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Who are we. . . ?

“About Us”


My Media Pal is a Private Digital Marketing Company located Long Island New York specializing in All Channels of Digital Marketing. We have over 7+ years of experience in the Online Marketing Industry. We have worked with many different types of businesses; from small local businesses to BIG Fortune 500 Companies.  We are a small company with the right skills, strategy and talent that can help any business succeed online. We only work with the right business owners that share the same vision as us.

We have a 98% Client Satisfaction Rate; our drive and passion is to develop solid business relationships with all of our clients. We are very confident with our Marketing Strategies, we GUARANTEE to increase your business and eliminate your competition. Our GOAL is to provide a Quality Service that Deliver Noticeable Results! We continue to develop new ideas daily to help improve traffic and sales for all of our clients.


Who’s behind it all. . . ?

“The Founders”

Arvin Abellera
Arvin Abellera
Certified Google AdWords and Google Analytics E-Commerce Analyst. SEO & Digital Marketing Strategist with strong knowledge and over 7+ years hands on experience with Graphic Design and Web Development.
James Kuck
James Kuck
An entrepreneur with strong knowledge in SEO & Digital Marketing. Achieved 1st page rankings for over 1,000+ High Traffic Keywords. A Business Consultant with 7+ years of experience in Sales, Management and Operations.

Learn How To Generate More Business Online

Let us show you how Digital Marketing can help increase your Leads, Sales and Reputation by 50%


What makes us different. . . ?

“Integrity and Honesty”

We’ll let you know if our service is right for your business. We will never pressure you with something that you don’t need. Absolutely No Pressure and No Obligation. Just Good Genuine Advice!

Web Design

With years of experience with website design and development. We have the knowledge and expertise to build exceptional responsive websites!

Graphic Design

Our artistic and creative approach with graphic design can guarantee a clean professional look for your business!

SEO & Digital Marketing

We have a very unique approach with SEO – Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing!

Content & Strategy

It is very important to have the right strategy when it comes to publishing content on your website and online!

How can we help. . .?

“Skills and Services”

We have exceptional experience in all of the areas below. We hold a strong reputation for driving quality results, eliminating competition and increasing business for all of our clients!

Web Design 98%

With years of experience with website design and development. We have the knowledge and expertise to build exceptional responsive websites! We have the expert ability to build professional websites that can maintain high rankings in the Search Engines and also sustain a high traffic volume!

Graphic Design 97%

Our artistic and creative approach with graphic design can guarantee a clean professional look for your business. Our strategic designs are created to assist with the conversion goals of a website. We have an excellent track record of designing beautiful, clean and professional looking websites!

SEO & Digital Marketing 99%

We have a very unique approach with SEO and Digital Marketing. With precise keyword research and competitive analysis; our SEO Service is guaranteed to deliver targeted and highly qualified online visitors that can turn into fresh leads and sales for your business.

Content & Strategy 99%

It is very important to have the right strategy when it comes to publishing content on your website and online. Our approach is designed to be accepted by the Search Engine algorithms. Our approach can ensure that your content is published on the web properly and can ensure Proper Search Engine Visibility!

What is our approach. . . ?

“Strategy and Analysis”



Wire-Frame / Art & Creative Direction / User Interface / User Experience / Design Architecture / Responsive Design / Performance


Development / Applications / Complex Online Solutions / Templates / Widgets / Custom Plugins / E-commerce / Shopping Cart / CMS


Reporting / Traffic Source / Demographics / Audience Behavior / Conversion Analysis / Social Media Analysis / Page Tagging Analysis / Customer Lifecycle


Strategy / SEO / SEM / PPC / Email Marketing / AdWords / Blog Advertising / Social Media Marketing / Viral Marketing


Content Strategy / Content Development / Content Optimization / Page Interlinking / Anchor Optimization / Sitemap Submission


On-Page Off-Page Optimization / Link Building / Social Signals / Domain Authority / Page Rank / Citation Submissions / White Hat Strategy / Algorithm Implementation

Who we work with. . .?

“Our Clients”

We have hands on EXPERIENCE working with ALL Types of Businesses

 Our Clients range from Small Local Businesses to BIG Fortune 500 Companies!

Website Design
Graphic Design
Content & Strategy
SEO & Digital Marketing

We are VERY CONFIDENT in delivering QUALITY RESULTS for any type of business. 

 We are very selective with who we work with, you must SHARE THE SAME VISION as us!

Learn How To Generate More Business Online

Let us show you how Digital Marketing can help increase your Leads, Sales and Reputation by 50%


What can we accomplish. . .?

“Our Results”




What our clients are saying. . . ?

