So you landed here asking this big question?

Is this just another “GURU” Hyped affiliate marketing product?

Well, I’m glad you are reading my blog post first and that you are looking for information and an honest review on Authority Hacker and the Authority site system also known as TASS.

I am going to completely cover everything you need to and must know about this training.

I have a few niche site blogs that I own myself and I can honestly say affiliate marketing is one of the best online business models when done right.

But, maybe you already know this and you are just looking for true, in depth training from real practitioners.

Many of the tactics and principles laid out in this TASS course are some of the exact techniques I implement on my websites and blogs.

Now, I have been running an online business for over 10 years and this includes all the ups and downs and painstaking hours of “FIGURING THINGS OUT” I have chased the shiny objects before and spent money on wasteful training and BS courses.

I now know what to look out for when it comes to joining a program or course and I am here to share some transparency.

I still to this day invest in courses and I am grateful for the knowledge and business I have built from some of the training and coaches I have followed.

I can honestly say I am very impressed with what is included in the Authority Hacker System

You still might be asking, does this actually work?

You are reading this blog post right now so I must have gotten your attention somehow. So, you can say YES these techniques work and I am actually a practitioner of SEO myself.

Any video review for the Authority Hacker training will be included here once it is up on Youtube.

Gael and Mark who own the Authority Hacker blog have put together an incredible affiliate marketing SEO course.

This is a one of a kind training and it just got better with all the new incredible updates they added.

If you continue to read I am going to go over some key elements that these guys have included inside this program and give a complete Authority Hacker Course Review

Gael and Mark have developed 3 main courses that they offer.

  1. The Authority Hacker Site System: This is one of their more popular and beginner level courses. This covers A-Z on starting and building a profitable affiliate website.
  2. Authority Hacker Pro: If you have experience, Have an affiliate website already and already understand the affiliate marketing concept this is a great choice.
  3. Authority Hacker Pro Platinum: This is the most advanced training they offer and is for anyone who is already running a profitable affiliate authority website and wants to take it to the next level.

These guys have real, proven niche authority websites that are not only making great income but that they share with their students and even some with the public.

Remember proof is in the pudding and these guys have absolute proof of success with their process!

(So Let’s Begin With A Common Question. What Is Authority Hacker Exactly?)

Authority Hacker Course Review

Authority Hacker Reviews

Authority Hacker is a blog created by Gael Breton and Mark Webster.

They also collaborate on a podcast and youtube channel together where they give great insight, knowledge and tips along with interviews from other successful online entrepreneurs.

They share incredible information when it comes to online marketing and also offer their own training programs.

The main Authority Hacker course TASS is an affiliate marketing course that teaches you how to set up an authority niche site and rank it in the search engine by implementing SEO.

You then learn how to monetize the traffic and create income by leveraging these key things:

One thing I like to bring up is most niche websites are optimized by Amazon affiliate links and even though they can be a lucrative commission with enough sales you will also learn better commission structured products and vendors to use when you hop in Gael and Mark’s program.

This will be the first course we dive deep in and explore what is exactly included in it and what to expect.

The Authority Site System Review

This specific course is great for anyone at any level.

It does not matter if you are a complete beginner, this course is designed to take you by the hand and not only help you build an authority site but also help you understand how you can turn it into a profit machine.

Program: The Authority Site System By Authority Hacker

Modules: 6 with 120+ Videos

Coaches And Instructors: Gael Breton And Mark Webster

Pricing: $997 Get 40% OFF By Using The Link Above ?

Join The Free Training Authority Hacker Webinar. You can click on any link or button below to get access to this free training. This is actually worth the watch. I believe you will learn a few key things and also understand that these guys are the real deal and practice what they preach unlike many other online course creators.

This training is broken into 6 modules not including the bonus module they are adding with over 120 complete training videos.

  1. Preliminary Lessons
  2. The Authority Site Model And IM 101
  3. Niche Research And Site Planning
  4. Site Setup
  5. Content Creation
  6. BackLink Building
  7. Once Your Done

These core modules cover everything there is to know from start to finish when starting an authority site.

There is a lot to wrap your head around but I assure you they do not miss a beat and cover everything precise and step by step.

You will also have immediate access to these special features within the training dashboard.

  • The Case Study Site
  • The New Site To Do System
  • Facebook Community
  • Ask A Question Support
  • Update Log

Let’s dive deeper into what each module in The Authority Site System Training offers

Authority Hacker Modules

As you can see in the image above this training is organized in step by step order which makes it incredibly easy to follow.

