Fulfillment by Amazon is the latest e-commerce venture to take the world by storm.

I started two Amazon FBA businesses and I hope to help guide you and teach you a couple of great tips when it comes to building a successful Amazon FBA business and what courses I personally experienced.

I will give the good, the bad, and the ugly…

As the fortunes of Amazon soar and the number of users continues to rise, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) continues to revolutionize the market for third-party sellers. 

There are many Amazon FBA courses and training programs at your fingertips but you may be thinking are they really worth the investment and if so which one is the best?

I am sure you are getting bombarded with social media Ads and maybe that is the reason you are here. You see all these FBA opportunities and training programs and you are looking for an honest review and guide.

FBA prides itself in being of the most crucial fulfillment networks there is in the world right now. More importantly, it enables Internet entrepreneurs to hit their full potential and scale their businesses.

As a networking tool, it is invaluable as it allows each online trader to reach and access more customers.

More than two million people in the world seem to be reaping significantly from this online venture. 

So why not you? The simple truth of the matter is that it is fast becoming one of the most well-known online business models.

It is relatively easy with the right guidance. There are also no limitations on who can sell on Amazon. Everyone of legal age can sell almost anything on Amazon, no matter its condition.

As much as I believe that Amazon FBA is an incredible place to sell your products I still believe that building a blog, learning SEO, and building a real personal brand is much more powerful.

You can leverage Amazon FBA but I would still encourage you to build something that you have complete control of. Amazon FBA does have its benefits that you will learn about in this post. However, you do not dictate when and how things are sold.

If you have products to sell, having them on a platform that you own and control such as WordPress, can help build a targeted audience and community within your own funnel and this is so powerful for your brand and its future.

Again, Amazon FBA is still an incredible place to place your products. After all, Amazon gets a ton of eyeballs and the fact that they can ship your products PRIME is incredible.

It is instructive to note that the top sellers on Amazon utilize the handy tools that FBA offers.

The way FBA works and operates is quite elementary. A seller sends their products to an Amazon warehouse for storage and safekeeping. This also allows your Amazon listing to be Prime.

Sell More With Amazon Prime

This is so important! Now, Amazon shoppers that see your listing know that they can get your product fast and conveniently.

This helps you stand out from the competition.

After a customer has made his or her order, Amazon then follows up with packaging and shipment. It even handles all customer complaints, including refunds.

Amazon will charge you a fee for storage and fulfillment. This cost is, however, a mere drop in the ocean when you consider the premier service that Amazon offers to its vast clientele.

BOOM…You are making money on Amazon. As great as this sounds there is work to be done in order to set up your listing for ultimate optimization so it can actually be found by searchers.

I personally launched two Amazon FBA businesses and learned a lot along the way.

At first, I did many things wrong, hit roadblocks, and did not have a complete strategy or understanding of how to sell on the platform.

I did eventually join an Amazon training program that helped me shorten the learning curve and understand how to properly build an Amazon business from start to finish and now it continues to make daily sales and monthly revenue.

I used Amazon as a second platform for a few products that I mostly sell on an E-commerce store and generate most sales and affiliate commissions through organic traffic and some paid social media avenues here and there.

The main way that I generate traffic to our website is with SEO.

Why Start An Amazon FBA Course?

There’s a lot at stake when it comes to choosing an Amazon FBA course that works for you.

Consider important factors such as the history of the course and the personal journey of your tutor. In other words, the reputation of your coach should precede him. 

Another essential thing to look out for is the quality of students he or she regularly churns out. It is not rare to find courses that have nothing new to offer on the Internet.

Most of these are just jammed with regular information that a quick Internet search would have delivered in a flash.

The importance of having a good FBA coach cannot be taken lightly. It would help if you had an experienced professional at your corner to help hit that coveted six-figure store.

The sky’s the limit, really when it comes to Amazon FBA. An experienced coach will help you navigate the pitfalls of finding products and keeping the supply chain running.

They will teach you how to launch, promote and market your products effectively.

Top Amazon FBA Training

In case you are one of those who are willing to make the leap towards success on Amazon, there are quite a few questions you ought to ask yourself before you embark on this journey.

