Okay, I am excited to be writing this blog for a few great reasons which we will go over soon. Starting a local lead generation business is an incredible business model if executed correctly.

I see a lot of fluff out on the internet so let me cover a few important things.

You might be asking does local lead generation business model work? Yes, it absolutely does in fact I used rank and rent websites to generate the checks you see below.

My partner Arvin and I also do local pay per call lead generation. But today I am going to focus on rank and rental websites because I love the concept and control we have.

Here are a few checks we collected from local rank and rental websites.

I remember when I first stumbled across this rank and rent local website concept years ago.

I thought the same thing you are probably thinking right now, wow, this sounds awesome but where do I start and how do I rent out the website?

Back when I started my first rental website there was not much specific training or coaching that I found so I had to learn the hard way.

Set up websites, build them out manually, optimize them best of my knowledge and begin my SEO process.

The one thing I had on my side is good search engine optimization understanding because I have invested and continue to invest with some of the best SEO coaching in the industry.

I also now have so many test websites and data I clearly see what is working and what is not.

Now, this is the main foundation of your rank and rent website. You need to be able to rank it in Google page 1 so you can generate targeted inbound leads and calls. Without this skill your website is not worth anything.

Watch this video on how to start a rank and rent lead generation business

This is what gets me excited though. Once you know how to rank a website and generate targeted traffic to your digital real estate style=”font-weight: 400;”> it is worth the money and is now considered an asset.

You own this piece of digital real estate and just like if you bought a building or house you can now rent it for a monthly fee or even sell it for the right profit.

The difference is the website rental business model does not require much of an upfront investment compared to physical real estate.

When you first start you local lead generation website your biggest investment is your time to learn the skill and your time to implement it by building your website property.

Now, yes you need to pay for hosting, a domain name, links and content but it is absolute peanuts compared to investing in a physical piece of property or other similar business models.

That $4,920.00 I made in the check above for 30 days was from a website that I invested about $5,000 in all together.

So, every month I am already in complete profit because for the last year I have been collecting checks every 30-40 days. The return on investment is unheard of but with digital real estate I prove its possible. 


(Let’s Dig Deeper)

What is local lead generation?

Local lead generation is a business model where you generate inbound leads and either sell those leads to a qualified service provider who wants to grow their business or if you own a website for rent this simply means your website is themed around a specific type of local service and it is getting targeted traffic which is turning into form submissions and phone calls.

In this case you can choose to sell each lead or simply rent the website out for a monthly fee or partner up and take a percentage of the business.

There are many different types of local lead generation models.

For example Pay Per Call business model is a popular lead gen business and if you are not familiar with this is where you leverage a paid advertisement.

You use platforms such as Google Adwords and spend your own money in order to generate inbound phone calls for a specific niche and sell those phone calls to local service provider for a profit.

Although, this is an incredible business model and there are plenty of successful marketers implementing this concept the only downfall is the amount of work you put in setting up, monitoring and optimizing in the beginning along with you have to spend your own money to generate the calls.

Some internet marketers are also using social media ads such as Facebook to generate inbound leads locally and selling them as well.

Again, same concept as Pay Per Call where you have to spend money on paid ads in order to get this set up especially in the beginning when you are working towards converting campaigns.

My favorite model is the rank and rent method. This allows you to have complete control with a low upfront investment.

Almost 100% of the time once you get your website powered up and ranking on the first page of Google for targeted keywords that bring in quality traffic you will stick in that position especially with the way I teach how to position your website and brand in the search engines.

There are some resources out there on all of the lead generation business models I mentioned above that you can dive a little deeper on what kind of skills this requires.

Many people fail with the rank and rent because the most important thing is knowing how to actually rank and position your website where it needs to be in order for this to work.

The funnel dashboard is very organized and in a simplistic layout to keep it very easy to navigate and understand the flow of things.

Why Rent Little Websites Like This One:

Why Local SEO Will Help Your Business

The New Waves Of Successful Disruptive Innovation

This is a genius business concept. It is completely digital and ran from your smartphone and computer so it can be managed from anywhere. 

Similar to how Airbnb, UBER , Amazon and even Home Advisor have shook up their markets with disruptive innovation you now can too.

