You landed here for a reason. You are looking for a real honest and transparent review of Nine Universities Amazon FBA Course.

Before you do anything else let me show a screenshot of the backend of the course and my receipt so you know you are getting a legit review and overview of this program from a real practitioner here.

Nine University Receipt

I am apart of many courses, mastermind groups and continue to invest in online education and personal development so I can always grab golden nuggets and up to date tactics to give me and my businesses the edge.

Most importantly, I would like everyone that reads my blog posts to get absolute value and education. I truly believe in mindset and energy. Most of our failures are only failures because we either did not take ACTION or we plain out give up and QUITE. That is why finding mentors and real practitioners that have already made mistakes, been through the obstacles and most importantly had the success such as Taylor and Kale from KT9 with Amazon FBA so you can cut out the B.S., Headaches and learn step by step what is working. You may have landed here because you Google searched Nine University Course Reviews its not a coincidence 😉.


This is my video review of the Nine University program

If you already follow Taylor and Kale on Youtube then you know that their expertise is building profitable Amazon FBA businesses. Their Youtube channel KT9 alone gives you some incredible free information especially if you are just starting out with Amazon Private Labeling.

I decided to jump into their course because not only do they come off very personal and genuine but they are hands on and available unlike many other “Course Creators”.

If you do not have any money to spend on a course right now then I highly suggest you start watching free Youtube tutorials to start learning some of the skill sets needed to have a successful Amazon FBA business but in all honesty a step by step course like Nine University is well worth the investment. So, stop buying fancy things, Stop eating out, Stop buying Macchiatos and stack every dollar you can so you can get real in depth training and real positive results. (MINDSHIFT)

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(Below I will break down what is inside the course)

Is The Nine University Amazon FBA Course A SCAM?

If your searching for a legitimate Amazon FBA Course then Nine University is definitely at the top of my list. It is absolutely not a scam and I am apart of a few Amazon Courses some that cost more than five times more than Nine universities and I was still able to pick up a few golden nuggets from Taylor and Kale.

If you are a newbie and just starting out this is definitely a perfect program and community to join. If you are already apart of other courses or have been selling on Amazon then you can expect for some things to be similar or even identical to some of the skillsets you already learned but that should be expected. (It is those few golden nuggets that make the difference)

Just like any other Amazon FBA course or any online course in general if you do not take the action after you purchase and commit yourself to be successful with this then it is not going to produce success and you are the only one to blame. There are many “influencers” like Tai Lopez, Grant Cardone or Gary Vaynerchuck that not only use social media marketing to create omni presence and get in front of you but will also introduce you to tools and courses that can help but only if you take ACTION with them. There is no “magic button” This is a legitimate business and takes work, time and effort but can be a path to your financial freedom if you are all in.

Taylor and Kale also have Honey Badger Boost which is a pretty incredible service that I do not know any other course creators providing. This allows you to scale and build much faster but I will give more details on this service in another post.

Each video inside the course is kept fairly short and precise on specific things.  For example, the PPC training videos are only a few minutes long and have Kale explaining step by step over the shoulder on how he sets up his pay per click campaigns for his Amazon products. You can easily follow along, pause or go back so you do not miss a beat and you can set your PPC campaigns up exactly the way he teaches.

The video modules are organized on the left side of your dashboard once you have access and are all in order from beginning to end.

Why Sell on Amazon and use FBA?:

Amazon reported a record second-quarter profit of $2.53 billion

Amazon is not a company that is about to sit still.

Amazon continues to grow and dominate so why not jump in a take a piece of the pie.

Think about how many people you know that buy off of Amazon weekly. There are millions of searches per month on the Amazon search engine and with the right product and positioning on page 1 of Amazon for specific keywords you can be generating sales every day on autopilot.

Here is a quick screenshot of one of my products sales so far today.

Just visualize what your life will be like with a successful Amazon FBA business.

We all Have a Why? That Why is so powerful if we can dig deep and allow that to give us the push and momentum.

When you fully commit and take ACTION like your life depends on it AMAZING things will happen.

Who are you doing this for? Family, Wife, Husband, Children, Loved Ones?

Why not learn from genuine, real guys like Taylor and Kale?

Keep Reading More In Depth Details Below On Nine Universities Amazon course

Nine University Course Instructors

Meet Your Teachers Kale Abrahamson and Taylor Hiott

  • 7 Figure Amazon FBA Earners
  • Incredible Free Youtube Tutorials
  • Genuine Dynamik Duo
  • Will answer any of your questions and emails

These two guys are putting out YouTube content very frequently and a lot of the videos are great, high energy, value packed videos. Videos that help you develop a better understanding and even new skill sets when it comes to selling on Amazon.

These are all free videos and there are plenty of other Youtubers giving over the shoulder tutorials for free as well. For example, KT9 has a great Youtube video for product research and selection.

You may be asking why pay for a course if there is so much free content and my answer is very simple. So that you feel accountable, get access to ask questions directly to these mentors and most importantly have a step by step over the shoulder, organized blueprint all laid out in one place.

 Nine University Amazon Program Has Had Many Changes Since I Joined The Original Training A Few Years Ago.

Nine Universities Amazon FBA Course Review and Complete Dashboard Overview

This course has over 160 videos most of them being over the shoulder where you can follow step by step from beginning to end even if you are completely new at this.

