So, you are interested in a review of Tai Lopez’s Social Media Marketing Agency Program Course.

Tai Lopez has become a top social influencer and since I started connecting with many entrepreneurs via Instagram and other social outlets I was asked more than once what I thought about Tai and his Social Media Marketing Agency program.

So, I decided to shoot a quick video but also go more into details of what I think of the program and what I did to grow a 6 Figure digital agency.

Firstly…I would like everyone that reads my blog posts to get absolute value and education. I make as many free tutorials and videos that I can for all of my followers. You might have even landed here because you heard Tai Lopez SMMA 2.0 program is a scam and you needed more details.

Here is my quick video review of the Tai Lopez program

(These Videos on my YouTube Channel are 100% of free training from me and my team at My Media Pal who run a successful digital agency)

If you came across one of Tai Lopez’s videos before coming to my blog It is likely you already know that his course and program is about teaching you how to sign up social media marketing clients from $1000-$10,000 per month.

My team and I are involved in multiple online courses so not only will I give you an honest review but I will give you a twist on things that have helped us build a brand online. Now If you do not have the money for this program and are not in a financial position to purchase the course that is okay.

You do not need that course to get your first social media marketing client. If you are willing to learn and take massive action watch my video above and then watch my How To Set Up a Facebook Ad video over the shoulder. Many more free tutorials coming your way!

If you do want to start an online business like how Tai’s program suggests – Go here and lock in your spot For This Webinar!

(Tai’s Social Media Agency program is currently back open but I suggest investing in Digital Real Estate Instead)

Keep reading below for more info on Tai Lopez and a full overview of the program.

Is Tai Lopez Legit or Is This Course A SCAM?

Tai Lopez on Snapchat
Tai Lopez on Snapchat

In my opinion Tai’s SMMA is legit. I am a HUGE believer in investing in myself and developing a true skillset. Over the years I have invested thousands of dollars in courses, programs and even time to really grow personally and develop skillsets that get massive results.

I think many people believe there is a magic formula or button that makes making money and success easy. It is never easy and it will always require work. Like many other online Entrepreneurs that are selling books, courses, masterminds and coaching you are always going to see skepticism and bad reviews.

I personally coach and educate and even if the information is given for free many students just do not take action. So of course if you are not ready to put in the time, energy, commitment and take massive action from what you learn inside any program you ultimately will not achieve any results and unfortunately many put the blame on the teacher or program.

Tai definitely has the experience in spending time, money and energy in social media advertisement that helped blow up his own personal brand.

This is how we all recognized Tai Lopez for building massive attention grabbing content across social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. It’s pretty obvious, the kind of exposure that Tai Lopez has managed to achieve is done by experience in that marketplace.

Think about it….If you are not legit or your social team running your personal branding is not legit you would not have this type of success. You also can catch Tai hanging out and interview major celebrities like Mark Cuban the well-recognized billionaire from Shark Tank, Rihanna the pop queen and even Gary Vaynerchuk who is another social media guru running a multi-million dollar social media agency.

If Tai was not doing something right I highly doubt such public figures would be associated with him or even visit him for an on-camera interview.

Tai Has A List Of Featured Publications And Interviews:

How Tai Lopez took over social media Featured in Entrepreneur
Tai Lopez hanging out with Rihanna
Grant Cardone talks selling at Tai Lopez’s House

All of the people I just named above have some type of negative feedback out there on them. At the end of the day, we are all human and you cannot please everyone no matter how hard you try.

But when people call Tai a scam or even Mark Cuban a terrible business man these are most likely people just hating aka “haters” as we call them. You have to give credit where it belongs even if you are not a fan of someone.

If Tai was actually a scammer I highly doubt he would be so personally involved in his products. I also doubt these seriously high profile people who spend time in interviews with Tai would put their reputation on the line if the did not feel he is legitimate.

