Reputation Management


Just like a persons’ reputation is important for their success in life, a business’ online reputation is important for customer acquisition and retention. Especially in the case of small businesses, a bad online reputation can hurt businesses to the breaking point. Having safeguards in place and having continuous proper Reputation Management is crucial to the success and growth of businesses.

Due to the dynamism of the internet, businesses need to be vigilant in protecting their online reputation. All it takes now days is one unhappy consumer who leaves a scathing remark online. This can result in lower ratings on popular business websites, which will lead to slower business. In the end, that one comment or review can cost a business hundreds or even thousands of dollars in revenue. This is why reputation management has to be a daily part of running a business, because once the slide begins, it’s very difficult to stop.

Online Reputation Management gives businesses the opportunity to be active in their online reputation building. Many small business owners, upon receiving criticism or poor reviews online, lash out in their reactions. They comment back harshly, which only causes a bigger dip in reputation and business. When a reputation is managed proactively, there is no need for the reactions, because everything has been planned and thought out beforehand.

One way reputation management can help plan and control business’s online reputations is by increasing the amount of positive feedback available online. Businesses that have their reputation in mind will gently steer satisfied customers to post their opinions and experiences online, to bolster the reputation of the facility. Having those positive reviews will help counteract any harsh reviews. This is just one way being proactive in reputation management can help in the long run.

When there’s a tarnish on a business’s online reputation, if guidelines haven’t been put in place, fixing it can get expensive. Most of the time, reviews for businesses aren’t left on their websites, but on outside sites set up to specifically grade the quality of businesses. This means, if a business has had a bad review or comment, they can’t get rid of it without jumping through several hoops and paying quite a bit of money. It’s better, once again, to be proactive and ask customers to respond on the company’s page or social media account, so that the problem can be dealt with in-house.

Most importantly, having management of a business’s online reputation can improve the way businesses work. If, while managing the online reputation, it’s noticed that several people are complaining about the same thing, steps can be taken to change that specific problem. This improvement will be noticed by other customers, who will appreciate that their complaints were noted. This form of give and take, hear and respond, is a sign of a business that cares about its customers. And, customers will notice, which will only help bolster the business’s reputation more.

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