Okay, I finally took a deep look into the Zero To Brand course training on how to sell on Amazon FBA by Matt Loberstein and here is my honest review.

I first discovered Matt on Youtube and I started to absorb some of his content and really liked his genuine personality and approach. He is not someone who is over the top and he was giving great free information on selling on Amazon FBA.

I already have products on Amazon so I thought this could be a good resource

I was already a part of 3 other Amazon courses so why not one more.

I love to expand my knowledge and invest in myself and businesses so I do not mind a training program as long as there’s something I can take from it.

Now, the other Amazon programs I purchased all had some good material inside and then some of it was just regurgitated topics and steps which should be expected.

Again, as long as I learned a few key things that can improve my business I am absolutely happy with that.

I think it is critical that we as “entrepreneurs” or “online business owners” understand that learning from someone who has already walked down the road we are heading down is the fastest shortcut to success.

This does not mean that there is no work involved or this will be easy because nothing worth it is ever very easy but it gives certainty, confidence and accountability knowing you are guided in the right direction.

Matt Loberstein in my opinion is a great teacher

If you really are about to start Amazon FBA and Private labeling products it will be a very wise choice to join a program and get the proper coaching from someone who has experience with this business model.

You most likely landed on this blog post from doing a Google or Youtube Search on Zero To Brand Course Reviews

My video review for the Zero To Brand training will be right here once it is live.

You probably heard of Matt and his training through Youtube or social media ADs. His Youtube channel is also a great resource for people to check out.

Amazon FBA sellers just like me have been taking advantage of Amazon’s growing platform and it is only continuing to explode with sellers and buyers but you need to know what you are doing.

I remember my first product on Amazon was a flop….

Then I started testing things out like Amazon ADs.

I remember getting my first sale. I now knew people were there and looking to buy. I just had to get the right products in front of them.

So, I started Youtubing different videos, eventually joined programs and I also understood that Amazon was a search engine and all search engines have an algorithm to rank content.

Now, my background at the time was SEO or search engine optimization but I was good at ranking in Google. I decided to take one of my E-Com stores products and list it with Amazon FBA.

I think the biggest lessons I learned at this time is a step by step Amazon FBA course makes things so much easier and that product selection is one of the most important things. (More About This Later)

If you are ready to really start this type of online business then stop making excuses, wasting time and money on things that are not actual investments. Partying, new shoes and Netflix are a temporary dopamine booster not an investment.

(Now Back To What You Are Here For… The Zero To Brand Course)

 What Is Zero To Brand?

Zero To Brand is an Amazon FBA course that teaches you how to sell on Amazon and private label products and leverage the number one market place on the internet.

Selling on Amazon is an incredible opportunity.

This particular online business concept allows you to start your own brand and find profitable products that you can put your logo on and sell by getting found on the Amazon search engine for specific related buying keyword terms.

Matt himself along with many students in his training are having success with this method. You will learn more about Matt and the students’ success down below where I cover that whole topic and real results.

If you already understand private labeling or maybe you are already selling on Amazon but not getting the desired results you are looking for then I suggest you keep reading.

So you might be wondering what is private labeling?

A private label product is manufactured by a manufacturing company and sold under a retailer’s brand name which would be your brand in this case.

Now, Matt Loberstein’s course just like any course requires work. I just want to make that very clear. This is not a scam or scheme but a real business that can be built.

The name Zero To Brand is exactly what it is. Take you by the hand A-Z when it comes to Amazon FBA and guide you every step of the way from 0 into a real brand.

Even if you are a complete beginner you will find the training laid out simple. As long as you are willing to learn and implement.

This is just a few main things that Matt covers throughout his training

  • Complete Product Research
  • Setting Up And Optimizing Your Listing
  • Finding Manufacturers For Products And Pricing
  • Shipping From China And Into Amazon FBA Facility

Why Should Selling On Amazon Interest Me? :

Amazon Prime Members Are Soaring 

Online Shopping Is Skyrocketing

I can almost guarantee everyone that is reading this blog either bought something off of Amazon or someone in your household might even be a Prime member.

Really let this sink in…People are comfortable buying on Amazon and getting it shipped fast right to their doorstep.

Amazon has built trust and made it so easy to click and get what you need when you need it.

This is exactly why learning how to private label and sell your own products with Amazon FBA and getting them found by hungry buyers is a HUGE opportunity.

Check out this Screenshot of one of Matt’s Amazon product daily sales

Matt has personally generated millions of dollars in revenue selling on Amazon

This is absolutely incredible and is all done from the comfort of his home. He is a true practitioner of this business model unlike many other “GURUS” out there.

