Hey future blogger! I am happy you are here and I look forward to helping you understand blogging monetization and answer the ever so popular question “How Much Do Bloggers Make?”

We will be covering a lot so grab a cup of coffee and a notepad so you can make a list of important tips on how to make money blogging.

Since there are so many factors that play a part in how much a blogger makes I will break down potential blogging income with averages and real case study examples.

So, how much do bloggers make? On average the active blogger makes anywhere from $15,000 – $60,000 per year. This all depends on your blogging niche and monetization choices.

This question becomes even more relevant especially since desirable blogging income reports have been circulating and getting shared across the internet.

Seeing these big 6 and even 7-figure income reports shared by many bloggers makes this online business model attractive and hopeful. But, what does it really take to start making money blogging?

The blogging industry is constantly evolving, with new trends and strategies constantly emerging. We are now living in the world of Ai and there have been some incredible breakthroughs in Ai blogging tools that have really changed the game.

This can be looked at from two different angles. Many will look at this from fear and think this makes blogging harder and more competitive.

The other angle which I choose to view it from is let’s take advantage of these incredible tools and software to help with speed and scalability when it comes to blog content and optimization.

I will save how to leverage ai blogging tools in a separate post but is important to know that these advancements can help your blogging business if used correctly.

Now, let’s explore the best ways to earn more as a blogger in 2023. We will delve into the different methods successful bloggers use to monetize their blogs, including ad revenue, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and more. 

We will also discuss the potential earnings for bloggers, taking into account factors such as blog niche, traffic, and audience engagement.

I will also use one of my personal blog case studies as an example to really paint a good picture of what it takes if you want to make money from a blog.

My Blog Case Study – How Much A Blog Makes

I purchased a domain in 2021 after doing some blog niche research.

I let this domain sit for about 3 months before finally purchasing web hosting, setting up WordPress, and adding a theme.

I then went ahead and added a few pages including about, contact us, and a recommendation page where I can list my top products in the inch that I recommend.

I made the choice to have a goal of adding 50 blog posts to the website within the first year.

After using AHREFs for keyword research and competitive analysis I created a content calendar of blog topics.

I shared this with my writer and started having posts written, optimized, and published. During this time I also set up some foundation brand assets such as a Facebook page, Youtube channel and etc…

My goal was to make 95% of the content informational and educational content. It is important to understand the difference between buyer-intent transactional content and informational helpful content.

We did hit the goal of having 50 minimum viable blog posts up within the first year. At this time the blog was not monetized in any way. I was just focused on getting that informational content onto the blog and aged.

I started seeing some life on this niche blog in AHREFs. ????????

Case Study Blog Traffic

You can see in January of 2022 the site had a significant increase in traffic. At this time I had stopped adding any additional posts.

In January you can see it looks like we were hit with a Google update which affected traffic drastically. I also believe that stopping with new blog postings had a negative effect.

I decided to go with AAWP an Amazon affiliate plugin that helps streamline adding attractive affiliate links and call to action to the blog posts. Remember, there are not many posts that require a bunch of affiliate offers since my content is mostly educational.

In the summer of 2022, I had 5 posts written that were buyer intent and I knew I could monetize these much better than all the information content.

Here is what Amazon affiliates made during that time of 2022.

I like sharing this information so that I can be transparent and we can all learn some big takeaways here. Bloggers often give up after just a few months of starting and I do not want that to be you.

What do I believe I could have done differently and what are my plans moving forward in 2023?

Here is a list of improvements and what we are working on.

  • Adding another 50 blog posts (The goal should have been 100 posts in the first year with about 30% Buyer Intent/Transactional posts)
  • Not stopping consistent posting (I preach this all the time. Even if it is just two blog posts per month. Do not stop posting)
  • Backlink Campaign (Building high quality relevant links is incredibly important)
  • Add an AD Revenue income source to the blog.
  • Edit & Update the posts (Most of this content needs more personalization and less of an Ai generational tone)
  • Find higher paying affiliate partners (generated over $7,000 in sales and the commissions are not even 5%)

The positive from this case study shows that even with just 50 informational posts and no links in time traffic will start to come and signs of monetization show that with the right approach, this blog can make monthly profits.

