take massive ACTION.

I truly believe in the power of mindset and energy. Finding true practitioners at their craft such as Chris Winters and William Meers from Kallzu will make your learning curve ten times shorter if not more. When it comes to getting clients and Pay Per Call these guys have been in the trenches and so have all of us students.

You are most likely reading this blog post because you found it searching for Kallzu ADs Course Reviews or a similar search term and now you are here. The internet is a powerful tool when used correctly.

You can click here to watch the video review of the Kallzu ADs program (Will be Live Soon Subscribe on Youtube)

If you are already familiar with Chris Winters then you know that he has been in the internet marketing and digital space for many years now with expertise in building profitable Pay Per Call businesses. Kallzu is his training platform he created where you get over the shoulder and detailed step by step training on how to get 5 clients in 6 weeks along with training to learn the skill set to fulfill their needs.

Arvin and I decided to jump all in on the Kallzu training because we needed a better system to organize and add new clients to our agency. We also wanted to understand Google Pay Per Call module in deep details. (We had just lost 8k per month in monthly client revenue) 

This course and training is definitely top notch and incredibly in depth. I usually tell people to educate themselves as much as they can for free by watching Youtube tutorials but this system and business module is much more complexed and I do not know of any training like Kallzu when it comes to Pay Per Call and client getting.

If you need a powerful client getting formula and looking for a Pay Per Call training business in a box then honestly this step by step course is well worth the investment. Many make the excuse of not being able to afford to invest in themselves. You need to have a MINDSHIFT! If this is a serious goal of yours then stop wasting money on unnecessary things such as Eating Out, Clothes, Expensive Sneakers and INVEST it in yourself, your business and future.

If you do want to buy Kallzu ADs Course – GO HERE and lock in your spot!

(Down Below You Will Find Some Of Module Topics From The Course)

Is The Kallzu ADs Course A SCAM?

If you are looking to grow your agency or receive high level Pay Per Call training then Kallzu ADs is the right place for you. This is not a get rich quick scheme or a scam this is a program made by Chris Winters and William Meers who are truly dedicated to the brand, craft and delivering real skills and opportunity to the Kallzu community. You will see they are true practitioners of what they teach with live results to back it.

If you are completely new to the internet marketing world do not get overwhelmed. The coaches are their to help plus they have 24 hour support to help guide you and answer any questions if you get stuck. If you are experienced with Pay Per Call business model but looking for better training and systems to help scale then the client getting modules in Kallzu with absolutely blow you away. (Extremely Powerful Tactics)

Again, just like any training or course you need to fully commit and take the necessary actions to make it work. If you are looking to change your life, business and work towards financial freedom there is no doubt in my mind that you will make this work. Are you one hundred and ten percent ready to dedicate the time and energy in to building something with a proven method to follow?

We all come from different places and have different reasons for why we are striving to build success and financial freedom. Maybe it is for your children, husband, wife, mom or dad or getting out of a torturous 9-5 JOB or a negative relationship. You need to use those reasons to fuel you, You need put your back against the wall and make it happen with absolute certainty.

Chris Winters also created Kallzu SEO which is a full SEO training course and it is actually one of the many SEO courses myself and Arvin joined years ago to learn more on dominating organic rankings on Google. This is another incredible skill set and technique to have but I will dive deeper on this in other blog posts.

Each video inside the course are on very specific topics that are crucial for your success. The video modules will go over step by step in deep details on what you should be doing.

Each video will also have resources below them such as if software was mentioned or for example when you get into hiring for your agency there is already a step by step guide along with the exact text to copy and paste. This is all provided for you as tools.

The video modules are organized on the left side of your dashboard once you have access and are all in order from beginning to end.

Why Sell Pay Per Calls and use Google ADs?:

Google Ads Still Dominating As The Number One Digital AD Platform
Mobile Users Are the Number One Source Of Clicks For Google

Google continues to innovate and dominate the search engine world being the number one used search engine.

Just take a second and think about where you go when you need an answer, solution or service? Google! Now with phones becoming the dominant device to search from you can optimize Google ADs to make it even easier for the user to make a quick phone call to a local service provider.

I know this because we run multiple local service ADs that generate thousands of calls per month for local businesses. This is how we run a very profitable Pay Per Call lead business.

Here is a screenshot of our monthly revenue earnings for the month of November from one of our Pay Per Call Affiliate accounts.