How informative is this FBA course and training modules? What benefits if any, does the course offer for its price? How successful are the founders themselves?

That said, it is critical to understand the importance of taking an FBA course, rather than changing it. A hit or miss attitude is not likely to bring much success. So, why not listen to the masters?

Below are several of the best Amazon FBA courses that have transformed many an amateur Amazon trader into a fully-fledged businessman.

Our core business models are mainly rank and rent, lead generation and affiliate marketing all using search engine optimization to fuel those businesses.

Since my team and I have a wide variety of online business experiences and have been a part many masterminds, coaching programs, and internet marketing training courses including how to sell on Amazon we decided to put together some of the top Amazon FBA training courses that I have vetted out and put in order from my top choices

1. Zero To Brand Matt Loberstein Amazon FBA Course

Matt Loberstein Amazon Course

When it comes to success in the FBA game, few people can match Matt Loberstein.

He is quite active on social networks dispensing knowledge on the various means of how to navigate all the pitfalls of Amazon trading.

His aptly named Zero to Brand Course is a step to step guide of how to replicate his online success. He prides himself in a seven-figure brand empire on Amazon.

More importantly, his one on one approach is likely to favour any newbie who would otherwise find it challenging to attain the right answers from the professionals.

There are a variety of options open and available for anyone who desires to acquire his skills and insight.

They all start at an affordable rate. Ten modules containing 111 videos will set you back a paltry $1997.

You not only acquire access to the course material for the rest of your life, but you may also access it at any time you desire.

So, what are the salient features of this particular #1 FBA course? For one, it is quite direct and straight to the point.

The information has been broken down effectively into concise points. Matt Loberstein’s approach is also quite interactive, with a feature for like-minded people to meet and engage via a private Facebook group.

The course is designed to teach beginners how to conduct outstanding research for their products and how to acquire great reviews for their products.

It is also critical to note that Matt, the coach, has been running quite a successful FBA business himself.

Personal experience and insight are invaluable for the learning process, and Matt Loberstein readily provides that in his course.

That said, the pricing may be on the higher side for beginners who might find two grand a bit too much. However, it is essential to note that it is worth every cent.


  • The course is well structured and detailed enough.
  • The Zero to Brand is also quite interactive as it allows for members to engage via a Facebook group.
  • The mentor is an experienced Amazon seller.


  • The course does not offer access to private resources of contacts.

2. Kevin David Zon Ninja Masterclass

Amazon Training Course

Another FBA course that has been tried and tested is Amazon FBA Ninja by Kevin David. Like Matt Loberstein, his course comes with his own experience, knowledge and insight.

Kevin David is himself quite the successful internet entrepreneur on Amazon. He is direct and does not beat around the bush in his delivery. 

The entire course runs for a mere 10 hours and 19 minutes, making it one of the shortest courses.

At $3,997, it is definitely on the pricier side, but Kevin’s FBA Ninja Masterclass does have quite a practical Facebook Ads training. It is supported by a Facebook group that is dedicated to students and coaches.

If you are the kind that favors clear and concise points rather than long and drawn-out lectures, then this is the course for you. The fact that a successful Amazon seller teaches it is a plus.

That said, however, the content is too hastily delivered and is not always organized well and efficiently. Ultimately, this may confuse beginners. The refund policy for this course is also quite vague.


  • The instructors in the videos have a persuasive and captivating delivery.
  • The course also offers several bonuses.
  • It also features some of the best Amazon PPC training there is among FBA courses.


  • Some of the information offered in the video is out of date and therefore, irrelevant.
  • The information given in the video is not well structured and can be challenging to follow at times.

3. Amazing Selling Machine

The Amazing Selling Machine is the brainchild of Matt Clarke and Jason Katzenback. It enjoys a stellar reputation with excellent feedback from past and present students, and it is easy to see why.

If you are a complete novice who nonetheless intends to seek out financial independence through trading on Amazon, then this course has been designed with you in mind.

The system itself consists of 180 hours of instructional videos from experts. It is a blow by blow guide from the time you acquire your Amazon account to a six or even seven-figure market.