I am confident that this site can make at least $1000 per month after implementing the bullet list above. (stay tuned for a future update)

How Much Do Bloggers Make & How?

It is important to address the elephant in the room…

Not all blogs make money. In fact, there are plenty of blogs that make a big fat $0. This is because many blogs get started and forgotten shortly after.

I always repeat this very important thing. Patience and consistency are key, especially in your first year of blogging. The average blogger will not start making any profits until about a year in.

Too many new bloggers get excited over the idea of earning an income from blogging but forget the fact that this needs to be treated like a real business.

I would not suggest getting into blogging if you are expected to make money right out of the gate.

However, I believe you cannot fail if you have determination, follow the right training and blogging courses, and implement what you learn.

In my honest opinion, I would say give yourself a full year of consistent implementation to really catch momentum.

Now, let’s dive into how you can make a lot of money with your blog.

The first thing we will cover is monetization avenues. Bloggers who make money blogging typically leverage more than one way to make money from their blog posts and content. In this section, I will break each one down.

Advertising – Ad Revenue

Advertising with ad revenue is one of the most common ways for bloggers to monetize their blogs. Display advertising involves placing ads on a blog or website, and bloggers are paid based on clicks or impressions. 

The more traffic a blog receives, the higher the potential earnings from display advertising. Sponsored content, on the other hand, involves creating content that promotes a product or service in exchange for payment. 

I am sure you have heard of Ad Sense if you ever looked into any blogging monetization methods. This used to be the top Ad Revenue platform until higher-paying ad managers such as Ad Thrive, Media Vine and Ezoic started making waves in the blogging world.

You can now make much more with these options. There are certain requirements to get approved by some of these ad managers. MediaVine at the time requires 50k visitors per month.

There are many blogs that generate enough traffic to make a full-time income just from this monetization method.

You can also sell these ad banners spacer as sponsored ad space for one company and charge a premium placement.

Sponsored content is more lucrative than display advertising as it allows bloggers to charge higher rates for promoting a brand or product to their audience. 

Sponsored content can come in the form of blog posts, social media posts, or videos, and the payment varies depending on the brand, the blogger’s niche, and their audience size.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is probably the most popular way for bloggers to earn income. It is also in my opinion the best way to make money blogging especially if you can promote high-ticket products for good commission rates.

This involves promoting products or services on their blog and earning a commission for every sale made through their unique affiliate link. Bloggers can promote products and services that align with their niche and audience, and the commission rates vary depending on the affiliate program. 

Affiliate marketing is particularly beneficial for bloggers who have a large and engaged audience, as they can earn a substantial income from promoting products and services that their audience is likely to be interested in.

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts involve creating content that promotes a brand or product in exchange for payment. Brands typically approach bloggers who have a large following in their niche to promote their products or service to their audience. 

The payment for sponsored posts varies depending on the brand, the blogger’s niche, and their audience size. 

Sponsored posts on your blog are particularly beneficial for companies who want to advertise their products to your target audience.

If you have a loyal and engaged following targeting a specific niche you can charge a premium sponsored post fee, as your audience is more likely to trust your recommendations and make a purchase.

Being able to prove your target audience through Google Search Console, page views in analytics, and email subscribers will help close the deal.

Selling Digital Products

Bloggers can also sell digital products such as ebooks, courses, and printables on their blogs. Digital products are beneficial as they can be sold repeatedly, and there are no shipping costs involved. 

The potential earnings from selling digital products depend on the product’s quality, pricing, and marketing efforts. 

Bloggers who have a loyal and engaged audience can earn a substantial income from selling digital products, as their audience is more likely to purchase products that align with their interests and needs.

One of the most incredible thing about a digital product is that you create it once but it can be sold over and over again to multiple customers. it is practically evergreen until the product needs a revamp or update.

Potential Earnings for Bloggers

The amount of money bloggers can make varies widely and depends on various factors such as niche, traffic, and monetization strategies. 