If you had a successful pay per call lead business what would that extra income do for you? Really take a minute, visualize and think about it. It is 2018 and I personally along with my partner have built a 6 figure pay per call business and plan on building it to 7 figures in the near future.

You need to be ALL IN and take this extremely serious for it to really work. This is not some easy and no real business opportunity is but it works if you are willing to put the work in.

You want a better life for you or your family? You need to fully commit

Genuine coaches like Chris Winters and William Meers are the type of people to surround yourself with and learn from.

Read below important details On Kallzu Pay Per Call course.

The Kallzu ADs Course Creators And Coach

Introducing the one and only Chris Winters and William Meers

chris winters and william meers
  •  7 Figure Pay Per Call Lead Generation Business Creators
  • Incredible Years Of Experience In The Digital Marketing Space
  • Real Practitioners, Honest and Full of Wisdom
  • Created a support system to help keep your momentum in full force

When I say finding mentors that are true practitioners these two guys are perfect leading examples. Both have been successfully in the internet marketing space for years and have an incredible step by step system for a lead generation Pay Per Call Business.

If you are looking for true guidance and a real opportunity this is a real game changer. Again, if you are asking yourself why pay for a coach or guidance I can tell you exactly why.

You can breeze through multiple Youtube videos and pick up a few key things here and there but honestly this is a complex type of online business and when you pay for something like coaching or a course I believe you will fully commit and devote yourself to make it work.

It also organizes your every step along the way with full support.

Kallzu ADs Pay Per Call Training Review and Inside The Course Overview

This course has an organized navigation bar with exact training topics with step by step video modules in order to the left side going down starting from top to bottom for easy access and organization.

This course has an organized navigation bar with exact training topics with step by step video modules in order to the left side going down starting from top to bottom for easy access and organization.

These are the 15 main things that are covered in depth in this Kallzu course

  1. How to set up Pay Per Call Only ADs
  2. How to find profitable Niches
  3. Live Niche Examples and Set Up of what is being taught
  4. Where to find affiliate offers to start
  5. Keyword Discovery
  6. Website Build Out
  7. How to optimize your ADs continuously
  8. How to get interested prospects to call you
  9. How to sell with an exact proven script (live recorded examples of real interactions)
  10. How to set up the Kallzu Dashboard
  11. How to track and record every inbound phone call
  12. How to collect payments from prospects ready to buy leads
  13. Access to the exact softwares to use for your business
  14. How to hire position 1 and position 2 and scale sooner than later
  15. Rinse and Repeat and so much more

You Have Nothing To Lose When You Are Guaranteed Pay Per Call Clients

With Easy To Find Video Modules

Kallzu ADs Pay Per Call Training

As you complete video by video in order I suggest always taking notes and not skipping any steps. Also, I highly suggest you not only learn from each video but start implementing each step in real time right after you learn it. For example if video one teaches you how to setup a Google Adwords account you should pause it and go take action and set it up then move along step by step. My partner and I found this to be the most productive way to implement and create momentum.

Too many people get “course excited” and jump around through the videos but absorb way too much information before they can even remember how to take one of the action steps. Do not be this person. Absorb one skill set, pause, implement then move to the next step. (Two Computer Screens Work Best For This)

Our Bonuses For The Kallzu ADs Course

Chris, William and the team provide such an in depth training already step by step but we have a special special BONUS

You have a 30 DAY Money back guarantee from Kallzu themselves which is completely incredible. This is because this is a real team of experts that not only wants the best for but it is mainly because they only want serious action takers.

30 days is more than enough time to start gaining serious momentum if you stay focus, devoted and consistent. Finding the hungry wolves that will strap down and burn that midnight oil is what will produce success stories for Kallzu. Do you have that burning desire for success?

As soon as you join Kallzu head on over and join their private Facebook group where you will get access to once proven you are a real student. In this Facebook group you will meet other students on the same journey asking and answering questions. Also giving live updates in the group about progress.

You can see Arvin has posted in tht group multiple times about our earnings.

You will get access to live webinars from the Kallzu team where they go over advanced tactics, updates and answer some questions. These webinars are also to help gage on what everyone needs help with, to keep you on track and keep you motivated.