Many people are jumping into the Amazon FBA course route.

Although that could be a good business model this local lead generation is by far a business that you build assets for a unheard of, low investment and you gain a skill that other local businesses will even pay you to perform on their websites for a monthly premium fee.

Here is a quick screenshot from one month of inbound calls we generated for our local photo booth rental website.

This stuff simply works and once you are able to prove you can generate calls like this it is just about finding the right partner to buy or rent the site from you.

Now, I will say this. Although we make money every month from this photo booth website it is not nearly as lucrative as some of our other local websites and this was a lesson learned on knowing how to pick a good local lead generation niche which I will talk about later on in this post.

I always suggest starting your first rank and rent website in a smaller size city around 100k population and picking a service that has a good ROI for the business owner. Hot water heater repairs or roof leaks can be a start.

Once you get the process down, then you can move into more competitive populated cities or states and keep in mind the more competitive it is the more resources like quality backlinks and additional on page content you will need in order to rank page 1 and compete.

I teach exactly how to start your first local lead generation website inside Digital Real Estate Secrets.

Owning a piece of real estate online that is positioned in a “good neighborhood” is simply what makes it become worth money and an asset.

Why Rank And Rent Websites

  • Low Investment Upfront Compared To Other Digital Online Business Models
  • Can Be Easily Duplicated Time And Time Again
  • Create Assets That Can Be Managed For A Profit Anywhere In The World
  • Learn A Skill Every Local Business Needs
  • It Is like Being A Landlord For A Rental House But Without All The Upfront Buyer Costs, Ongoing Maintenance And Headaches.
  • ROI (Return On Investment) Incredible And Real.

Collecting checks from my local “tenants” is an incredible feeling. It is a win-win situation once you find the right business to partner up with. You work out a fair deal and who doesn’t want more business.

Even with a small populated city rank and rent website you can easily charge a few hundred dollars monthly for rent.

The best part is once you complete your initial investment and get your website positioned on page 1 you will be making pure profit recurring every month.

I have a website where one phone call can turn into a $20,000 job for my partner. This is a competitive niche and in a very large city but I continue to invest time and money into powering this asset because it continues to make me money.

You can see why this business concept is so incredible and besides the low cost entry to the investment the number one thing that makes me passionate about this model is being in the driver’s seat and having absolute control.

When you invest and own the website and all the leads that are coming into that website you have control over who gets them.

Over the last 9 years I have had many clients that I have worked with. Many I provided monthly marketing such as SEO or Social Media Marketing and many of them were able to cut ties and move on for whatever reason it may be.

This crushes your business revenue and you have no control over this because even if you are doing a great job, getting them leads, positioning their brand at the end of the day it is their digital real estate not yours.

With the local lead generation website model you are in complete control. If they walk away you can turn around and contact one of their local competitors and create a new revenue stream.

Rank And Rent Google Maps

Additional Traffic Source

In addition to ranking and renting local websites that are designed for conversion I also created a Google My Business listing with specific optimization techniques that allow me to also rank in the 3 pack of Google maps like you see in the image to the right.

This is another piece of prime digital real estate that will get your phone ringing.

It is so important that you set one of these pages up correctly to get the best results.

It is not always easy to create these listing for your lead generation website because you need a physical address. There have been solutions to this problem but over the years those resources have been fading away due to sophisticated algorithms and manual reviews.

It is pretty top secret to be able to get a verified Google map listing nowadays.

These are the 10 main things to help rank your Google maps listing 

  1. Add Fully Optimized Images Added To The Listing.
  2. Completely Fill Out Your Business Information
  3. Link A Well Optimized Website To The Google Business Listing
  4. Have Your Main Keyword Optimized Within Your Listing
  5. Embed Your Map On Your Website And Other Platforms
  6. Always Stay Engaged With Reviewers Or Questions That Come Through Your GMB
  7. Create A Review Process In Place Where You Can Generate More Reviews On Your Map Listing
  8. Stay Active On Your Listing By Sharing Specials, Deals and Important Content.
  9. Power Up Your Rental Website With Relevant Authority Links
  10. Once Your Listing Is Created Make Sure You Also Add Your Business To Addition Relevant And Powerful Citation Websites Such as Yelp.com or Yellowpages.com

I go over this super optimized approach on ranking and renting your Google map listing inside Digital Real Estate Secrets training program.

