Finally! You are about to learn how to rent little websites for a great monthly profit from someone who really does this online business concept.

I started a digital agency 10 years ago and the first skill I learned was SEO. Soon after that I started signing up local clients and also stumbled into the rank and rent method.

Here is a check I just picked up from one of my local website rental clients who I send leads to every week.

Not too bad considering I have not had to touch this website in months and it still feeds my client work on auto pilot.

This is also a niche that I am now expanding more into and branching into other cities.

I am huge on investing in yourself and educating yourself from the right coaches.

I have spent thousands of dollars over the last 10 years learning, implementing and even testing things on my own dime.

Always looking to improve myself personally and my business ventures.

Finding a mentor who has already traveled down the road you are choosing to go down is a key building block towards success.

Whether it is to help you build and break free on a personal level and get you feeling energized, rejuvenated and filled with positive momentum or to help create a business that flourishes having the right coach makes a difference.

So, like I mentioned above over the last ten years I have been down this rabbit whole of running a digital agency, search engine optimization and building little websites to rank and rent out.

I experienced the ups and downs and continued to push forward and create the formulas and processes I now have today.

If you are already experienced with Local SEO or have a digital agency maybe you never tried to build little websites and rent them out.

Or maybe you are brand new to the online marketing world and you are curious to know if you can really rent little websites and make money from your laptop.

The answer is YES YOU CAN!

You probably found me on Google or Youtube from certain search terms that I positioned myself for and now you are reading this post.

Here is my video overview on the Rent Little Websites Concept.

If you are already one of my Digital Real Estate Secrets students please comment under the video with how your experience has been so far with the training.

This really is an incredible skill that allows you to build assets by investing in digital real estate online that you own forever.

If you are still trying to wrap your head around this concept don’t worry I will dive a little deeper.

Also feel free to reach out to me via Instagram @JamesKuck

I originally set up my first digital rental or lead generation website just as a test because I realized that my SEO clients were in control.

What I mean by that is this skill is so powerful that you can offer this service to local business owners for a monthly retainer and they will gladly pay.

However, I have many clients that would come on for 12 months or even 2 years and then pull the plug and I would lose that business.

So, I wanted to create a solution to retain clients. I had the idea of if I own the real estate that I invest in to rank it and then I offer the leads to a local business they can never cut me lose because I own that website.

They can pay a flat monthly rental fee or you can go with the pay per call model.

Don’t get me wrong my agency still has clients today and some of them have even been paying every month for seven years straight so I am very grateful for them but I also know they are in full control of when it ends.

So I like taking on specific clients, being very transparent with them but also using their monthly retainer to help me invest in new websites that can make me money that are my assets, long term and evergreen.

(Start Renting Out A Small Website like This one )

How To Rent Little Websites Step By Step

These are the 6 Steps to Rank And Rent Out Your 3-5 Page Website

  1. Pick A Niche And A Location
  2. Build A Website That Is Designed Simply For Conversion
  3. Fully Optimize The On Page SEO Ready For Ranking
  4. Start Building Trust And Authority With Off Page SEO
  5. Patience, Wait Until You Get Your First Inbound Lead
  6. Reach Out To Potential Clients And Close Them As A Monthly Profit

Now, do not get me wrong the steps seem simple but this is a real business structure and each step requires very specific details to get done correctly for this to work.

If you already understand anything about search engine optimization a.k.a. SEO then you should know that these things take a little time but are well worth the wait.

I suggest once you learn this Local SEO skill you pick up a local client.

This will do two things for you. The first thing it will do is bring in immediate revenue each month and the second thing it will do is allow you to invest in more of your own websites while practicing your new skill.

In my online training program we cover every step right over the shoulder from buying a website domain, to designing it a specific way all the way up to building links and what it takes to rank.

This is suitable for complete beginners that are willing to learn and implement.

My process is even great if you have some experience with SEO and digital marketing. If you are getting stuck and have no process or complete simple steps this can help.

Why Learn Local SEO? :

Businesses Need SEO In 2020

Google Search Statistics

I believe in my opinion this is one of if not the most powerful form of marketing and exploding a business online.

This skill is not only great to grow a local business but I also grow my ecommerce and affiliate marketing businesses and so much more.

Now, each type of SEO is a little different and depending on the size of the market, keywords and a few other variables it can cost you more time, money and resources to rank well.

This is why I always tell people to start with basic local SEO and get an understanding for the terminology and process first.

Just Take A Look At The Call Volume One Of These Little Websites Has Been Generating

These calls are coming in organically every week…

Think about if you had a plumber or roofer how much it would be worth to them to even go on 10 more estimates per month?