These are the 10 main things that are covered in depth in this Amazon course

  1. How to set up & navigate seller central (Great if you are Absolutely just getting started)
  2. How to find a profitable Amazon FBA Product to private label
  3. How to go about sourcing that product from China
  4. How to package your product to stand out
  5. How to create and completely optimize your Amazon Listing
  6. Product Pictures Department
  7. How to get reviews for your Amazon FBA Product
  8. How to set up and run PPC (This was my favorite section personally)
  9. How to launch your product so that it has the best chance to rank page 1 for profitable keywords
  10. How to communicate with your Amazon buyers after they purchase

You Have Nothing To Lose There Is A 15 Day Money Back Guarantee

How This 160+ Video Course Is Laid Out


As you move through the course videos you will see that you are completing each video and it is being tracked by the course dashboard so you can see how much you have completed. At the end of the course there are additional advanced bonus videos and a Graduation section once you have completed everything 100%.

My Bonuses For The Nine University Course

Taylor and Kale already give you some great support and bonuses once you are in their course but I decided to make it even better!

You have a 15 DAY Money back guarantee which makes this really a no-brainer. This is an incredible offer with no questions asked. Now again if you are not ready to commit and fully ready to change your life and start an Amazon business then no paid program is going to be right for you but if you are ready to shift your mindset, stay laser focused and follow directions from 7 figure earners then this is a perfect course for you.

Once you join Nine University you will also get access to the exclusive Facebook group where Nine U students can share their success and also ask questions and leverage relationship within this exclusive community.

You will also have access to exclusive LIVE weekly training from Kale himself where he will keep you up to date with Amazon FBA selling tips, tricks, recaps and answer questions so make sure you are on these once you join.

  • MY BONUS: If you purchase Nine University through this link or any link on this page I will personally give you a FREE 15-minute phone consultation and also share with you some advanced optimization and SEO tactics that will only fuel your listing even more. (No Amazon Courses Are Teaching This)

This bonus is only for those serious in taking the next step and fully dedicating themselves to a real opportunity. This tactic will help super optimize your Listing better for search engine purposes and also give you the edge against competitors if you follow Nine University listing optimization and mix this strategy in.

The Cost Of Nine University

I know it can be overwhelming nowadays with some many courses and webinars being thrown in your face.

The Nine University Course has different course price options. They have a bottom level training program to learn to sell on Amazon FBA and higher priced training and coaching which includes more perks such as 1 on 1 phone consultations and hands on campaign help but at the time I purchased the course those packages were no longer available.

There are many other Amazon courses that have the same information for a much higher price tag.

Again, I am big into investing in my education especially From coaches and mentors who have already been down the path you are walking down.

If you purchase Nine University through this link or any link on this page I will personally give you a FREE 15-minute phone consultation and also share with you some advanced optimization and SEO tactics that will only fuel your listing even more. (No Amazon Courses Are Teaching This)

Once you make your purchase find me on Instagram here and direct message me I Joined Nine U and we will confirm your purchase and schedule that FREE Consultation for a limited time.

Remember Nine University is just one of the main tools that will only help the chances you launch and grow a success Amazon private label business. You still will need additional funds to invest in the actual product and other research and data tools.

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Testimonials and Reviews For Nine University

Read some testimonials and Reviews of this course right here. You can be next!

Real Reviews Nine University Course

If they can do it so can you. We are all human with the same amount of time each day the only difference is how we use it and where we focus our energy.

Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows” –Tony Robbins

Do You Need Nine University Or Any Amazon FBA Program To Be Successful?

The answer to this question is simply NO But if you really want to start an Amazon FBA business with the best odds for success then of course investing in a step by step over the shoulder video course taught by two individuals who have multiple successful Amazon products doing 7 Figures per year will only give you an incredible edge and keep you on track and accountable.

5 Important things that I discovered that will help you be successful with any course or program you join.

  1.  Fully commit! It might sound obvious but this is very serious. Before you pull the trigger on any coaching, program or business venture have a conversation with yourself. Think about WHY you want to do this. How important is it to you. Maybe it is for the FREE time, Maybe it is for the MONEY, Maybe for BOTH but no matter what it is take a minute and really envision what it will be like when you finally hit that goal. How bad do you want it? You need to fully commit and dedicate yourself to this next step 100%.
  2. Once you know you are going to fully commit and focus 100% become obsessed. When you join a course like Nine University mute everything around you out. No distractions just complete focus and follow every step without missing a beat. Whether you are a beginner or experienced put your ego aside and start from the beginning to the end step by step.
  3. Ask as many questions as you can. What we don’t know We don’t know! no question is stupid or silly. The coaches and mentors are there for a reason so make sure you ask as many questions as you can and take full advantage of this. Do not become paralyzed or think you should not ask. Making sure you fully understand will make you move closer to your goal even faster.
  4. If you “FAIL” Push forward. If something has a hiccup do not get discouraged. Failures are only temporary and a stepping stone to your full success. Bring your obstacles to your mentors or coaches and they will guide you in the right direction. Failing is all part of the process. Fail fast so you can succeed even faster.
  5. Surround yourself with supportive and positive minded people. This can be a struggle for many. Family and close friends might not be able to understand your new venture or maybe your close ones are very negative minded. You need to disconnect and take time to work on yourself. This is a MUST! You need to create positive energy and focus on bigger goals. Work hard on the ACTIONS that build towards these goals and build relationships with people who are on the same path. Negative energy from complainers, disbelievers and non go-getters is not going to create momentum. Unfortunately these individuals you may love but they will need your help once your momentum is at its all-time unstoppable force. Mindset is the beginning.

That Is My Honest Review On The KT Nine University Amazon FBA Program

Again if you do not have the money or resources right now to join a paid Amazon FBA course then start taking action from the free YouTube content out on the web. If and only if you are really serious about growing a real sustainable online Amazon business then I highly recommend you focus on this as a goal and become more resourceful to get the money needed to invest in this opportunity.

P.S. I believe Taylor and Kale are onto some incredible things for the future and while Nine University is still a new and fresh Amazon Course it’s the best time to hop on in for this price and to get personal attention from both of these guys.