“Reviews & Testimonials”

I hired Arvin to consult us with our digital marketing campaigns. His suggestions and techniques showed great results with our sales. He has great knowledge and excellent communication skills. He goes the extra mile to provide useful information and explains everything in a very simple way that makes it is easy to comprehend. I will continue to do business Arvin and work with him on future projects.
Pamela Bastain
I am a small business owner and when some competition opened up nearby, I started to notice that I was getting an unusual amount of negative reviews online. I knew something wasn’t right but I didn’t know how to go about solving the problem. I found My Media Pal and they cleaned up my reviews online and got me back in great standing on Google and Yelp in no time. They were professional and knowledgeable and I would recommend them to anyone.
Thomas Polk
I’ve had the good fortune of working with My Media Pal over the course of the last few months and I couldn’t be more pleased. Immediately following the initial online presentation, I sensed this was going to change things for our company and it did. Since having our site designed and optimized by My Media Pal, I’ve seen a 22% increase in my revenue over last year. I referred my brother in law to Arvin and his team and would do the same for anyone else looking for a product that really does make a difference.
Beverly Gaines
Arvin is very honest and helpful with every advice that he provides. He was able to answer any questions that we had regarding online marketing. He is very knowledgeable in SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email marketing and Internet marketing. I cannot thank him enough for the useful advice that he provided. I am very satisfied with his service and will continue to use his company to help our business grow online!
Dennis Newsome

SEO Long Island New York started off as in idea with the purpose of providing a solid solution to help businesses with their online presence. Our goal is to help business owners understand the value of SEO & Digital Marketing. We wanted to provide new and unique services geared towards marketing and advertising for small, medium and enterprise sized businesses. 

We started off in Long Island New York and steadily grew our services to NYC and soon enough, nationwide. At first, our services were mainly focused on SEO and Web Design. As years progressed and we learned more about traffic and conversions; our strategy grew stronger and wiser. We learned other channels of Digital Marketing that would take our business to the next level. Our online marketing strategies and experience expanded from Search Engine Optimization and Website Design to pay per click search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, conversion optimization, copywriting, video marketing and much more. We continue to develop out of the box marketing strategies daily. Working with our company gives you the benefit of practicing powerful and up to date digital marketing strategies for your business.  

Our strength as a company is providing quality and noticeable results. We operate our business with full trust and integrity with our clients. We are completely transparent and we have an open door policy. We want to make sure that all of our clients are completely satisfied with the services that we provide!

SEO Services Long Island New York

1111 Broad Hollow Rd

Farmingdale, NY 11735

(516) 708-4004

Can you imagine what we can do for your business?!

If your Website or Brand is NOT FOUND on Page 1 of Google for your business, products, and/or services. That is a HUGE PROBLEM; chances are, you are LOSING A LOT OF MONEY to your COMPETITORS that rank ahead of you.When you need to build a Solid Brand, A Successful Online Presence, Generating Qualified Phone Calls, Leads and Sales. Wouldn’t it be a SMART strategy for a Business Owner, CEO, President and/or a High Ranking Officer within the company to consult with an Experienced Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Specialist and an SEO Expert?

That’s where we come in!

It doesn’t matter if you own a Local, National and/or Worldwide Company. You need strong Online Marketing, especially in 2015 and for years to come. Everyone is using smart phones, tablets and laptops to search for products and local services nowadays. Paper Advertisements are slowly fading away and becoming almost completely irrelevant.

Think about the last time you opened up the Yellow Pages to look for a local service?

Where do you even START with SEO & Digital Marketing?

It starts within your Website, that is the SOLID Most Important Foundation for your Business Online! Here is a TIP: Your business website must be able to SUSTAIN HIGH TRAFFIC VOLUME in order to be considered on the First Page of the Search Engines! Did your Website Marketing Agency ever tell you that?When it comes Online Branding, Marketing and Conversion, there are many different layers that must be mastered in order to achieve success. I would say over 95 percent of Online Marketing Firms do not have this knowledge nor have the experience to even consult you! We have many Web and Search Engine Optimization Companies consulting with us and working with us on a lot of their most difficult projects.

How do we know so much about SEO?

We RESEARCH… TEST… TEST… and TEST… We also work with a Mastermind Research Group continuously to gather useful data so we know exactly what is working and so that we can stay ahead of our competitors.

My Media Pal can help with your Website and Online Marketing questions! We’d like to provide you with a FREE 30-45 Minute Phone Consultation and Website Analysis. We will give you an honest assessment of the changes that we could make to improve your Online Presence.


Please Call (855) 777-9190 or click on the button below!


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