  • Beginner Bloggers: Beginner bloggers can make between $0 to $500 per month. This amount is mainly from advertising, affiliate marketing, and sponsored posts.
  • Intermediate Bloggers: Intermediate bloggers can make between $500 to $5,000 per month. They typically have a more substantial following, and their income comes from advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and digital product sales.
  • Advanced Bloggers: Advanced bloggers can make over $5,000 per month. They have a substantial following, and their income comes from various sources such as advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, digital product sales, and coaching or consulting services.

However, these figures are not set in stone, and there are bloggers who earn much more than these estimates. The potential earnings for bloggers depend on various factors such as:


The niche of a blog is a crucial factor that determines the potential earnings of a blogger. Some niches, such as personal finance, health, and lifestyle, have high demand and are more likely to attract a large audience. 

Niches that are more focused and have a specific target audience are also more likely to attract loyal followers who are more engaged and likely to make a purchase. The more demand there is for a niche, the higher income potential there is to earn from your blog.

Quality of Content

The quality of a blogger’s content is also an important factor that determines their potential earnings. Bloggers who provide valuable, informative, and engaging content are more likely to attract and retain a loyal audience. 

High-quality content is also more likely to be shared and linked to, which can lead to more traffic and higher earnings. Bloggers who consistently produce high-quality content are more likely to build a strong reputation and a loyal following, which can lead to higher earnings in the long run.

As you read this post I personally try and layout and guide you from my real experience with blogging. This is in my voice and from information I personally experienced and gathered.

This is important to understand that when it comes to “quality” each blog post should be always helping the reader.


Traffic is another critical factor that determines a blogger’s potential earnings. The more traffic a blog receives, the higher the potential earnings from advertising, affiliate marketing, and sponsored content. 

Bloggers can increase their traffic by optimizing their content for search engines, promoting their blogs through social media and email marketing, and collaborating with other bloggers in their niche.

This is why I love SEO. I am a forever student of the art of SEO and I continue to leverage this skill to generate targeted organic traffic.

Audience Engagement

The level of engagement a blogger has with their audience is also a significant factor that determines their potential earnings. Bloggers who engage with their audience through comments, social media, and email marketing are more likely to build a loyal and engaged following. 

This can lead to higher earnings from sponsored content and affiliate marketing, as well as increased traffic and higher earnings from advertising. 

Bloggers who focus on building a strong relationship with their audience are more likely to achieve long-term success and higher earnings.

Monetization Strategies

The monetization strategies a blogger uses are also important factors that determine how much the blog can make. Some monetization strategies, such as sponsored content and affiliate marketing, can be more lucrative than others, such as display advertising. 

The key is for bloggers to choose monetization strategies that align with their niche and audience and to focus on creating valuable content that attracts sponsors and generates sales. Bloggers who can effectively monetize their blogs are more likely to achieve higher earnings and financial freedom.

How Much Money Do Bloggers Make on Average?

The amount that bloggers make on average varies widely depending on several factors, such as the niche, traffic, and monetization strategies used. 

According to a survey conducted by Glassdoor in 2021, the average salary for bloggers in the United States is around $42,000 per year, with a range of $22,000 to $69,000 per year.

However, it’s very important to note that this average salary is just one metric and may not accurately represent how much a blogger makes. Some bloggers may earn much more than this, especially those who are in high-demand niches, have a large and engaged audience, and use effective monetization strategies.

I know for sure from being apart of high level blog programs and blog communities that anyone focused on the personal finance or travel niches earn much more through affiliate marketing or sponsored content compared to other niches.

Additionally, bloggers who have a large and engaged social media following may be able to earn more through brand partnerships and sponsored social media posts.

Overall, the amount that bloggers make on average is highly variable but you can see that there is definitely opportunity if you take blogging serious and treat it like a business.

While $42,000 per year may be the average salary for bloggers, it’s important for bloggers to focus on building a loyal audience, producing high-quality content, and using effective monetization strategies to maximize their earning potential.

How Much Do Bloggers Earn Per Post?

Determining how much bloggers make per post is a bit tricky, as it can vary widely depending on several factors. Some bloggers charge per word or per hour, while others charge a flat fee per post. 

If the blog post requires more time and effort there can be additional costs.

