I get this question a lot especially being someone who invests heavily into content for Google’s platforms Youtube and Google Search. It amazes me how many people are still unaware of how powerful these search engines are and the incredible opportunities at our fingertips.

You can make money from Google a few key ways including AD Sense Revenue and also by converting search traffic into buyers and subscribers.

I am going to be sharing “NO FLUFF” But actual real ways that I personally make money from Google every single month. These are all concepts that anyone can do and I like to call it investing in Digital Real Estate.

I will even share some real live case studies throughout this blog post to help you better understand exactly what I am doing and proof of results.

Now, there are other ways to make money from Google besides what I will be sharing here but I want to share with you what I feel are the most popular, most effective and most scalable ways that I personally have experience with.

Make Money Blogging On Google

One of the best ways to make money with Google is by blogging. Starting a “niche blog” is the best way to start especially if it is your first blog. 

A niche blog is just a blog focused completely on 1 topic. For example a blog that I am a partner on is called Royal Beard Club. This blog is fully focused on mens grooming tips and products. We do not stray away from that topic in our content.

We also have the keyword beard in our domain name which helps Google understand what we are really about. 

Building quality content around this topic that people search for is the key to build this blog into an asset. Guides, tips, reviews and even interesting facts around grooming is what will capture our audience.

How Does A Blog Make Money From Google?

You can monetize your blog a few key ways

  1. Google AD Revenue
  2. Affiliate Links and Banners
  3. Sponsored Posts
  4. Sell Your Own Products Or Services

With Royal Beard Club we monetize the blog with Affiliate Links and our own Products that my partner developed and creates. 

We will eventually add AD Revenue and maybe even sponsored posts but that will be once we gain enough traffic to the website and blog to make that monetization avenue profitable.

The truth is we kinda slacked off on this case study and we really need to start building it back up.

And that is what brings me to the topic of SEO also known as search engine optimization. Now, pay real close attention here because this is going to play a huge role in making money from Google no matter which option you choose to go with.

Consistent optimized quality content being produced on your blog is key in order for people who are using Google search to find your blog and stay on it to be educated and guided. The more targeted traffic you can get the more money you can squeeze in from Google.

For example if you Google “Benefits Of Beard Conditioner” You will see our blog at the top of the search. That is because this was a well written long form post created around a few search terms that align with our blog and products.

This all starts with keyword research. Finding keywords that people are actually searching on Google that are relevant to our niche and then positioning ourselves in front of them with good quality optimized content.

Google ADSense Revenue

The more traffic you are getting to your blog the more money you can earn with Google AdSense which is a Google program that pays you as a blogger for allowing them to display other related Advertisements on your blog.

For example when you are scrolling on this exact blog My Media Pal that you are reading right now you will see a few banner Ads that pop up as you scroll. (You Will See The Text AD In The Banner Corner That Is How You Know It Is An Advertisement) These are ads placed here by Google.

Make Money With Google AdSense

 I am allowing The Google AdSense Program which is what is on My Media Pal to display these Ads on my blog and in return they pay me.

The way Google pays for AdSense is calculated by the amount of traffic you generate to your blog and content. The more traffic and views you can generate the more you will earn from Google. 

How much does AdSense pay per 1000 views?

Google AdSense will pay around a few dollars per 1000 page views or a few dollars RPM. Many bloggers like to use MediaVine or Ezoic because they actually pay more RPM. I recently read a blog post where the blogger was earning $15 per 1000 page views.

This is actually a great payout. Different blog owners RPM will also vary depending on the niche and types of ads that get displayed on their website.

It is pretty incredible that if you get $15 per 1000 page views and if you can grow that blog to 100,000 page views per month you can potentially make around $1500 per month on average just from the traffic.

This would be just one revenue stream not including the other monetization elements you can have in place. Generating targeted traffic will fuel all of your income streams from your blog.

Affiliate Marketing is another way to monetize your blog to make money from Google search traffic. Placing affiliate links and banners around your blog content is a very popular method to earn revenue from your blog posts.

The way affiliate marketing works is you will get a commission for helping sell someone else’s product or service by promoting them through your unique affiliate link.

A popular affiliate program is through Amazon Associates. Amazon allows you to apply to become an affiliate marketer for their platform. Any products on Amazon that align with your niche blog you can start promoting and earn a small commission for every sale.

The commission is usually around 4% but I know recently they have cut certain commissions for certain categories so be sure to check out this new commission structure page.

A good example of promoting affiliate products through a blog post is a post on Royal Beard Club title 6 Best Beard Trimmers For Men. On this post we link to some top beard trimmers that my partner reviewed and it is all through our Amazon affiliate links.

If any one buys through our links from our recommendations we will get a little sliver of the sale. Check out this image so you can see how it looks.

Sponsored Posts are also a great way to add some monthly revenue from your blog. The way this works is you will allow other writers or product owners to pay you a premium fee to have a post about their business on your blog.

There are blog owners that charge a few grand just for one sponsored post on their website. Now, understand they warrant that fee because of the amount of targeted traffic that their blog brings in.

We do not utilize this way of making money from Google yet on Royal Beard Club but once we hit enough traffic we will consider this monetization method.

Having one or two paid sponsored posts per month can add a substantial additional monthly increase in revenue with the correct pricing structure. It is also very easy to do especially when you require the other brand to provide the content this way you just post it.

Just so you can really wrap your head around this concept if a brand that sells men’s moisturizer creams found Royal Beard Club and liked the amount of traffic we had they would most likely be interested in paying for a sponsored post since our demographics and blog align well with that type of product.    