Now, he is completely transparent and not all the revenue generated is complete profit but even if between 25-50% is profit we are talking about life changing income.

Just think of what it would be like to even make an extra 5k per month profit.

What would that do for you right now?

Starting a legit online business is not easy but it also does not have to be incredibly hard and confusing with the right guidance.

Let Me Explain Some Important Things About Zero To Brand Amazon Course.

Who Is Matt Loberstein

Meet The Creator And Teacher Matt Loberstein

who is Matt Loberstein

  • 7 Figure Amazon FBA Earner
  • Successful Brand Builder
  • Great Youtuber
  • Genuine Educator

I first discovered Matt Loberstein on Youtube where he was giving awesome free information.

This was about 2 years ago and i could tell right off the bat that this guy had something really genuine and likeable about his personality and transparency.

It is not often you come across a humble, hustling entrepreneur sharing their live results and giving away free information online.

He does some very natural but cool V-Log style videos on his Youtube channel with amazon selling advice, day to day inside the life of a 7 figure seller and awesome tips.

Matt really does have a NO B.S. approach no fluff or ridiculous hype!

After 4 years of not having a “job” and working for himself In 2017 he decided to finally start his Youtube channel and share his real experience and document some of his journey.

Matt was selling multiple products and multiple brands that he has started.

In 2016 he did around $1.6 Million in sales

In 2017 he did over $2 Million in sales ?

After years of experience and real success Matt finally released a training course called Zero to Brand after many years of people asking for it.

He is now one of the top Amazon coaches and sorted out Amazon FBA programs online.

Everything he knows is explained in detail step by step

Click This Button below and watch free Amazon FBA Training Zero To Brand Program

Zero To Brand Course Reviews and Complete Dashboard Overview

Once you join Matt’s training you will get instant access to over 40 hours of precise step by step training modules.

Matt really has you focus on the core things that are going to propel you to establish a real brand for yourself.

When You Purchase This Amazon Course These Are The 5 Focused Areas

Complete Zero To Brand Building Formula

10 Modules packed with very informative 110 videos and detailed instructions to hold your hand every step of the way to help you get your Amazon FBA Brand up and running. This is PURE GOLD! Matt’s step by step training is from real experience and he does not miss a beat. You’ll have access 24/7 to the course content FOR LIFE to study whenever and wherever you want including future updates.

Brand Scaling Masterplan

You will learn LONG-TERM BRAND BUILDING with a very unique approach that helped Matt create millions of dollars in revenue.

Private Facebook Group Access For Growth

Share what works and what doesn’t with like minded people. Stay motivated and uplifted. Ask questions and build yourself in a real community that has momentum towards fueling success. There you’ll be able to get 1-on-1 feedback with me as well as new resources and updates I share just for us.

Business Setup Guide

Copy my own setup on how I structured and launched my business.
Step-by-Step Instructions
Learn my exact strategies for everything from finding and sourcing profitable products, to launching and scaling successful brands.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Learn my exact strategies for everything from finding and sourcing profitable products, to launching and scaling successful brands.

Just A Quick Screen Capture Of What The Course Layout Look Like

Zero To Brand Course Training Dashboard Layout

Each module will be on the left side of the screen just like the screenshot above. When you click on the module videos in step by step order will drop down for you to easily follow in that exact order.

So Let’s Look Under The Hood And What Is Exactly In This Training

Inside The Course You Will Get 10 Modules Broken Down With Videos Under Each:

  1. MODULE 1: Intro And Mindset
    ➤ Welcome To Zero To Brand!
    ➤ The Biggest Reason You Could Fail
    ➤ Mindset Of A 7-Figure Seller
  2. MODULE 2: Business Fundamentals
    ➤ Legal Ground Work To Get Started
    ➤ Do I Need An LLC? What Is An EIN?
    ➤ Insurance To Protect Your Business
    ➤ Understanding Income Tax
    ➤ Sales Tax-How To Get Set Up
    ➤ What International Sellers Need To Know
  3. MODULE 3: Amazon Fundamentals
    ➤ Intro To Amazon
    ➤ What you Need To Know To Create Your Amazon Account
    ➤ How To Name Your Amazon Seller Account
    ➤ One Account VS Multiple Accounts
    ➤The Anatomy Of A Product Detail Page
    ➤ Why Private Label Brand Creation Exist
    ➤ Intro To Amazon Fees
  4. MODULE 4: Product Selection
    ➤ Intro To Product Selection
    ➤Product Selection Overview
    ➤ The Amazon BLACK hole
    ➤ My 5 Key Criteria For Choosing Products
    ➤ Understanding Existing Sales Volumes (What To Look For And Avoid)
    ➤ The Free Way To Be Your Own JungleScout
    ➤ JungleScout Extension Breakdown
    ➤ Why Competition Is Good
    ➤ Your Product Must Stand Out
    ➤ Don’t Make This Mistake Differentiating
    ➤ You Need To Be Profitable
    ➤ Envisioning A Product Line
    ➤ Avoid Restricted Products
    ➤ Dangerous Products Playing With Fire
    ➤ How To Check For Patent Issues Avoid Getting Sued
    ➤ Finding Long Term Trends (NoT Fads)
    ➤ Creating Your Brand Name And Vision (The Magic Of Brand)
    ➤ Make Sure Your Brand Name Is Not Trademarked
    ➤ How To Make The Jungle Scout Web App Great
    ➤ Live Product Research Demo-Get In My Head
  5. MODULE 5: Sourcing
    ➤ Intro To Sourcing
    ➤ Alibaba- Searching For Suppliers
    ➤ What To Say When Contacting Suppliers
    ➤ Going Deeper With Communicating With Suppliers
    ➤ Be Aware Of Holidays
    ➤ Ordering Samples And Evaluating The Quality
    ➤ How To Choose Your Order Quantity
    ➤ Why NOT To Negotiate Aggressively
    ➤ How To Pay Your Supplier Without getting Scammed
    ➤ How To Get Your Products Inspected Before You Pay For Them
    ➤ Barcode Basics
    ➤ UPC/GS1 Where To Buy Your UPC’S
    ➤ Why To Use FNSKU And NOT UPC
    ➤ Packaging Your Product With Amazon Rules
    ➤ Designing Great Packaging
    ➤ Products Inserts- Do’s AND Don’ts
    ➤ Carton Packing
  6. MODULE 6: Shipping
    ➤ Intro To Shipping
    ➤ Terms You Need To Know
    ➤ Should I Ship My First Order To Myself?
    ➤ How To Ship Direct To Amazon By Air
    ➤ Exactly What You Need To Know To Ship By Sea
    ➤ Import Duties
    ➤ Take Advantage of Amazon UPS/FEDEX Partnerships
    ➤ How I Save Thousands By Shipping By Pallets
    ➤ Setting Up A Shipping Plan In Amazon
  7. MODULE 7: Building Your foundation
    ➤ Intro To Building Your foundation
    ➤ Creating A New Amazon Listing
    ➤ Product Images
    ➤ Product Listing Title
    ➤ Bullet Points
    ➤ Product Description
    ➤ Keyword Search Terms
    ➤ Back-end Listing Tips
    ➤ How To Price Your Product
    ➤ Why You Need Email Follow Ups From DAY 1
    ➤ Writing Your Emails
    ➤ Advanced Pre-Launch Techniques
  8. MODULE 8: Day 1 Launch
    ➤ Intro To Day 1 Launch
    ➤ Recap: These MUST Be Ready!
    ➤ And Were LIVE!
    ➤ Why Launch Services Could Be Dangerous
    ➤ What Is PPC? INtro And Overview
    ➤ PPC Campaigns To Implement On Day 1
    ➤ The Real Way To Get Reviews
  9. MODULE 9: Traction
    ➤ Intro To Traction
    ➤ Amazon Reports You Need To Know
    ➤ Conversion Rate (And Where To Find It)
    ➤ Best Practices For Customer Service
    ➤ How To Refund A Customer Order
    ➤ How To Send A Replacement Item
    ➤ Remove Negative Feedback And Manage Reviews
    ➤ Amazon Promotions And Coupons
    ➤ Cash Flow And Reordering
    ➤ Understanding ACoS And TRUE ROI
    ➤ Search Term Reports To Grow PPC
    ➤ Tuning Your PPC Based On Results
    ➤ Hi Jackers And How To Fix It
    ➤ Monitoring And Tracking Your Profits
  10. MODULE 10: Scaling
    ➤ Intro To Scaling
    ➤ The Main Way I’ve Grown My Business
    ➤ How Copying Yourself Will Double Your Business
    ➤ The JungleScout Scale Trick
    ➤ Leverage Your Current Products Into New Products
    ➤ Lightning Deals
    ➤ Capitalize On Major Holidays
    ➤ How To Apply For Brand Registry
    ➤ Hiring Virtual Assistants
    ➤ Giving Employees Limited Access
    ➤ Types Of Amazon Links
    ➤ Simple NO Website flash Deal Facebook ADs
    ➤ Export Your Customer Data (And Clone Them)
    ➤ Steal These Funnels
    ➤ How I Use I.G. Influencers
    ➤ Tying Your Channels Together

As you can see above this training is absolutely jam packed with such valuable, valuable information with over the shoulder tutorials.