I designed this training with simple laid out modules for you to follow every step of the way. From niche selection all the way to building your rank and rent website, Google My Business Map and Powering everything up. 

Quick Screen Shot Of Inside The Course 


I also have some great free information on my Youtube channel for example how to use Keywords Everywhere for keyword research or how to use Yoast to help your on page SEO with a WordPress website.

There are also other great You tubers that share some great tutorials and insights on this topic as well but I felt it was my duty to create an ultimate step by step training that puts everything in order with a checklist  for two main reasons. The first reason being FOCUS. I want you to be able to watch over the shoulder tutorials in order without being a scatterbrain or missing pieces. And the second reason being to hold my students accountable to get things DONE. ✅

I actually build a lead generation local rank and rent website right in front of your eyes. This is exactly how I was able to create digital assets online that I leverage to make a profit every month. 

I also use this skill set to sell as a service to other local businesses that want this performed on their personal business websites. Search engine optimization is one of the most powerful skills to offer especially when you can actually deliver real results.

The 3 Keys To Starting Your Local Lead Generation Business Website

You have to be completely ready to really start a real business. I do not believe in the concept of pretending this is so easy and you just click a few buttons and bam you have money flying in.

Unfortunately that is not the truth and whoever makes it seem like its that easy should be questioned if they are even really doing what they say they do.

If you decide to start this type of local lead generation website you want to be all in. You should be excited and ready to put the time and energy into making this work.

If I can do it, you definitely can do it. I am here to be completely transparent with you. Yes, it is work but once you build your first rental website out you will be able to do this time and time again.

Many people inside of my training already know that I also offer an exclusive done for you service through my team to help get some of the time consuming work complete.  

Now, with that said you still must understand many of the key core elements of how everything works but this what just a helpful solution for those students that want to scale quicker and focus more on some of the other steps to growing a successful local lead generation business.

There are 3 key things that will really play towards your success with this type of online business. 

  • Find A Coach, Mentor and Training From Someone Who Already Does What You Are Trying To Accomplish And Do That Exact Thing. ( This Goes With Anything You Are Trying To Accomplish Or Learn In Life)
  • Mindset (You Need To Go Into This Business Prepared To Work Your A$$ Off And Treat It Like A Real Business)
  • Do Not Listen To All The Negative Distractions Around You. You Need To Just Start And Get Fully Focused On Getting Your First Website Up, Ranking And Rented Out.

There is free training out there that you can find bits and pieces and that is why I decided to develop Digital Real Estate Secrets. Keep in mind this is just the local model I also have websites that make money on an international scale through affiliate marketing. Requires a similar skill and that is why I suggest starting here.

Best Local Lead Generation Niches

There are plenty of niches to choose from and I know this part is where everyone becomes paralyzed, confused and overthinks.

The first thing I will make you aware of if you are not already is that anything in the home service is a great place to start thinking.

If you can also thinking of emergency services such as “locked out of car” or “Tow my car” or “AC Not Working” where someone is in need of help right away.

Emergency Niche Examples 

  • Tow Truck
  • Roof Leak Repair
  • AC Repair
  • Pest Control
  • Flood 
  • Emergency Locksmith

Now these are all great niches but I also suggest you think outside the box and maybe even think off services that can be done from a bigger niche.

For example plumbers is such a big niche but hot water heater repair is a great little sub niche inside of plumbing.

These sub niches are also not as competitive to go for within your local city. This makes it even easier to rank and get results faster.

Another example would be limo services. But, instead of just limo services how about “wedding limo buses”.

This is a sub niche inside of a big niche. You can also make a list of many other types of limo services out there and build a multiple service page website.

If you take a look at my photo booth website you will notice we also optimized the website for some specific sub niches like wedding, sweet 16 or corporate.

I also started to notice from listening to inbound leads and doing keyword research many people look for specific types of photo booth such as open air photo booth.