Just look at some of Tai’s social media statistics for his own brand.
He has tested over $20Million in social media ad spend
One of the top TedX speakers
He has over 1M YouTube subscribers and over 635M minutes watched
One of the top 9 social media strategists to watch in 2017 according to

Keep Reading More In-Depth Details On Tai’s social media marketing agency program

(If Tai’s program is closed Start Learning On Youtube or CLICK HERE)

 Who Teaches The Course Material in the Tai Lopez SMMA Program?

  • Here is what I saw in the backend of the course when I breezed through:
  • There were a lot of video modules
  • I saw a lot of basic business information (Which is great for beginners)
  • A lot on mindset (Mindset is key but I like to really focus on learning the skill set that gets the real results such as how to set up facebook ADs.)
  • Multiple teachers inside the course not just Tai including Joe Soto, Jeremy Haynes, and Joshua Earp just to name a few that I came across.

Again Tai Lopez definitely has experience when it comes to growth via social media marketing. He even brings in other experts 6 figure and 7 figure earners to help teach on specific topics. If you look at Tai’s social channels you can see he definitely does not slow down.

Tai Lopez Here in my garage video went viral causing both positive and negative feedback!

Tai never speaks much on how he built his success or where he really got started so this was a big buzz going around especially with other Youtubers making parodies on Tai being BS and fake.

I am not exactly sure where Tai first started in business but if you look at the success he has produced in the last few years for himself there is definitely a few golden nuggets to leverage.

I honestly did not get to go through the course completely yet because there is a lot of content to digest and again I am already running multiple online businesses so this program was specifically for my social team.

So far I would say it is definitely good for a beginner if you can swing the money to purchase it. If not I will give you some tips to start out down below.

I was also invited to Vaynermedia to hang with Gary Vaynerchuk and be apart of a mastermind style class for a 5 figure price tag and I plan on going. Why? Because we can always keep learning.

I absolutely love investing and the more I make the more I educate myself and my team. Again if you are just starting out I suggest work, save, reinvest and grow.

Go here and lock in your spot to Tai’s social media marketing agency program

(Tai’s program closes today, lock in your position before it’s too late)

Social Media Marketing Agency – Program Overview

This program is a 4 month program laid out in a video course style that is going to teach you how to get small businesses to pay you $1,000-$10,000+ every month for managing and running social media campaigns for them.

Tai developed this course and is one of the teachers inside the program. These are a top 10 things Tai goes over in his program that stuck out for me.

  1. How to get your first $1,000 a month client within 4 months
  2. How To Pick a specific niche
  3. The right and best way to use free videos to help any small business
  4. How to automate your social media marketing agency so you can scale
  5. How to pick a business model that you are comfortable with
  6. How to set up a new business from scratch
  7. How to set up multiple types of packages for your clients, so you can offer premium services
  8. The best equipment to use for social media marketing
  9. How to find clients and convince them to pay you
  10. The best way to track your social media marketing

And there is also 100% money back guarantee on the program

How This 4 Month Social Media Marketing Program Is Laid Out

Tai Lopez SMMA Program

Month 1: Picking a Specific Niche
Month 2: Mastering Social Media
Month 3: How To Acquire High-Value SMMA Customers
Month 4: How To Service Your Customers, Manage Your Agency and Scale

At the end you will receive a Social Media Marketing Certification and although that sounds promising I can tell you that this is definitely not needed in order to build a successful agency.

Most businesses just need to be taken through a solid sales demo of your process and what you can do for them. More on this later.

Bonuses For The Program

Tai has made some special bonuses you’ll also get access to for jumping on his Social Media Marketing Agency program.

BONUS #1: For a limited time, we’ll be giving away 1 free ticket to any of our live events. This free ticket will be valid for an entire year. The value of this bonus is $1,200-$1,400.

BONUS #2: I’ll give you access to one of my latest lessons on how to create a cool lifestyle. This will be vital to you. The reason why is because as you start making more money using social media, you’ll want to learn how to live a life most people dream about. The value of this is $497.

BONUS #3: After you’ve completed your 4 months, and received your certification, we’ll add your name and contact info to a site dedicated to social media experts trained with this program. This way, whenever someone is looking for a social media expert, you’ll have your name featured on a site that’s supported by our brand.