You will also see other resources and tools recommended throughout the training that really takes the grueling workout of the picture for you and will speed up your process.

 Is Zero To Brand A Scam or Legit?

In today’s “make money online” world there are literally thousands of courses, training and coaching programs. Now, not all will be what they are hyped up to be but there most definitely is legit courses that are not scams.

Matt Loberstein is NOT a scam and his course is extremely well put together as you can see from the details above. This is a legitimate business model and he is a true successful practitioner of this.

This does require work…Any real business that you start will require your effort and time and willingness to learn and take massive action.

This is not a shiny FAKE object to push a button and get success overnight..If you are looking for that B.S. I suggest you rewire your brain, commit to something real, and understand laziness will keep you stuck.

You will get access for life once you join this course. We all know Amazon will have many updates and Matt is committed to keeping his students up to par.

Also if you are not absolutely satisfied and happy for any reason, contact Matt and cancel within 30 days for a full refund.

You will be removed from the training and private Facebook group without any questions asked.30-Day 100% Happiness Guarantee.

This is a great course that Matt stands behind but he needs motivated individuals who really want a successful business.

You are getting complete training and access to limited time bonuses. This is all right here for you to get going and started today!

If you are ready for a change, ready to make a better life for you and your family then I highly recommend this course and Matt as a mentor.

Your Zero To Brand Bonuses

You Will Access To Over $7000 in Value…Including Bonuses Once You Join

  1. LifeTime Access To All Updates
  2. Coaching: 1 on 1 Feedback From Matt In The FB Group
  3. Scaling Module!

Once again, this is all included in Matt Loberstein’s Amazon FBA course if you join today. I do not know how long these incredible features will be included for but if you are ready to make the leap, now is the time!

Zero To Brand Cost And Pricing

Zero To Brand Cost And Pricing

I know you are looking for something worth your time.

I have been in several Amazon courses and coaching programs and not all are created equal.

The Zero To Brand Course cost $997…Which in my opinion is a no brainer

It is worth much more than that and this will give you the edge you need in this new venture.

I am a HUGE believer in becoming the best version of yourself. This takes time to invest in your skills and work on building and growing yourself which plays a big role if you are starting a business.

This is the current pricing for Matt Loberstein’s Zero To Brand Amazon course and I highly recommend it to anyone who is really ready to finally dedicate themselves.

There are thousands of people making money with Amazon FBA and it is a business concept I do not see going anywhere anytime soon.

With Amazon only growing in popularity and their incredible programs like prime next day delivery they really cornered a piece of the ecommerce market and we get to leverage that for our own brands and businesses.

Watch the FREE Amazon Training Zero To Brand webinar Click The button

(Access the training and BONUSES through this special link – Lock in your spot)

Testimonials and Reviews For Zero To Brand

These are real students that were willing to put in the work and get these RESULTS! Become the next Zero To Brand Success and inspire others!

Of course results are different for many students especially if you are not going to put in the work. But I know that this blog post is going to help someone start their empire today…

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” –Tony Robbins

Is An Amazon FBA Course Like Zero To Brand Needed For Success?

You can absolutely start an Amazon FBA business or any other online business you desire without a coach, course or paid program.

There are plenty of free info websites, Youtube videos and tutorials you can try and look up and piece together yourself.

I on the other hand always look for someone who achieved the desired results I want and I am willing to spend the time, effort and money to invest in holding myself accountable and learning in one place, by a proven teacher with a proven method step by step.

There is no other option in my opinion.

I still to this day just like many other entrepreneurs and successful online business owners I know spend thousands and thousands of dollars in self education and growth.

I love learning and committing to making the best version of myself and my businesses.

That Covers My Review On The Zero To Brand Program

My biggest challenge for you is to ask yourself what are you willing to do to get the life and business you want?

If you are completely ready to dedicate, focus and take absolute ACTION and not miss a step.

Then you answered your own question when you say should I do this?

Get inside, ask as many questions as you can, get the mentoring you need and follow every step to your Amazon FBA journey.