It offers the great advantage of enabling contact and networking with Amazon’s top sellers who also offer their insight and experience on how they came to earn six figures on Amazon.

At $4,997, the course is quite expensive and quite the challenge to meet for beginners.

There are, however, certain advantages that are hard to match or even rival. For example, students of this course can access Jason and Matt’s personal list of contacts and networks as soon as they launch their operation. 

This is an invaluable resource as it gives students access to potential deals and discounts that may be difficult for a beginner to access.

There are also monthly calls to select groups by the coaches to ensure that they are up to per and proceeding as expected.

This FBA course is touted as the best in the world. It boasts of over 30,000 members worldwide with regular access to live events throughout the year.

The program is tremendously popular, which is not surprising, given its effectiveness.

If after six months you fail to attain profitability, then Matt and Jason will reimburse you and buy up a significant chunk of merchandise from you.

The duo has established a lasting reputation among the community of Amazon entrepreneurs, and this course promises to share the same insights and networks in a bid to make you as successful in your Amazon ventures.

As a beginner, the risk and uncertainty of sourcing products, marketing and selling them can prove to be a killer of your business at first.

This course, however, all but guarantees that you are at least sure of the products you are purchasing. The only drawback seems to be the steep price tag.


  • It has been tried and proven to be quite useful.
  • It features mentorship groups for students.
  • It allows access to a vast network of professionals and a resource of suppliers and marketers.
  • The network of professionals is willing to offer assistance and guidance.


  • It is a bit expensive and not very affordable for beginners.

4. MarketPlace SuperHeroes

This next listing is composed of 12 modules delivered in two phases; this course teaches you how to source, market, and sell your products on Amazon.

Through engaging video presentations and other content, each module leads you to how to maximize your profits on Amazon. All you have to do is follow the instructions given keenly and build your own lasting Amazon venture.

Its founders are Steven Somers and Robert Ricky. It is rated as one of the most useful courses for its price range.

At $997, it is definitely on the cheaper side. For many students and beginners out there, this is certainly good news and a godsend. Its affordability makes it an excellent choice if you are starting out in business.

The presentation is excellent, and Robert and Stevens do an excellent job producing over one hundred videos.

The videos are superbly shot, edited, and produced. The content is also engaging and updated. In addition to the high-quality video, there are also instructional screen shares and practical guides on how to build a viable FBA presence on Amazon.

The videos finely detail how to go about procuring, branding, and marketing your selling products and achieving maximum profitability.

Steven and Robert take pride in the fact that their students have sold more products worth more than 30 million dollars worldwide.

Throughout six months, any Amazon beginner will embark on a journey that should ideally end in profitability at the end of the training period.

Unlike other FBA courses out there, there is no mentorship or coaching involved, which is not surprising given its low price tag.


  • The videos and content are concise and quite engaging.
  • The pricing is reasonable and affordable.
  • The production quality of the instructional videos is top-notch.
  • The content is vivid and easy to understand.
  • This FBA course also awards great bonuses to subscribers.


  • It lacks the personal touch of a personal mentor or coach.
  • It is less detailed than the pricier courses out there.

With the MarketPlace SuperHeroes, you get what you pay for. It is the perfect choice for the beginner with limited financial options.

With a limited budget, you can obtain access to well-produced instructional content. The only drawback is the lack of a personal mentor to guide you one-on-one.

5. The WholeSale Formula

Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost seem to have hit on a unique winning formula. They teach beginners the ropes on how to build a new and fail-proof business on Amazon. The simple way they go about this is by dealing exclusively in wholesale goods. 

By following this method, online entrepreneurs may then skirt the pitfalls that come with private labeling.

The duo runs this course very free spiritedly. This definitely makes this Amazon course not your regular, run of the mill Amazon FBA course. The simple manner in which it operates is by sourcing wholesale products and being an authorized reseller.

Private labeling is quite tasking. One has to source the products and go through the tedious process of building their brand. For newbies, this may prove to be quite the challenge. 

A sure way of beating this challenge, according to Dan and Dylan is to go the wholesale route. The risks are decidedly lower, but the cost will definitely set you back further as you need to buy in bulk.

The dynamic duo has already carved a niche on Amazon by using the wholesale system. This course offers their unique insight.