These are the 3 bonuses currently offered when purchasing the program. Tai’s programs has him actively in it teaching but for certain topics he brings someone else in who knows more about that specific area to come in and teach you what they know inside the course.

Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency Program Cost

Before I jump to the cost remember there are many other courses out there like Tai’s online and also a ton of free information on Youtube to start out with.

Tai’s program cost $697. He also had payment plans but not sure if that offer is still available. If you want to learn how to make money with social media marketing but do not have the $697 I suggest you learn from social media marketers that share free live case studies.

This way you can get your first client and have money to invest in courses such as Tai’s. I will break down how you can get your First SMMA client free at the end so keep reading.

Tai claims he is only keeping the program open for a limited time. I am not sure if this exactly true or used as a scarcity tactic but I am sure if you are seriously interested in getting in the program and you send an email in to support they will make it happen.

view Tai’s social media marketing agency program 2.0

(This special link will give you access to a free webinarGo here and lock in your spot!)

Testimonials For Tai Lopez’s Program

Here are some of the testimonials for Tai Lopez social media marketing agency that have been shared.

Testimonials For Tai’s Program

Do You Need Tai Lopez SMMA 2.0 Program To Be Successful?

Absolutely NOT! If you absolutely do not have the money or are unsure if this is the right path for you to go down I highly suggest you start off by following these steps below.

  1. First, let yourself believe you can do this. I personally know you can because I grew a 6 figure social media agency and I am not the most technical person but what I am is certain, committed and willing.
  2. Promise yourself to be certain, committed and willing to take massive ACTION.
  3. Focus on a specific niche. (For this example let’s use HAIR SALONS)
  4. Now you need a service to offer. I would offer a specific service such as Facebook Ads.
  5. In order to offer Facebook ADs you need to know how to setup and create Facebook Advertisement and that is why I made this FREE Video. In this video, I take you over the shoulder and teach you step by step how to set up a Facebook Ad for a local hair salon.
  6. Now that you understand Facebook and You have a niche I would cold call hair salons and also walk in them with flyers. View the exact flyer my teamed used below. Also, go to local business meetups. Go over to and search for when businesses meetup in your local area. Google your local chamber of commerce and show up to the meetings and get your name out there.
  7. If you walk in or call a salon. Simply ask for the salon owner. Tell them you specialize in Facebook and social media marketing for hair salons and you would like to know if they have 15 minutes so you can show them what you have done for a salon. Now I know what your thinking. Your thinking but you never ran an ad before but in reality, if you went through my over the shoulder video where we got a salon owner over 38 leads in under 30 days then you have an ad that you can now use as proof. Yes, I am allowing you to use that as credibility.
  8. Once you get an owner to agree to a 15-minute consultation explain to them what you would like to do for them and tell them how much your social media management fee is. A small hair salon can definitely afford $500 per month for you to manage their ads and I would suggest around another $10 per day for Facebook Ad spend. For a total of $800 per month, you will help them get more clients. Tell them this is a special offer and usually costs double.

MY BONUS: If you are serious about starting a social media agency I highly suggest you start doing rank and rent lead gen business instead.

(I suggest building a site such as or whatever niche you go into so you look like the absolute expert in that niche)

build a social media marketing agency like Tai Lopez

Here Is The Flyer!

 Wrapping Up My Review On The Social Media Marketing Agency Program By Tai Lopez

So, If you do not have the money to jump in a social media agency program or if Tai’s course is a little too expensive at the moment I suggest getting your first smma client using the free steps above.

Also, watch other Youtube videos and gain a real skill set. I suggest focusing on understanding how to use one social media platform very well. Once you get money from your first social media marketing agency client you can and should keep investing in yourself and develop and expand your skillset.

You can also find very affordable courses at I might put a course up there myself very soon! Follow me on Instagram for updates.

P.S. Once you learn how to build your website through our free course you can now offer that as a service.

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