Even if a roofer closes only 20% of that business it can be thousands of dollars in profit each month added to their business just from your one source.

You can also add additional keyword rankings by optimizing service pages and start generating them a few more targeted inbound calls and leads.

Let Me Explain Some Important Things About Renting Little Websites Out.

Physical Property Rental VS Digital Website Rental



What Is The Big Difference?

Physical Property

  • Need To Pay A BIG Price To Own Out Right Or Hold A Large Mortgage.
  • Need To Pay Yearly Property TAXES
  • Heavy Maintenance And Potential Profit Loss….(New Roof, Boiler, Sink, Refrigerator Etc…)
  • Broker Fees & Management Fees $$$

Small Website Property

  • No Mortgage Payment Or High Buyout (Just Need A Web Domain, Hosting And A Few Other Affordable Resources)
  • No Property Taxes ( Just $35 Yearly Hosting and $10 Domain Name ?)
  • Very Little to NO Maintenance In Fact Some Of My Little Websites I have No Touched In Years!
  • NO Broker Fees & NO Management Fees

But What Do Both Of These Have In Common?

  • You Can Rent Them Out For A PREMIUM Monthly Fee.

So, you can clearly see the upside of what I am getting at with renting a digital property vs physical property.

Now, do not get me wrong…

Physical real estate can still be an incredible investment and I am not telling you not to do that or that it does not make money I am just clearly showing you a no brainer investment to do on the side.

Think about this for a second..

I collected $12,000 last year for one of my websites so broken down that is $1,000 per month.

That website cost me about $2,000 to build, optimize and rank so it generates the calls it is currently getting.

My only cost after that is hosting and domain which is roughly around $45 per year.

Do you know what it would cost to get a $1,000 per month rent on a physical property?

Even if you owned a small house it will cost you around 6 figures or close to it to own basically any home in the U.S.

Now, if you do not own it out right and you hold a monthly mortgage you have to subtract that expense along with property taxes and any maintenance or management that gives you a surprise.

You understand where my math is coming from?

You would be paying a big chunk of your $1,000 per month rental fee towards your monthly mortgage and tax payment.


If you owned that house outright cash you would not make that investment back for years to come.

Go here to see some of my rank and rent website properties

How To Make A Rental Website

Here are some of the exact same steps we use to teach our students in our over the shoulder training program.

  1. STEP 1. Pick A NICHE Find a Domain or EMD
  2. STEP 2. Create Foundation Form
  3. STEP 3. Deep Keyword Research
  4. STEP 4. Create Persona, And Gmail
  5. STEP 5. Get Local Address
  6. STEP 6. Get Local Phone number and set up call tracking
  7. STEP 7. Claim GMB
  8. STEP 8. Task Logo Design PNG File
  9. STEP 9. Buy Hosting & Install SSL
  10. STEP 10. Configure Name servers
  11. STEP 11. Create emails in cPanel
  12. STEP 12. Add all Login information to Project Doc.
  13. STEP 13. Write Content
  14. STEP 14. After Logo Approval Design Social Banners
  15. STEP 15. Start Web Design Phase
  16. STEP 16. Create Image Photo And Add Optimized Images
  17. STEP 17. Run Competitor Backlink Analysis
  18. STEP 18. Build Out Social Media
  19. STEP 19. Build Out Critical Business Listings
  20. STEP 20. Analytics and GWT are properly set up
  21. STEP 21. Make Sure Website is Fully Optimized with OnPage SEO and structure, Schema MarkUp, And Everything The Training Shows

We only use WordPress to build our websites. I know some people like Clickfunnels, Wix, Weebly or Squarespace but we do not recommend those platforms for our process and formula.

I am not saying you cannot rank any of the web platforms. I am just making a point that we have a proven system that we completely stick to.

And we use affordable but reliable hosting and domain registrar companies. We found through experience that these help us save a lot of money while still not compromising the quality or customer support you can get.

Click here to read my review on Hawkhost and Namecheap once they are up.

Here Is What It Looks Like Inside Our Training Dashboard

Each Module is organized to the left with a drop down that puts everything in step by step order to make it easy to follow.

There is also a checklist that makes each step a check off task and holds you accountable to getting it completed.