This allows me to think outside the box and rank for more keywords that people are searching for in Google and generate even more quality leads.


(This Link Above Give You Access To View Some of My Live Results And Our Limited Time Deal That Is Truly One Of A Kind )

One Of The Best Rank And Rent Courses

Here are a few images of real results and testimonials. Again, yes you can rank these websites out but you can also sign up other local businesses that ill pay you a monthly fee to perform this skill on their websites and platforms.

We need to stay innovative and persistent. Every business needs to grow and needs more business. With this disruptive innovative business model we now can help local businesses grow while we invest into assets.

If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success.”―John D. Rockefeller

Rank And Rent Lead Generation VS Social Media Marketing Agency

Many of you found this blog post either through Youtube or Google and if you watch my other videos you also know I talk a lot of social media marketing.

I started a SEO and social media marketing agency years ago and really created the hybrid digital agency. I believe search engine optimization is one of if not the top way to explode a business with new customers.

I also believe social media has another huge place in growing your brand and attracting new customers as well. Both of these services and skillsets are incredible to have right now and they will only grow more valuable.

My tea and I are actually running a small Facebook and Instagram campaign for the photo booth business right now. This allows us to generate even more leads leveraging social media paid advertisements.

I personally believe SEO is extremely powerful and I am very happy I dove into this rabbit hole almost 9 years ago head first. Starting a social media marketing agency is definitely a great business model but the power of organic SEO should be a part of your service.

2 Very Important Suggestions If You Decide To Start A Digital Marketing Agency 

  1. The first thing i would still dive head first into is SEO and practicing by ranking and renting my own websites to local businesses. I would do this for two main reasons. The first reason is that now you have an asset you own and the second is now you know exactly the process to go through to rank a local website which will make it easier to sell to local businesses. I would also stick with one niche so you can scale quicker and you will know the ins and outs of that industry.
  2. The other main thing is to remember if you find a great local client that you are running social media ads for or doing search engine optimization on their website you should go buy a domain local niche specific and position that right up their on page one of Google as well. Why? Because now you own the asset in a proven lucrative local niche and you can easily turn around and either rent it out to your clients competitor if he decides to not use your services anymore or you can upsell him and use this rank and rent website as an additional monthly revenue source from the same client just explain to him this secures even more leads and higher conversions for his business the more he is found locally for targeted keywords. Remember the rank and rent model allows you to be in control, not the client.

I jumped into the rank and rent model because I learned a big lesson. I was selling local clients SEO and social media marketing services but realized I was never in complete control.

These clients could use my services for a year or even two or three and then just decide they are going to try something different and cut me loose.

I started to notice this trend and realized that if I was able to get these clients results, put the work in upfront, use my skills and create an asset that I owned then they can never walk away.

I could easily just find another client to replace them because I controlled the most important thing. All the inbound leads.

So, yes, a social media agency can be a great business for you to start but learn from my mistakes and make sure you also invest in understanding the rank and rent concept so you can be in the driver’s seat and invest in online digital assets.

Again this is a great place to start and learn local SEO but in the future you can learn how to build bigger websites that can bring in some serious recurring money through other monetization methods. 

That Is Why I Use Search Engine Optimization To Rank Local Websites

I hope this blog post educated you on the power of search engine optimization and how to leverage that skill by building your own online real estate properties in the local market for now that generate inbound qualified leads that you can sell or rent out the entire website and move onto the next location.

Again, this is a real business that does require you to put in work. I did create a step by step over the shoulder training program where I build live right in front of you a rank and rent website.

I also did something crazy recently and now offer any of my students access to our outsourcing team so you can get things done efficiently and with power.

It truly is an amazing opportunity to live in the world of the internet. I know there are a lot of programs, trainings and other distracting things thrown in your face everyday.

This is not a get rich quick scheme. This is a legitimate skill called SEO and I just want to make sure if you decide to build a digital agency that you understand that it requires WORK. 

Put the work in and reap the rewards this year. Investing in yourself and your business with the right training is a good way to help set you up for success.

We all have different goals and we are all at different places in our journey but we all must grow and keep moving forward with positive momentum.

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