  • OUR BONUS : If you purchase Kallzu ADs through any of the links on this page Arvin and I will share some advanced optimization and monetization tactics for your campaigns you a along with a FREE 15 minute phone consultation

Following the Kallzu ADs training and not skipping a step is crucial. The bonus we are offering is because we have truly implemented this material and built a real business from nothing. We look for serious individuals who are hungry and ready to put in the work like us. We want to see you succeed and have personally added these bonuses to help you with constant momentum and accountability.

The Course Cost Of Kallzu AD Training

With so many webinars and courses bombarding you in your Facebook, Instagram, Youtube feeds not to mention all the emails you are getting it can get you very confused and off track. Believe me I know!

When Arvin and I bought Kallzu it was $3,997.00. This is not including some of the softwares we later bought including the Kallzu Call dashboard where you can record live phone calls, track and collect payments. This was an additional $29.99 per month and well worth it. This software is extremely powerful and essential for a pay per call business model.

Again, there are many Pay Per Call or Lead Generation courses out there that vary in price range.

I always look at who is selling the courses and ask these three questions.

  1. Are the successful with this business model and can prove it?
  2. Is there students with testimonials and results?
  3. Does the course have step by step video modules and full support?

We personally have had great success with this Kallzu AD program and we will have the pleasure to be speaking and presenting at the Kallzu Live Event in Las Vegas this January 2019. This even is filled with people just like yourselves looking to build real profitable and scalable pay per call businesses. (I do not know of any other training teaching these exact skills)

If you decide you want to make a serious change and jump into Kallzu ADs training through any link on this blog post you will get those BONUSES from Arvin and myself as promised. After you purchase just send me a direct message on Instagram here to access those bonuses.

The Kallzu ADs training is literally a pay per call business in a box this program taught me and my business partner Arvin the skill set that will only help the chances you launch and grow a success Pay Per Call lead generation business.

(This special link will give you access to all the bonuses too – Lock in your spot before pricing goes up)

Testimonials and Reviews For Kallzu ADs

You will see incredible reviews and testimonials on the testimonial page. This is where it all starts.

I saw one of these incredible testimonials by another student named Jamie. Once I heard him explain how he followed step by step and then implemented and had success I knew we were going to do it with 100 percent certainty and that is what it takes. You can do this if you take massive action.
“If you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree.” – Jim Rohn

Do You Need Kallzu ADs Or Any Pay Per Call Training Program To Be Successful?

The truth is Of Course you do not need any course to be successful. You can try and learn this on your own and go through trial and error. But why waste the time and energy to make mistakes and have to keep adjusting when you can learn from real 7 figure pay per call business owners. Not only that, but learning from other successful students as well. Imaging being able to follow and exact step by step road map, having unlimited support to send your questions into if you get stuck. This is why mentors, coaches and proven systems are so valuable in a business.

Here are 3 things I follow when starting any business

  1. I first find a coach or mentor that is already successful in this space. I will then see if they offer coaching or a step by step training program.
  2. I BUILD A MINDSET OF ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY. I will then look for testimonials from other students. (If someone else is succeeding with this training I know I can too.)
  3. I commit and go all in. I will follow step by step everything that my coach and training program offers. I will take notes and take action as I move along step by step through the video modules.

It is just a numbers game. You will hit some bumps in the road but so does everyone else. It is how you adjust and keep moving forward. Are you determined to push forward, maneuver and stay positive.

 That Is My Honest Review On The Kallzu ADs Program

The last thing I want to do is pressure anyone who is not serious to spend money and join any type of course or training.

There is plenty of free Youtube material to start with in the beginning especially if you do not want to spend the money but to be quite frank with you think about how much money you waste on useless things every month.

If you are serious about really starting something you would be willing to adjust the small things to make a sacrifice.

Again, joining a coaching or training program like Kallzu is very similar to starting a career.

You need to be dedicated but the biggest difference is this is a fraction of the price of a college degree and gives you a skillset they cannot teach in school. You also will be learning from real business entrepreneurs with proven success unlike college professors.

You also have no ceiling to your earnings. You literally can take it and run with it. Oh, did I mention the learning curriculum is way less than the typical 4 years of college you need learning useless fluff.

Remember, we started our Kallzu business in April of 2018 and have it producing 6 figure profits in less than a year.

P.S. Chris Winters, William Meers and the whole Kallzu support team are not only incredible with the superior training they put out but have built something truly special and different.

Chris winters continues to add value with incredible trainings that are backed by real results.