Once You Have Access To The Course You Will See 3 MODULES And A BONUS Module Broken Down Like This:

MODULE 1: Starting Off And Overview

  • Welcome to Digital Real Estate Secrets
  • The Accountability Checklist
  • Download ACCOUNTABILITY Checklist
  • How To Navigate The Course
  • What We Will Accomplish After Completing This Training
  • First Phase: How It Works
  • Best Niches And City Population Rules
  • Recap And What To Expect In The Next Module

MODULE 2: Designing Your Digital Real estate

  • How A Website Works The Main Components
  • Hosting, Domain And Theme We Design On
  • Website Address/Domain Names
  • Hosting And Name Servers
  • Installing SSL
  • Email, CPanel and WordPress
  • Installing Theme- One Click Install
  • Website Brand Logo
  • Header Design
  • Header Final Color Scheme And Plugins
  • Home Page Design Creation
  • Lead Form Design
  • Parallax Background
  • Home Page New Row
  • Content Section
  • Footer And Front Page
  • Slider Revolution
  • Recap Of Module 2

MODULE 3: SEO, Positioning And Authority

  • Introduction To SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Organizing The Process
  • Phone number And Business Address
  • URL Structure
  • Getting Images And Fully Optimizing
  • Get Logo And Social Media Banners Created
  • What Are Backlinks???
  • Different Types Of Backlinks And Anchor text
  • Outsource The Work?
  • Getting Competitors Backlinks
  • Verifying The Google Business
  • Optimizing The Google Business
  • On Page Optimization
  • Yoast SEO Tutorial
  • Understanding HEADINGS H1, H2 H3
  • Adding and Optimizing The Article
  • Google Analytics And Search Console
  • Schema and Main Social Platforms
  • Add Schema
  • Test Schema Code
  • Adding Social Icon Links
  • Citations
  • Social Profiles
  • Guest Posting
  • Outreach
  • Press Release
  • Much More Gets Discussed In This Section…

MODULE 4: BONUS Local Youtube Domination

  • Introduction
  • Creating & Optimizing Your Channel
  • Verify Channel By Phone
  • Ordering And Creating A Brand Video
  • Order Thumbnail
  • Quick Process Before You Upload A Video
  • On Page Local Optimize Your Video
  • Embed Video On Website
  • Powering Up Your Local Youtube Video

You get to watch right over as we build out one of these little websites to rent every step of the way. Everything is completely documented for you to follow along and take action.

You can see above that we do not miss any steps or leave out any details even if you are a beginner this is a perfect local SEO course for you to learn

Who Is This For?

This is for anyone looking to:

  • Start An Online Business
  • Start A Side Hustle
  • Bring In An Extra Few Hundred Dollars Per Month
  • Build It Into An Empire To 6-7 Figures
  • Learn Local SEO
  • Help Local Businesses (Even If You Own One Yourself)

This business is a proven concept and builds digital assets.

If you want to learn local SEO whether you have a local business yourself, own a digital agency or want to offer it as a service this is a must skill to understand.

If you love the idea that you rent little websites or you heard of this method before I am here to tell you from experience it is a legitimate online business model.

With that said I cannot stress enough that this is not a push button system.

How Much Does An Average Local Website Cost To Rank

You can rent little websites for as little as a few hundred dollars investment.

This really comes down to the niche and city you are building your website in.

I would say to safely have $500-$1200 to invest in your property when using the formula we use and process we lay out.

Again, this is a real business model that does require work. I am simply amazed at the amount of people who do not want to invest the time or money in something but expect to get success.

Nothing worth it will just be handed to you.

If you are really looking for a new opportunity or looking to really start something on the side with an online based business then I suggest you finally fully commit to something but go into knowing you need to be dedicated.

There are plenty of people who are incredibly successful with renting little websites out whether they have one website making them a few hundred per month or a few websites making a few thousand per month.

There are even people making 7 figures per year with this business model.

Watch This Video Here On How I Rent Little Websites Out

(Access the training and BONUSES through this special link – Lock in your spot

How Can I Learn How To Rank And Rent Websites

You can start by searching on Google and Youtube which you might have started already and that is why you are here.

Watch videos on this concept. I have a lot on my personal Youtube Channel

You can take notes and take a crack at it by buying a domain and hosting and trying to jump from tutorial or blog post to blog post and try to piece the steps together.

The other option you have today…

You can join a step by step training program and really invest in yourself and a business.

Learn from someone who understands the business model completely and takes massive action.

So many people spend THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on College schooling and universities and commit 4,6,8 and even 10 years of their lives to something.

Now, I know so many people who now make a living with jobs or businesses that have nothing to do with what they went to college for and spent thousands of dollars and years of learning in college.

That Completes My Rent Little Websites Review

Here is what some of the students in our training are saying and achieving

Rent Little Website Course Results

This is just a glimpse of the students who are loving the training. They are really committed to taking action and getting their first website ranked and rented.

We are here to help them and the best part about this is they are building digital assets that they own.

Are you ready to start something new?

“It doesn’t matter where you are, you are nowhere compared to where you can go.”
Bob Proctor[