With around 4,000 students, it’s easy to see that this method works well. It basically consists of three courses that come with more than 12 hours of webinars.


  • Since it is harder to be approved as a wholesaler, there is lower competition.
  • There is less risk involved with reselling wholesale items.


  • It is less profitable than private labelling.

This FBA course sets itself apart by only teaching one unexplored and often ignored aspect of Amazon selling.

By solely concentrating on wholesale reselling, this course ensures that learners and newbies can turn a quick profit in the relatively unexplored waters of wholesale reselling.

6. Jim Cockrum Proven Amazon Course 2.0

Jim Cockrum Proven Amazon Course 2.0

If you are the somewhat self-motivated individual and wish to learn by trial and error, then the next listing is for you.

It teaches the ropes to novices for a fraction of the cost that FBA courses charge. For a paltry $499 or $29, one can learn the ins and outs of Amazon FBA and embark on a journey towards profitability.

The entire course consists of more than 20 lessons that cover a diverse range of Amazon FBA topics. They include sourcing, promoting and selling wholesale products.

Many people might point to its cheap pricing and wonder if the course actually works. It is instructive to note that Jim Cockrum’s community consists of over 50,000 members who share their experiences, insight and knowledge on Facebook.

Jim’s sole intention is to make this particular course as accessible to others as possible. 

The low prices seem to attract a high number of students who are eager to learn the basics.

It even delivers insight on specific niche topics like sourcing books and coffee. However, not surprisingly for its price range, the information is relatively shallow and not very detailed.


  • It is readily and easily affordable.
  • It contains a diverse range of topics on niche products.
  • Information is easy to digest.


  • The information is vague and not very detailed.

Generally, Jim Cockrum’s approach seems to make this course as cheap and affordable as possible to reach the most clients. This formula appears to have had some level of success.

He now boasts of a network of more than 50,000 members. Not surprisingly, this also means that the information contained in the course is vague and not as detailed.

The best and most viable FBA courses are not designed to be cheap. Generally, one gets what they pay for.

The best FBA training courses come at a premium. A key point is to always establish the coach’s reputation before investing your time and money on that course.

Why Selling On Amazon FBA Is a Great Opportunity

Why Selling On Amazon FBA Is a Great Opportunity

With more than 300 million users worldwide and a stock that is continually rising, it is easy to conclude that Amazon is the future. Using Amazon FBA is particularly advantageous.

Prime Amazon customers, who are known to spend significantly more than regular subscribers, are known to favor Amazon FBA.

The benefits are too great to resist, and they include efficient logistics and shipping, customer service, prompt delivery and shipping, and ample storage facilities.

You can see learning how to sell on Amazon has its benefits for any e-commerce and product owner.

The only drawback to this perfect arrangement seems to be the fees. Amazon is growing quite fast and has become a competitive marketplace. In addition to the monthly storage fees, Amazon also charges a fulfillment fee.

Needless to say, one needs to be strategic and only store small items that are on high demand to reduce the storage fees.

The benefits far outweigh any disadvantages. After all, customers will always tend to appreciate faster, cheaper shipping as well as excellent customer service. Selling on Amazon FBA in 2020 is definitely worthwhile.

Do You Absolutely Need An Amazon Program To Be Successful

You most definitely do not need an Amazon coach, course or training program in order to be successful selling on that platform.

You can also find plenty of free resources online like Youtube and blogs where you can find really useful information from experienced sellers who share free information.

However, with that said, it is from my experience the fastest way to cut the learning curve on a new endeavor and help with the overall process is by following a truly organized guide, coach, and steps of action.

An expert and a professional who puts their experiences and true guidance out in a systemized training curriculum can drastically help with building toward your success.

I always encourage people to read plenty of reviews and watch any free training that these course creators put together before choosing who might be the best coach and mentor for you to choose.

No matter what you choose to do just remember that starting any type of business even an online Amazon business will require work and some dedication. Do not fall for some of the easy to work hype that is being peddled out on the internet.

If you are willing and focused to put the work in and do what it takes to start, create and build a real business then this business model might be something you will not only be great at but also can enjoy doing.