It is a clean and simple layout with nothing left out

MODULE 0. Preliminary Lessons

  • Consistency And Expectations (Discover the work and commitment needed to create success with this concept)
  • Using The New Site To Do System (Stay organized and focused with this system)
  • Budgeting Your Site (List out a proper budget for your site project)

MODULE 1. The Authority Site Model And IM 101

  • What Is An Authority Site (Learn exactly what an authority site is)
  • How Authority Sites Get Traffic (Learn the unique methods that drive website traffic)
  • How Authority Sites Make Money (Learn the main ways to earn an income from this formula)
  • Affiliate Marketing 101 (What is affiliate commission and why it is important to understand)
  • SEO 101 (Powerful traffic method explained clearly)

MODULE 2. Niche Research And Site Planning

  • Niches That Work Well (Discover profitable and good niches to consider and expand from)
  • Brainstorming Niches (List out potential niches to narrow down from)
  • Getting Started With Market Research (Learn how to explore and research within your niche)
  • Market Research- Big Sites
  • Market Research- Small Sites
  • Market Research- Shortlisting
  • Market Research- Physical Products
  • Market Research- Info Products
  • Market Research- Advertising
  • Market Research- Easy Keywords
  • Market Research- Seasonality
  • Market Research- Easy Link Building
  • Market Research- Making Your Final Niche Choice
  • Planning Your V1 Site
  • Expanding Your Commercial Keyword list (Commercial articles keyword topics and optimization keyword)
  • Expanding Your Info Content Keyword List (Info articles keyword topics and optimization keyword)
  • Planning Your V1 Site Structure

MODULE 3. Site Setup

  • Picking A Domain Name (Crucial part of the authority site process)
  • WordPress And Hosting Setup
  • WordPress And Basic Settings
  • Picking A WordPress Theme
  • Establishing A Basic Branding
  • Branding Your Theme
  • Analytics And SEO Setup
  • G Suite Email Setup
  • Misc Plugin Setup
  • Contact Page Setup
  • Privacy Policy Page Setup
  • About Page Setup
  • Home Page Building
  • Custom Category Pages Setup

MODULE 4. Content Creation

  • Introduction To Content Templates
  • [Template] Roundup Review
  • [Template] Single Review
  • [Template] Info Content
  • Writing Your First Articles
  • Setting Up The Amazon Associate Program
  • Uploading And Publishing Content
  • Outsourcing Content Creation

MODULE 5. Link Building

  • Preparing For Outreach
  • 1- Target Selection
  • 2- Initial Outreach And Follow Up
  • 3- Negotiation And Link Placement
  • 4- Link Tracking And Blacklist

MODULE 6. Once Your Done

  • Additional Bonus Info

And just in case you prefer to read over video tutorial or even both below each video is also a very well put together in depth article text covering everything that was explained in the training video above it.

You can clearly see this is absolutely fully packed with value, well organized and planned out for all the students to learn everything from beginning to end.

Mark and Gael really deliver value and not online do they share step by step training from their own experience but they also give you the exact templates they use for articles which is an insane time saver.

You see the proven case studies that they share in this training so you know they know exactly what they are talking about.

They do not just speak theory like so many other online marketers.

Here is one of the public authority site case studies they share:

This website actually makes profits every month from the exact process they teach inside the Authority Site System 2.0 training

Once you are in the training you will also see additional live case studies exclusive to the members.

You can save about 40% on this training if you CLICK HERE

Who Is Gael Breton And Mark Webster From Authority Hacker?

Introducing Your Course Teachers

Gael Breton And Mark Webster
  • Proven Success Track Record (Portfolio Of Successful Authority Sites)
  • Bloggers
  • Educational Podcast And Youtubers
  • Years Of Combined Online Experience

These are two individuals who understand what they are good at and understand how to teach it.

They are not full of fluff, nor do they want to be slick oil salesmen.

They have had a lot of success building niche websites and learned to put certain systems in place to make it easier for themselves and their team to streamline the process to flow efficiently and more effectively.

The Authority hackers course is the exact methods that these two developed for their own success and now share it as a model for any student to follow.

When you are looking for genuine teachers who have actually been where you are before and had to put in the work to get actual results then look no further.

Maybe you are working a 9-5 job like Mark did and now you are looking for something that can replace your income and something that gives you more freedom and control.

Gael also comes from humble beginnings and worked for someone else.

They both met in a bar in Singapore where their entrepreneurial journey would begin.

Two everyday hard working guys that decided enough was enough and put their brains and experiences together to start a digital agency.

With their new found success they soon transitioned into creating successful authority sites.

They know exactly steps, the ups and downs that they faced through this process and now are able to deliver a well organized and amazing course that focuses on getting your authority niche website up and ranking using SEO.

Learn from people who have been in the trenches.

Does this sound like you or someone you know? Starting projects but not finishing them, feeling overwhelmed with what to do next or unsure and certain if what you are working on will even pay off.