One common method of payment for sponsored posts is cost per thousand impressions (CPM), which pays the blogger based on how many page views or clicks the post receives. 

On average, bloggers can expect to earn between $8 to $50 per 1,000 impressions, this really all depends again on the exact niche.

Just a quick example and breakdown: If my blog receives 10,000 clicks in June and my CPM is at $20 I will earn $200.

For sponsored content, bloggers may charge a flat fee based on the scope of work and the deliverables. For example, a blogger may charge $500 for a blog post that includes a product review and two social media shares. 

Bloggers who have a large and engaged audience may be able to charge more for sponsored posts, as advertisers may be willing to pay a premium to reach their target audience.

Just remember the amount that bloggers can make per post will be determined by these core things.

  • Blog Niche
  • Audience
  • Monetization Strategies. 

Also bloggers who have a large and engaged social media following may be able to command higher rates for sponsored social media posts as an upsell or included in a custom package with a sponsored post.

Best Ways To Earn More As A Blogger

If you already have a blog, you’re likely wondering how you can earn more money from your blog. As I mentioned above there are many ways to monetize your blog, and it’s essential to find the best ways that work for you and your audience. Let’s discuss some of the best ways to earn more as a blogger:

Higher Affiliate Marketing Commissions

If you’re already promoting other products and getting sales for that company then reach out and negotiate a higher commission. 

You can show proof of the targeted traffic you are receiving and also show proof of sales that you have contributed for the company and just simply ask if there is room for a higher payout if you continue to consistently promote their products.

This one increase can dramatically add more blog revenue to your business. If you usually get 5% commissions and can increase that to 10% this will double this revenue stream with no real additional efforts on your end.

If they do not agree for an increase find a competitor who is willing to pay the 10% and swap out the product promotions.

If you generate $10,000 in sales and currently make $500 with a 5% commission how nice would it be to turn that into $1000 commission all through negotiating and showing your value.

If you don’t ask you shall not receive.

Advertising With Video Ad Revenue

You can earn money by placing video ads on your blog. There are various types of ads, including display ads, native ads, and sponsored content but the new buzz is higher payouts with video ads.

You can use ad networks like Ad Thrive or work directly with brands to place video ads on your blog. The amount you can earn or charge will all depend on the common factors of niche and traffic.

It doesn’t hurt to reach out to these ad networks and ask questions. They get to view thousands of blogs and can tell you what they are looking for and what works best in your niche from looking at real live data.

It also never hurts to build relationships.

Digital Products

Creating and selling digital products like ebooks, courses, and printables are a great way to add revenue quickly.

Digital products can be an excellent source of passive income, and they allow you to share your expertise with your audience. You can sell digital products directly on your blog or use platforms like Udemy, Thinkific, Gumroad or Teachable.

I personally have created multiple digital products that add a ton of value in the SEO space. My local SEO Course and GMB Blueprint have made a few thousand dollars this month alone.

These products should be very specific and help your audience. They also should add nothing but value.

Freelance Writing

If you enjoy writing and have a talent for it, you can earn money as a freelance writer. You can offer your writing services to other bloggers, businesses, or publications. Freelance writing can be a great way to earn money while honing your writing skills and building your portfolio.

It is also not just about being abe to provide a writing service but providing your expertise in providing optimized content with SEO top of mind.

Just like you are reading this blog post to learn about how much bloggers actually make. Well, there are plenty of businesses that need writing that is optimized to help generate organic traffic to read their posts.

Coaching or Consulting

If you have expertise in a particular area, you can offer to coach or consulting services. You can provide one-on-one coaching or group coaching programs. Coaching and consulting can be excellent ways to earn a high hourly rate while helping others achieve their goals.

Additional Sponsored Content

You can work with brands to create custom sponsored content packages, which are content promotions for their products or services not only specifically placed on your blog but can also be shared across social media platforms and to an email or SMS subscriber list.

Sponsored content can be a great way to earn money while working with brands you love and that align with your values and interests.

I hope you have found this post helpful. As you can see there are a few creative ways to leverage your blog traffic and start making money with blogging.

Be sure to check out my other posts and share this with anyone you think it would help!