Products and Services that are your own can be incredible money making boosters. On Royal Beard Club there are a few key products that we sell that are our own including beard combs, brushes, oils and butter.

Many blog owners also sell ebooks or video training depending on the niche they are in. Building an email list of your blog visitors is a great way to monetize your website traffic and up sell or promote your products or services to later on.

Making Money From Google With A YouTube Channel

Creating a Youtube Channel is another incredible way to make money with Google. Google owns Youtube and they also allow you to monetize your channel with AdSense where you can earn Ad Revenue just like on a blog.

How Does A YouTube Channel Make Money With Google?

You can monetize your Your Youtube Channel a few key ways

  1. Youtube AD Revenue (Very Much Like AdSense On A Blog)
  2. Affiliate Links
  3. Sponsorships 
  4. Sell Your Own Products Or Services

Just like having a monetized blog you can leverage the same money earning ways on Youtube as you can see above. 

When you visit Youtube and start watching videos you know those Ads that are skippable before a video? Or even the ads that last for about 10 seconds that you cannot skip? Those are Google Ads being placed over that Youtubers videos.

Youtube Ads Revenue

That youtuber will get paid from Google from allowing these Ads to be placed on his videos. There are also display ads on the right side of the Youtube platform and they actually look like a recommended video with the word AD under them.

In order for you to be able to monetize your Youtube channel with Ad Revenue you must first meet the requirements. You must have at least 1000 subscribers along with at least 4,000 watch time hours within the last 12 months.

I absolutely love Youtube and the idea of being able to be a creator who earns money from the platform. 

Much like a niche blog the best approach is to pick a topic and niche and build your Youtube channel and content strictly around that avenue and provide incredible insight and answers for your audience.

You can also implement affiliate marketing by adding links in the description of your Youtube videos and drive your viewers to those links that sell products or services that you will collect a commission on from the sales.

Many Youtuber’s are affiliated to different types of products depending on their niche and topics that they talk about on their channel. If you watch Youtube videos on Yoga it would be a good place for the Youtuber to link out to Yoga mats, clothing or Online Yoga Training programs that they can be affiliate marketers for.

Once you know your niche you can do research to find different products and services that fit your audience and even just share the ones that you already use for yourself. 

Many times you will also see big Youtube channels do sponsorships. This is basically a mini infomercial or shout out of a product or service. Think of it like a quick commercial.

Usually the Youtuber will say let’s take a minute to talk about the sponsor of this video or of today and then jump into the mini commercial talking about that product.

The more views and engagement your channel gets the more you can make by charging a flat fee to run sponsorship promotion on your videos.

Another great revenue stream you can create from Youtube is by selling your own products and services. If you have merchandise or a course you can easily promote them within your videos and drive sales.

Now, again it is incredibly important that you have the right products and services developed for your specific audience otherwise conversions will be low.

Another great approach is to not only focus on driving traffic to your videos from with in Youtube search but also to drive traffic from your videos ranking in the Google search and on page 1. If you manage to start getting your videos found in Google you will generate even more targeted traffic.

The key to this comes back down to SEO. Understanding how to optimize your videos on page and off page and get the best ranking results after finding good traffic driving keywords.

What I personally like to do is combine both an optimized blog along with a Youtube channel. This is the ultimate digital real estate investing approach.

If you are new to Youtube check out the beginner guide that we have put together.

Grab the YouTube beginner guide here: https://jameskuck.com/youtube-beginner-guide

This is just a quick overview and step by step guide that we put together for a beginner on Youtube when they just get started. This is a very important step to take as you embark on your Youtube journey.

I like to use tools to help me get the edge when optimizing my Youtube videos. I use TubeBuddy to analyze competition and get keyword title ideas that I know will help grow my channel and get more views.

Make Money With Google Maps And Local Lead Generation

Another way you can make money from Google that I have experience with is by creating local optimized websites and verifying a Google My Business for that website and ranking it in Google for specific local terms.

Again, this is where SEO comes back into play. Leveraging local search engine optimization to reap the benefits of generating targeted leads from your local properties. Let me paint a full picture for you by using an exact example.

We have a website called Lubbock Roofing Contractor dot com. We created this website along with a Google My Business listing and then we completely optimized both properties and performed our local SEO techniques to rank them at the top of the search engine for specific terms such as “Lubbock Roofing Contractor” and “Lubbock Roof Repair”

Now, when locals in that area of Lubbock, Texas are in search of a roofing contractor and they go over to Google to find one and use specific keywords they now land on our digital properties.

When they fill out the form on our website or call through the call tracking phone number we have set up on the website and Maps listing they become a lead that we generated.

So the way we make money with this concept is by finding a local roofer who wants more business and we either sell them the leads for a reasonable fair price or we can charge a flat monthly rent fee and send them any leads that we generate on a monthly basis.

This is also known as the Rank and Rent business model. This is definitely an incredible opportunity for you to make an income from Google. 

There are critical steps you must take in order to make this work. The number 1 thing is you must get your local website and listing ranking for keyword terms that will generate calls.

A strong local SEO approach which includes on page optimization, conversion design, off page optimization and positive reviews.

These are just a few of the important things you must get done right to succeed with this online business.

Can I Earn Money From Google Reviews?

No, you cannot earn money from Google reviews or as a local guide. Although Google reviews are extremely beneficial and powerful to Google users this is not a job or gig that offers compensation. 

Conclusion: There are many ways to make money from Google and in this blog post I shared a few main ways that I actually have experience with and really make money online with.

There are many other money earning opportunities online but these are my personal favorite and ones that I have had success with. I hope you enjoyed this post and found some value. Please follow me over on Youtube where I share more information.