Well, I have been there before and that is what first caught my ear when I found Gael and Marks’ content and training.

If they can do it so can you. Especially with the guidance and instructions from mentors who already walked down that path you are about to embark on.

Everything you need to know about building a successful website and blog around a specific niche successfully is in this course.

Watch Gael and Mark build a real life site right in front of your eyes. You get to experience first hand as if you were peaking over their shoulder every step of the way as they build an authority niche site.

I truly believe this is the most powerful way to learn a skill.

Go here and watch the free Affiliate Marketing SEO Authority Site Training

Authority Hacker Pro Review

Once you are in Authority Hacker Pro you will get access to the Authority Site System training to access as well.

Authority Hacker Pro Platinum and Pro are both two additional courses that are more advanced and for only the experienced students or online website marketers.

If you make $1,000 per month already or more than it is suggested you look into the Pro version of the training.

If you are making over $5,000 per month from your authority site then Authority Hacker Pro Platinum might just be the thing to consider.

These advanced training upgrades are only open a select time per year.

Authority Hackers creators have added some incredible additions recently to the training.

If you join Authority Hacker Pro in 2021 or beyond you will not only see all the incredible training modules above but some additional new and advanced techniques, systems and templates.

Things to look forward to in Authority Hacker Pro Course

  • Mark and Gael’s pedigree – They have a combined 20 years plus of online marketing knowledge and working together to share.
  • Systematization of complex subjects – Simple and precise actionable steps that help you mark as completed.
  • Take the guesswork out of those complex subjects by accessing the wide library of templates you can easily copy and paste.
  • A One Of A Kind Facebook Support Community – This is exclusive only to members and many members rant and rave about this incredible support community and favor it as one of the best parts of the training.
  • Want to know how to scale, outsource or handoff that time consuming task for your project? You get Supporting SOPs provided right to you to accomplish this process.
  • They have a full time dedicated support staff if you run into any roadblocks what so ever.

Limited Time Check Out Authority Hacker Pro Here

Things you should pay attention to in Authority Hacker Training 

Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint

  • This is an incredible advanced blueprint layout and you will learn everything you need to know when it comes to building backlinks and trust.

A Complete Blueprint For Guest Posting

  • Learn exactly how to get quality guest posts for your niche website by following the process, steps and templates provided.

Editorial Link Guide

  • Learn how to get editorial links from high authoritative sites and blogs with a proven system.

Let’s Build Your Content Team

  • It is rumored that in the new Pro version you will now be taught exactly how you can build your own team to write and pump out your site content. They call this the Build Your Content Team

This is a very exciting and powerful training update.

Advanced Keyword Research

  • Updated and current keyword research training on exactly how they go about finding the best keywords for their authority site.

They also plan on releasing training on content promotion in the near future to all members.

Authority Hacker Pro Review

Every module in Authority Hacker Pro will be laid out in an easy step by step order. A very clean design and interface so you can easily navigate and know where you left off.

Is The Authority Hacker Site System Legitimate Or A Scam?

I completely understand why so many people are very skeptical when it comes to investing in an online course or when searching for a program that teaches you how to make money online.

There are a lot of sharks in this bid sea of online marketing courses and info products.

This is why I tell everyone to do their due diligence and make sure you are learning from true practitioners in the area you are trying to achieve success in.

Mark Webster and Gael Breton are amongst the few who are very successful at what they teach.

They put in the years of grinding and pushing forward to develop their own systems and put things in place of what is working and what is not working. Real hands on experience when it comes to search engine optimization and building niche sites.

Authority Hacker is Legit and not a scam.

There is absolutely nothing but real value built into the TASS Course and programs.

Learning how to do proper SEO and build out an amazing niche website has now become less confusing.

These days of guessing what works and what does not work and all that trial and error can now be over with the thanks to Gael and Mark and the Authority Hacker community.

Real members that are just like you in the mix of following a system and helping by giving back and adding more value.

Your Authority Hacker Bonuses And Guarantee

All of the bonuses for this program have already been added in the new training upgrade.

You get everything you need to create a profitable authority site.

You also get a 30 day money back guarantee.

You clearly have nothing to lose and they have really made this a no brainer offer.

Authority Hacker Pro Cost And Pricing

I know you are looking for something worth your time.

I have been in several Amazon courses and coaching programs and not all are created equal.

The Authority Site System or TASS Course cost $997 but through the link above you can get a discount.

Authority Hacker Pro cost: Was $1,997 with a $197 per month payment. This wasa $797 upgrade for all TASS members but could be changing. These pricing maybe be going up.

Honestly, even without the discount this is well worth the investment in my opinion.

If you are serious I do not know what you are waiting for.

