Welcome to my blog. You are in the right place at the right time if you are looking to learn about Rank and Rent and get a solid overview of the best rank and rent courses and training programs.

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After 11 years of implementing SEO, launching rank and rent websites, investing in multiple courses, and learning from pioneers in this online business space, I will give suggestions from experience.

I want to be transparent in my reviews and I do not want to be completely biased so I am leaving my rank and rent course out of these reviews. However, one incredible thing that I am going to do is offer my training completely free as a bonus if you decide to jump into the Digital Landlords course down below.

I recently made a partnership deal with Nick from Digital Landlords which is number #1 on my list of best courses below after doing deep due diligence, many conversations with Nick, and looking to offer the best possible training when it comes to building a rank and rent business.

I started my rank and rent course about 4 years ago and I have gotten the privilege to interview many students and get complete feedback from numerous students that have taken many of the courses that are reviewed below.

I took a poll on what students think is the best complete training, what they liked about one over the other, and what they wish was included in a rank and rent training. All of this information is included in the reviews down below. 

This also helps build better training and systems for everyone to learn from.

My List Of The Top Rank And Rent Courses

In this short list, I will highlight some of the features of each course including some of the pros and cons along with any feedback gathered from students of the training.

#1 Rank And Rent Course

Our Pick

Digital Landlords


Course creator: Nick Wood

  • Accountability
  • Paid AD Training
  • Top Notch SALES
  • BONUS: My rank & rent a local SEO course included.


  • Only for serious people looking to build a real business

Nick Wood has created this full step by step training program for anyone interested in launching a local lead generation business fast and efficiently. Some key takeaways after going through some of the training are you learn how to jump start the business with a rent and rank approach.

No need to build out hundreds of sites and cross your fingers in hopes of leads coming in. Instead Nick teaches how to pick a niche, do due diligence, and then leverage paid Google ADs to jump start inbound leads along with proven and incredible sales approach to outreach and work out a deal.

The core focus of monetization is a monthly flat fee deal. (also my favorite pricing plan)

There are students crushing this model. Here are just a few students and the success they are having in the rank and rent program.

Best Rank And Rent Courses

Rank And Rent Coaching Program

One of the biggest benefits of a rank and rent course is if they include coaching. Weekly live videos answering Q&A and learning from other students on challenges, what to avoid, best rank and rent niches and what is working right now is critical.

My rank and rent course does not include any type of coaching. It is more focused on the skillset of local SEO and understanding step by step how to implement this skill to have a successful local lead generation business.

I put absolute love into these course training and no fluff. That is why I bundled this as a free bonus if you join the Digital Landlords rank and rent course.


I am an advocate of teaching people to Invest in digital real estate and become a digital landlord by learning the main skill of local SEO, paid lead gen tactics, and sales to reach and close clients through coaches and courses that really work. You can learn a lot of these things on your own through a lot of time, mistakes and frustration believe me. 

That is why learning from others and cutting down the learning curve, knowing what to avoid, and being a part of a real like-minded community are so special. This is a real business model and requires work. If you are ready to change your life and start this venture learn right here today.