I have several friends I can name easily that have gone to 2 years of college or more and have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on a degree or partial education.

They now do nothing that has to do with their degree.

Simply put they paid thousands and spent years on something they do not use.

Some of them spent close to 6 figures in education and years of giving time and energy to classes. Some are still paying off student loans and are not happy with their current position in life.

I bring this point up because I find it crazy that people spend huge money and go into big debt on education they might not use.

But when it comes to an online training program or course they are so fast to say it may not be worth it.

Just like any other education it is only not worth it if you are not going to use that education to propel forward and implement what you learn.

Watch this FREE Training Authority Hacker webinar Click This button

Results and Reviews For Authority Hacker Pro And The Authority Site System

Mark and Gael have great testimonials and reviews from real students that are achieving all levels of success by implementing what is taught inside the Authority Hacker Pro System.

These are just a few of the Authority Hacker community members and what they have to say about this complete system and course.

Authority Hacker testimonial

Nick Drewe scaled his site to 1,000,000 monthly visitors. He says the blueprints and community in the Authority Hacker Program is brilliant.

Shane Dukta Went From Nerdy Accountant to Website Millionaire. He actually sold his niche site after building it up for 7 Figures.

Now a 6 Figure Blogger, Robert Botha an affiliate authority site owner. Says joining Authority Hacker was one of the best investments he ever made.

These are just 3 of many amazing success stories from students who have fully implemented the processes, techniques and blueprints that are provided within the Authority Site System.

Now, I always make it a point to let everyone know that not everyone will achieve great results.

Now, this is not because the training material or the concept does not work but it is most likely to have students start and not finish or stay committed to the project.

This happens with so many great training programs and I do not think enough people hold themselves accountable and they lack the discipline.

They will usually blame anyone but themselves but if you take a look at their lives you will see common habits and lifestyles that these individuals share.

Unhappy, underpaid, lazy, no confidence and not fed up enough to make a change and raise their standards.

Choose today not to have these things in common and set out to succeed in life and in business.

Join Authority Hackers Pro

“You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of” –Jim Rohn

Authority Hacker Core Web Vitals Review

The all new Authority Hacker core web vitals training and course.

What’s inside this Blueprint

This blueprint is intended to be used as a standalone product and doesn’t require any of our previous courses or products in order to implement any of the fixes.

This Core Web Vitals blueprint contains:

  • An introduction to the basics of Core Web Vitals
  • Instructions on how to test and monitor your Core Web Vitals
  • 7 detailed, in-depth fixes for every CWV issue
  • A free flowing modular layout, allowing people to pick and choose which fixes they need to implement

Pick up the Authority core web vitals course right here

Do I Need An SEO Affiliate Marketing Course Like The Authority Hacker Site System Training For Success?

Let’s face it we all have the same time in a day and we all have incredible resources especially with access to the internet.

You have full access to plenty of free training and information through Youtube video, podcasts and info blogs.

You can jump down that rabbit hole on your own without investing any money into any paid coaching or training.

The one thing you can not trade is the time and effort that it will take to invest in any type of business especially in the beginning and when you are learning on your own.

You will hit those roadblocks and go through the natural ups and downs all on your own but it could definitely be done with some resilience and with the “I won’t give up attitude”.

The other option you always have is…

Investing in not only yourself but in a course like The Authority Site System or Authority Hacker Pro to get step by step real training that keeps you organized and on track every step of the way.

Learning from and connecting with people who been through it all before and share the things to avoid and what tools will catapult you even faster towards the end goal.

I always choose to invest in learning from the best.

If you are really serious about this business concept and it is something you are absolutely going to commit to then why not cut down the learning curve, avoid those major bumps in the road and have a community, support and actionable instructions to rocket you forward.

Like I said earlier we all have the same time in day and if I am going to fully focus and take the plunge into devoting my time and energy into something then I know it is well worth cutting that time down and investing in real quality training to help me get to my destination.

That Concludes My Review On The Authority Hacker Pro And Site System Course

If you decide to take your skills and online marketing journey to the next level and jump into Authority Hacker training in 2021 or beyond you are going to experience many of the new benefits added to the course.

Remember you have two incredibly dedicated and experienced guys who walk the walk when it comes to creating, developing, ranking and turning niche websites into monthly profit machines.

It takes your full focus and determination when starting any online business.

I know this to be true because I run several online businesses myself and I live and breathe optimizing my time to getting productive actions done each and every day.

Growing a business take time but it does not have to be a lonely minefield. You can get inspired and work along like minded people who share the same vision and passion that you posses.

Today another opportunity has presented itself to you. I truly believe that this Authority Hacker course will deliver nothing but valuable lessons and resources for you to take advantage of.